My Cuckhold Hubby

One thing that is extremely popular with callers is cuckold. It’s one of the top calls. Luckily for them I have lots of personal experience with my own cuckold hubby. My husband is a wonderful provider, he’s a lawyer at one of the town’s top firms. Good looking, friendly, kind, but….he Has a micro penis. He’s around two inches hard. He knows it’s a no go with the ladies, so he said when he proposed that I could have sex with anyone I’d like, as long as he gets to watch and clean up afterwards. I was ok with that.

One of his friends, who’s also good looking and also a lawyer, knows the whole story and he’s fucked a few of my hubby’s past girlfriends as well. He asked me if I found him attractive, and I did. So I said he was just fine, I’d be happy to fuck him. He’s got around eight inches and is fantastic in bed. Lots of times I don’t even think of my hubby as watching I get so engrossed in the hot sex with his friend. I love his hot, hard cock impaling me and stretching me open.

I knew hubby was watching and stroking his cock, and he really enjoyed that. I’d let him fuck me, but really, with a two inch cock, there’s not really much to work with. I can’t really even feel it go inside of me. He can do though whenever he wants. I love sucking his friends cock, he loves it too, the way he groans and runs his fingers through my hair as he fucks my mouth with his ample cock. Drives me absolutely crazy. My tiny dicked hubby enjoys the sloppy seconds, once his friend has left after fucking me, he will get on top and slide his tiny dick inside and it squishes into his friends cum that’s still in my pussy. He usually blows in around thirty seconds. This kind of sexual relationship might not work for everyone, but it works for us.

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Sexy Workout

I have a sexy new neighbor and I kind of wanted to put the moves on him without being too obvious. Our homes were not that far apart and I knew if I did anything with open windows he`d be able to see in mine clearly. I didn’t want to be so obvious as to masturbate naked or something, so I thought about my exercise routine. I put on a skimpy, sexy leotard and decided to workout with the window blinds up and was stretching and dancing and moving what I thought was very sexily. I think it worked.

He introduced himself the next time we were both outside and he had this semi smirk on his face. I invited him in for a drink and we spoke and flirted over a bottle of wine. He asked me if I’d go over to his house for dinner and tell him about the neighbors and all, and I agreed. I went over the next night and we did a lot more than share dinner. We had a lot of wine and started kissing on his sofa and I was soon down on my knees on the floor in front of him sucking his cock. He said it was the best welcome to the neighborhood present he’d gotten.

He soon returned the favor and stripped me down and said what a lovely, fit body I had, I must workout to keep in such good shape. I knew he’d seen me prancing around for his benefit and he dove down between my thighs and licked my pussy very well. His tongue darting between my moist folds and searching out my stiff little clit, tickling it and driving me wild until I creamed all over his face. He made me cum several times with that magic tongue of his. I wanted to leave him wanting more, so I called the evening to a close, but I look forward to the next time and having that cock in my pussy.

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Twice the Fun

This guy I’ve been seeing asked me how I felt about maybe having a threesome. He’s had them before and really enjoyed them and he said he was sure I would as well, so I agreed to it. It was one of the hottest nights in my life. I never had a woman go down on me or went down on one until this night, and it was incredible. She was a friend of his and they had been fuck biddies at different times and I was not threatened by this, and she was wonderful at licking pussy I was a bit hesitant to try it, but I sure took to it quickly once I tried it.

After she made me cum, I was ready for another orgasm pretty quickly. He got on his back and told me to ride him while he began to lick her pussy. We were facing one another and soon French kissing as she rode his face and I rode his hard cock. I kept cumming and cumming, and he then wanted us to switch places and he licked his own cum out of my pussy. He’d done that before, and he’s multi orgasmic, so he just kept going like the Energizer bunny.

He asked us to scissor our cunts together, he really likes watching two women do that. It felt nice, but I wasn’t able to cum from it, so she and I ended up fingering one another and making each other cum that way. I was exhausted from cumming so many times. It was like a night long workout filled with orgasms! He asked after she left if I thought I’d be up to another one in the future, and I said yes, I’d love to play again. It was a fantastic night. I can’t wait for the next time.

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Circle Jerk Gone Naughty

I was going to see my new boyfriend and he had a few buddies over when I went in, I have my own key. I could hear moaning coming from the living room when I went in an I could hear porn on the t.v.. I rolled my eyes and laughed and told him the real thing had arrived so he could rest easy. I walked in and saw two of his buddies were there as well and they were all having some mutual masturbation session while watching the porn. I hadn’t counted on there being company when I arrived.

His friends just lived down the street, so that’s why there were no cars in the driveway to give away that anyone was in here but my boyfriend. I smiled as I saw them stroking, and while they looked shocked to see me, they still didn’t stop rubbing their cocks or put them away. I suggested maybe I could be of help to them, and I got on the floor and grabbed a cock in each hand and started to suck my boyfriend off as well. I was really being a slut and they were loving it.

I gave wonderful hand jobs, and they were all moaning with pleasure as I teased all three cocks at once. I was driving my boyfriend wild with my flickering tongue and he loved watching me pleasure his two friends. It was hot and I loved servicing all of them at the same time. I knew I was going to take all three of their loads. They were breathing so hard and I could feel my pussy getting so wet doing this. One came on my hand first, then my boyfriend down my throat and then I had another load in my other hand. I had sure walked in on a pervy little scene, and I made sure I was a part of it.

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You Dirty Old Man

When I was in my teens, I used to go stay at my aunt and uncle’s when my parents would go away on a trip, they didn’t trust me to be left alone, but I’m sure they’d have preferred that than to what actually went on behind their back. My uncle was kind of a letch, and he’s the one that taught me all about sex. I doubt they would have wanted anyone teaching me, especially him. I caught him masturbating with a pair of my panties that were about to go in the washer and were dirty. I watched him rub them all over his cock.

He looked up and saw me staring and yet he didn’t stop. He kept rubbing the crotch of my damp, dirty panties that had discharge on them all over his cock. Id never seen a cock that big before, I’d given a few hand jobs before, but never to a cock that size. He told me to come closer and watch him. I was a bit speechless, but walked closer and he asked me if I’d like to touch his penis. I was a bit hesitant, but reached out and stroked it. It was very hard.

He told me to rub it up and down and clear drops of fluid were coming out the tip of his cock and he told me to smooth it all over his shaft. He asked me if I’d ever sucked a cock and I hadn’t. He asked if I’d like to try and I said I’d try it, so I lowered my mouth down onto his cock and he groaned in delight. He placed his hand on the back of my head and really shoved his cock down my throat until he shot his jizz and I gulped it all down. This was just the first of our many sexual adventures between my uncle and myself.

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