The Sexy Co Worker

This new co worker of mine, I just can’t stop thinking about him, he’s good looking, funny and smart and surprisingly single, though I bet not for long. We got assigned to work on a project together and have had a few late nights at the office getting it finished up, and last night we ordered in dinner to work over and he must have noticed me staring a little too long and a lot too intently, and he asked if I was attracted to him. I felt so foolish admitting it, but it was a bit obvious and he said not to worry, he was to me as well, and he got up from his side of the desk he was sitting on and leaned down and kissed me.

The kiss soon turned passionate and he cleared off the desk and I was soon bent over the desk and he was pulling up my skirt from behind and pulling my panties down. I knew I was going to love having his cock inside of me and I did, he was everything I’d imagined and more. He cupped my breasts in his hands and rubbed my nipples, making them hard, and his cock plunged into me and filled me up wonderfully.

I was grabbing onto the desk and loving how he was fucking me from behind. We had a hot sex session right there in the office and no one knew about it, as we were the last ones left in the office. I wondered if I’d et to fuck him again, I sure hoped so, and soon, as he was the best fuck I’d had in years and pleased my pussy. I came very hard for him and wanted more.

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Feeling Up The Babysitter

I used to babysit a lot when I was younger to earn money and this one family I worked for at times, their son was quite precocious. As soon as we’d be alone he’d be asking me all kinds of sex questions and telling me how he rubbed his young cock at night. He was going to be a real heartbreaker in a few years, I knew that much. One night I was staying overnight when his parents were at an out of town wedding, and his little sister had been put to bed and was asleep already and he came into the room I was staying in and stated he wanted to see my pussy.

I couldn’t believe the nerve of this kid being so forward! He said he’d seen pics of one, but never a real one up close and he wanted to, I told him to leave, but I was kind of laughing at his nerve in asking like that. Rather than leave, he closed the door behind him, with him on the inside. He walked closer to me and peeled the covers off of me. I just had on my white cotton panties and a nightshirt. I don’t know why I didn’t stop him, but I didn’t.

He pulled the nightshirt up and exposed my panty covered pussy and started to lightly run his fingers over the crotch and it did feel good, there’s no doubt about it. After a while he pulled them off and just stared at my cunt and then resumed touching me with his fingers. I told him how to rub me and within a few minutes I had an orgasm. I knew I shouldn’t have done that, or rather let him do that to me, but he did want to see and he did make the first move. We played like this several times over the next couple of years, and it was always hot.

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Playful Panties

One thing that is extremely popular with clients is them wearing panties, today alone a few called wearing them, not just panties, but decked out in a bra, stockings, the whole lingerie package. They love to make a whole ritual out of getting dressed up before they masturbate. One was using a vibe on his cock as he talked, he holds the tip of the vibe on the head of his cock. Many that call using vibes are using them up their ass, a prostate massager many of the times, others are using their girlfriend or wife’s vibe and the lady has no clue. I wouldn’t be thrilled to use a vibe that had been up anyone else’s ass.

One man said all his three wives had known about his obsession with panties. The first wanted no part of it and it was not spoken of, so he did it on the sly. The second wife, was thrilled about it and they would even get matching panties and he said they behaved “like lipstick lesbians”, and she was an active participant in these panty games until she passed away. His third and current wife, is more like the first, she knows about it, but is not really wanting any involvement in it.

Women will often have different reactions to their partner in panties. Some are ok with it, even have fun with it, others want no part of what they consider a perversion. So I can understand many just find it easier to remain quiet than chance such a revelation being a deal breaker for the relationship. Sometimes it’s just easier to remain quiet about it than chance ruining what you value as a relationship.

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The Striptease

I love to show off for my boyfriend, he loves when I do a personalized striptease for him. It gets him all riled up before we fuck, and I usually debut any new lingerie when I do my little dances for him. I got this new lingerie and stockings the other day and we hadn’t fucked in a few days, so both of us were horny, we’d just been too busy to set aside the time, but last night was the night, I came out wearing the lingerie and put on some sexy music and was soon swaying in front of him doing my thing.

I could see his cock getting hard as his pants became tighter and he started to rub himself over his jeans and I said no, don’t touch, don’t spoil your appetite, I will do that for you in a few minutes. He smiled and stopped touching himself and I continued to move back and forth to the music and slowly take off one item at a time, shaking my tits and my ass at him until I knew he couldn’t take it any longer.

I went over to him and took out his cock and started to fondle it and it was already as hard as a rock. I was nude by now, and straddled him and sank down on his shaft and started to ride it, good and deep and I was rubbing my clit with the base of his cock and just grinding on it. It felt wonderful. I rode him until I came and he shot his load into my shaved pussy. We continued to fuck throughout the night as we had not cum in days and needed several orgasms. My little naughty dances are always sure to get him going. I love doing them for him.

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Kiss My Cock

Like most guys, my boyfriend loves blow jobs, he also loves red lipstick on a woman as she’s giving him a blow job. It’s messy, it smears, but some guys love it. One time I even got this two step lipstick product to see if he’d like it better since it doesn’t smear. You apply this lip stain and then this clear, glossy top coat like gloss over top of it, the color does not come off. It’s nearly impossible to get off. He wasn’t a fan of it for that reason, it did not smear.

He loves to watch me apply a fresh coat of lipstick before coming to the bedroom to suck on his cock and kiss it all over, he loves lip prints on his cock and balls. I laughed when he told me that, but hey, we all have our kinks. I like to kneel on the bed before his open legs and kiss the tip of his dick and go up and down each side, driving him crazy. Then take his balls in my mouth and suck on them one at a time. I drool profusely all over his shaft for a smooth blow job that’s wet and sloppy, and filled with pleasure.

Sucking his cock makes me so wet, he can get hard again pretty quickly so after his blow job, we can fuck and I can feel that dick in my pussy. He spreads me open wide and thrusts it in all the way up tot he balls, pleasing my pussy and making me cum, and I’ve still got a bit of lipstick on, but it looks a bit smeared, but he likes it. He says it makes me look like a well used whore, and that turns him on. I’m happy to help.

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