Sexy Scissoring

I’ve played with girls many times in my life from the time I was quite young, but never tried scissoring until recently, it just seemed like it would be awkward, the positioning, to actually achieve orgasm. Fingers, oral, toys, all those I’ve tried, but this lady I played with recently asked me if I’d ever tried scissoring and I said no and told her why and she giggled and said she could teach me how to do it and we’d both have a fantastic time. I was eager to try and learn, so we did it.

I must say, yes, it was a bit awkward for the first little while, but once we got in synch, it all fit together beautifully and we were able to cum. I particularly enjoyed spreading open my cunt lips to expose my stiff clit and when she did the same our clits were directly rubbing on each other’s. They are so sensitive and I really enjoyed this. We were both wet and used lube as well, and the slight rocking motion was enough to drive us both over the edge fairly quickly from those little clits grinding against one another.

After we rested a bit after that first orgasm, we went down on each other and tasted one another. I loved going down on another woman, that musky scent, that juicy wetness all over my face, sucking her little clit between my lips. I made her cum several times and she returned the favor, but the cunt scissoring was a new experience for me and one I enjoyed. It requires more than a bit of coordination and really being in synch with one another’s movements, but it can be done and I do hope we get to repeat it again soon and enjoy it again.

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