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Cream My Faggot Ass

There’s no shortage of callers that want to discuss their same sex, homosexual experiences. Many started quite young with friends, jerking off together and then working up to more naughty things, like oral, or full on fucking. Some would only … Continue reading

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Sexy Scissoring

I’ve played with girls many times in my life from the time I was quite young, but never tried scissoring until recently, it just seemed like it would be awkward, the positioning, to actually achieve orgasm. Fingers, oral, toys, all … Continue reading

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Let Me Tell You…

The number of callers that have same sex fantasies is staggering, there’s days I think more do than don’t. Not all have acted on them, for various reasons. Some are too afraid, some juts have not had the opportunity, others … Continue reading

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Suck That Mature Dick

One thing some men mention as a fantasy that always baffles me is their desire to suck the cock of an older man, like really older, like grandpa age. People do have their different kinks though, but when a guy … Continue reading

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Hot Gay Lovin’

So many callers tell me about same sex experiences, it’s incredible. One the other day was telling me all about how he wants to end his marriage because he’s in love with another man and they have been seeing each … Continue reading

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