Fanny Punishment

One of my callers likes what he calls, “Fanny Punishment.” He likes to imagine he’s at an all boys school and the school nurse makes the rounds every few nights in the boys dormitory to both take temperatures and sometimes administer spankings. Occasionally if she feels they need a release, there’s an electric anal probe that’s inserted to induce a prostate orgasm. Sometimes fingers are inserted first, gloved and lubed, and then the probe. If they have misbehaved in anyway, the probe will be turned on and it’s got a dial from one to ten, and the worse they have behaved, the higher the dial is turned up, hence the fanny punishment.

The moans that ensue when the spanking is administered are loud and haunting. They have been naughty teenaged boys after all, masturbating in their beds once the lights go out, so there needs to be some punishment doled out by the nurse once such activities are discovered. Only she will determine when a release is actually required, they are not allowed to do it on their own.

Schools, nurses, punishments, spankings and anal examinations and probes and yes, even temperature taking can all be fairly common elements in men’s fantasies. Not something one would think is as common as it is, but we do hear it quite a bit. The younger, horny man, who’s desires will be met by a more knowledgeable older woman, and only on her terms. Controlled orgasms are popular among the masturbators, they like relinquishing that control to another, it can produce a much more powerful orgasm.

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What The Yard Man Saw

Recently I was quite horny, nothing odd about that, I masturbate nearly every day, but this particular day, I’d forgotten the man that cuts the grass was coming and I was masturbating in full view of the window that look out onto my backyard. I had headphones on, so I couldn’t hear the sound of the lawnmower outside the windows and I was just rubbing my pussy in my chair, nude, right after having come out of the shower, eyes closed lost in the music I was listening to and the sensation of my own fingers teasing my pussy.

I was dragging my cunt juices up over my clit, driving myself wild, wiggling my fingers on my stiffened clit and working my nipple in my left hand, and I came, explosively and was breathing hard and all of a sudden I looked up and the yardman was staring at me through the window with his mouth hanging open. I was so shocked I was paralyzed and didn’t know what to do. I didn’t need to worry, as soon as he saw me looking back at him, he went away from the window and went back to mowing the grass.

I was a bit embarrassed to have been seen that way, but he really had no right to stare at me in my own home either, so when he came to the door to be paid, I was dressed by then and acted as though nothing had happened. He never mentioned it and neither did I, but I always thought how he saw everything that day he cut the grass. I’m sure he never forgot it either.

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Extreme Cock & Ball Torture

Some men have an interest in cock and ball torture. Most aren’t too extreme, but once in a while you get someone that is as about extreme as you could get. One this week wanted to talk about being tied down on his stomach, while drugged, and having a woman stick a knife up his ass, not even just stick it up, but stab it repeatedly, and then cut off his hard cock with surgical bone cutters and fuck his stabbed ass with it. It was disturbing to say the very least.

It’s curious to me what would make someone find such a scenario arousing, but some do have extreme tastes that only they understand. Now one would assume they don’t actually want it done to them, but they like to visualize it being done. Some have called with a dozen rubber bands around their cock, or hitting their junk with a shoe while sitting on a wooden kitchen chair and you can hear the thumping as they hit it over and over and scream.

Some have had pain inflicted by girlfriends and associate pain with a good time, some people have odd associations in their brain, but for castration or penile dismemberment fantasies, I’m not exactly sure where the pleasure is in that. One caller used to talk about fantasizing I’d cut off all his junk and carry it around in a Ziploc bag in my purse. Now wouldn’t that be a charming item to carry around with your lipstick and wallet?

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Naughty Rub Down

Several callers regularly go to massage parlors and like the happy endings they receive from the girls that work there, many of the girls are Asian, and they are also allowed to touch the girls if they pay extra. They seem to enjoy telling how much it is to be allowed to touch a pussy, a breast, get a blow job, fuck the girls. It seems to excite them to rhyme off such a list, how much they are willing to pay to touch these young girls that barely speak English that are rubbing them down.

It’s a treat for some of these guys to go to these massage parlors, most couldn’t afford to every week, but they enjoy going and having the college age girls touch them. One even reveals he tapes them without them knowing about it with his phone he sets down strategically to record the whole event for his future enjoyment at home to relive it all. He swears he’d never upload it, it’s just for his own use.

So many people are craving touch they are willing to pay for it. They love the touch of someone’s hand on their cock, perhaps they haven’t been touched in many years, some never have either due to shyness or a disability that makes them unappealing to the opposite sex. Massage parlors are well known for their more than therapeutic massages and there will never be a shortage of men willing to pay for that little “something extra.”

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Study Time

I used to work in a school library for a while and many of the times I’d dress provocatively to give the male students a thrill, all the while having my hair pinned up and glasses on, but sexy lingerie under my conservative clothes, but I’d be sure and bend over to give them a peek, or climb the ladder up to the books on the higher shelves so they could look up my skirt, it was fun to tease the young lads. One boy in particular used to catch my eye and once when he checked a book out, I slipped my info on a small piece of paper into the book so he’d be sure to find it. It had my phone number and email address on it.

It really was naughty I guess to be so forward but I knew I’d be hearing from him, and I did, later that night, he called me and asked me why I’d slipped the number into the book and I said because I wanted him to contact me and he said I’d always made him hard when he saw me walking in the library and he knew I had sex lingerie on under my clothes, he’d caught glimpses of it before. The conversation got hotter, and I asked him if he was hard right now. He replied he was.

I told him to move his hand down to his pants and stroke his young dick through his pants and that I was going to touch my pussy at the same time and he was breathing really hard. I stripped down and rubbed my juicy pussy as this young boy was stroking his rock hard cock for me. It was such a turn on. He said he wanted to fuck me for real and I said all in good time my boy, all in good time. We had phone sex every night for weeks before we finally met and fucked for real, he was one red hot lover, let me tell you.

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