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Let Me Tell You…

The number of callers that have same sex fantasies is staggering, there’s days I think more do than don’t. Not all have acted on them, for various reasons. Some are too afraid, some juts have not had the opportunity, others … Continue reading

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Celebrity Fantasy

Lots of celebrities make appearances in clients sexual fantasies, and Shakira is just one of many that has. She is a beautiful, voluptuous woman, so I can certainly understand a man finding her attractive, I don’t think I’d kick her … Continue reading

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Let’s Pretend

I read something interesting in a chat room recently, someone that was looking for celebrity roleplay was wondering why no one was messaging them. Another person piped up and said maybe they just wanted to roleplay with another person and … Continue reading

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Arousing Words

To many some words are like triggers, and guys will specifically ask you to toss a certain word in a few times as it really gets them going. One of my callers that adores mommy son calls really gets off … Continue reading

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Sexy Smurfs

In all the years I’ve been doing calls, I’ve only ever heard of two people mentioning a cartoon character. One wasn’t even a client, they were just someone I chat with that mentioned they had “a thing” for Jessica Rabbit. … Continue reading

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