Witching Time is Almost Here

There’s a man down the street that always does a fancy Halloween set up in his front yard for Halloween and he sets it up the first week in October, I always look forward to going down to see it. I’ve never met him, but always saw him in the yard when he was doing his display set ups. This year I went down and introduced myself to him, and he seemed a very friendly man. He invited me in for a drink and began to tell me all about how he got started doing his displays.

It wasn’t long after I began to feel a little funny though and realized he’d put something in my drink and perhaps it wasn’t wise I’d gone into the house of a strange man I didn’t know, even if he was a neighbor. I felt myself on verge of passing out, and then being semi carried semi walking, to the sofa in the next room. I felt my clothes getting removed and his hands all over my body, touching me and groping me. I didn’t have the ability to fight or fend him off in any way, yet what he was doing felt good, but good or not, it was against my will.

I could feel the tip of his cock going into my pussy, which he’d peeled the panties off of and then him thrusting bare inside of me. I was getting wet and was aroused, but was in some twilight, dreamlike state and not able to talk or move much at all. I felt his dick going in my mouth and cum being shot down my throat. I then recall my clothes being put back on and being positioned on the couch and then a few hours later fully coming to, but when I asked him, he said I’d just fallen asleep and that I must’ve been very tired. I won’t argue, but I know I didn’t fall asleep.

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Fondle My Tits

My lover has a real thing for my tits, he simply cannot get enough of them, and he’s always grabbing at them like they are toys. I have to admit, I do enjoy that and them, myself. I have always paid a lot of attention to my breasts when I masturbate. I usually spend a good deal of time on them before I even touch my pussy. I like to caress them, and make the nipples hard, even self suck on them for a while. I am always juicy wet when I finally do get to my pussy by doing that.

Last night before we fucked he wanted to get me wet before he even touched my cunt, so fondling my breasts is always a good way for that to happen, so I laid back and he got out some massage oils and he slowly and teasingly worked on my tits. My nipples were rock hard within a moment of him beginning to tease them, and soon he was sucking on them and nursing on them. He really wanted me to be able to lactate at some point, but I doubt that will ever happen, but it is a fantasy of his, I know.

He would love to feel his hands become wet with my milk as he squeezes my tits in his hands and then lick it all up, but he gets plenty of pleasure just from playing with them and once in a while he will give me a titty fuck and lay that cock of his between them, I will squeeze them together and he will pump away until he shoots his load all over me and gives me a pearl necklace. I do love him cumming on me, and he usually licks it off as well, the naughty boy.

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Jilling Together

A lot of people know and accept that guys often jerk off together, a circle jerk, or just a couple of buddies together, but some girls do as well, even if you don’t touch the other person at all, it’s fun to share that experience with another person and it heightens it rather than just doing it alone. Activities like this seem to happen more in childhood and teens, and when we get older and are more often paired up with people of the opposite sex, they seem to fall by the wayside, remembrances of old.

I don’t have any statistics as to how many grown ups are still engaging in mutual masturbation sessions with people of the same sex, but some certainly are. Not everyone has this close of a friendship and it would seem awkward to even bring up the topic and you could very well kill a friendship if you even tried. “So Marcy, we’ve had fun the last few times we went shopping together and the movies that time. How do you feel about masturbating in the same room together, see how that goes?” Um, it would pretty much guarantee they think you’re a weirdo and a pervert and they’d never speak to you again.

I cannot even imagine how a conversation would go that would have a desired outcome, as soon as one of you started to see someone, it would likely stop, and the one left behind would feel alone again. Guys are likely more apt to be cool with such a situation, lord knows enough call on the phone that still claim to have occasional jerk off buddies, but women are a bit more easily put off by weirdness. I guess you just have to have a sexual conversation and ask if you ever did that a kid or teen and see how it goes from there.

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Cream My Faggot Ass

There’s no shortage of callers that want to discuss their same sex, homosexual experiences. Many started quite young with friends, jerking off together and then working up to more naughty things, like oral, or full on fucking. Some would only go so far and stop short of a full on fucking. One caller last night was telling me how one of his friends used to like to cum on his asshole after they’d rubbed their dicks together. They would be jerking off really close together and sometimes their cocks would touch, and of course they liked how that felt, so soon they were rubbing them together.

Their precum mixing, their young cocks so hard and throbbing, balls filling with cum, watching one another so intensely. Then he’d pull his knees up, exposing his ass, and his friend would squirt his load all over his tight, virgin asshole, the cum of his friend trickling down his ass. He was so aroused telling me about this, and I assured him so many young guys had played together at one point, it was downright commonplace. He hadn’t been aware I heard from so many that did.

He still thinks about those times during his jerk off sessions to this day, although he hasn’t played with another man since his college years. He’d of course never told his wife about any of it and knew she’d be upset if she found out, as many women would, so he’d kept it to himself all these years. He occasionally watched gay porn when he masturbated and made do with that, since he didn’t want to risk any real life possible complications disease wise or to his marriage, which is understandable. So many callers have had experiences they’ve never shared with the women in their lives, yet they share openly with we phone girls.

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Sex Wash

Having hot sex in the shower is just one way to spice up your sex life. The hot, steamy water, the slipperiness of the soaped up hands and bodies gliding all over one another, what’s not to love? Then rinsing it all off after so you’re not a sticky mess. Sex in the shower has a lot going for it. I love to masturbate in the shower with the shower massager as many women do, and lots of guys rub one out in the shower as well, the shower just seems like a natural place to have sex in.

I had sex in the shower last week with my boyfriend, we both enjoy starting off our day under a hot shower and then having some hot sex and good, intense orgasms while we are at it. Soaping one another up and rubbing our hands over one another, it doesn’t take long for cocks and nipples to become hardened under those circumstances. Bending over and getting fucked from behind while feeling that hot water course over you is a wonderful sensation.

Shower sex is always pretty much a hot quickie, since there’s only so much hot water, so it’s not like you can be in there for an hour or something with limitless hot water. It’s a very invigorating way to get clean and get your heart pumping and start off the day with some tingling genitals after that orgasm, it will keep you filled with the naughty memory for the whole day. If it’s been a while since you and your partner indulged, make plans to do so, also be mindful of slipping, it can indeed get dangerous. Placing an old towel on the floor of the shower first is one way to prevent falling. You don’t want to slip and hit your head or break a glass shower door and get cut.

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