The Joys of Guided Masturbation

What is it about men and guided masturbation? JOI, jerk off instructions, these are popular among callers. They can be repetitious and boring for the operator unless you have the right sort of caller that likes to make things interesting. One I had today wanted me to do counts and tell him say, ten strokes fast, twenty strokes slow, and I’d count the strokes. He made it much more interesting than most. The stop and start, different speed, different pressures and counting is all quite common, so you can see how it could be very repetitious to do over and over for many minutes.

It’s not that it’s difficult, it’s that it’s tedious. For years I failed to understand the appeal of such a way of masturbating in the first place, until I tried it myself. Several personal phone sex partners had tried to talk me into it, but I never wanted to until I found the right ones. Believe me, once you find the right ones and surrender to them your control and truly do as they say, you then understand the great appeal of this method of pleasuring. It can be quite one sided, and the one conducting the call is doing all the work, which is no fun for them, but the one getting the instructions, oh boy, when you find the right one to do it, it will be explosive.

It’s not for everyone, not everyone wants to surrender this control. You might be fine letting some do it, but not others. You really have to find the right person, but once you do, it will be worth the wait. You can be driven wild, touching yourself in patterns you’d otherwise never pick for yourself, it’s as close as having another person doing the touching as you can get. Then they control you when it’s their hand upon you. Not so if it’s your own. Unless you follow their instructions. So if guided masturbation holds any appeal to you, try one of our ladies out and give it a whirl, you won’t be disappointed.

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Cock Sucking Toy

This one caller that uses a sex toy during calls has this oral sex simulating toy. I can always tell it’s him calling before he even speaks because I can hear this toy in the background and it sounds like squeaky bedsprings. I asked him what the noise was the first time I heard it and he said it’s a toy to suck his dick, since he can’t find any woman to do it, lol. I was laughing and telling him what a loser he is and he keeps calling for more verbal abuse about what a loser he is.

Sex toys can be good, they do spice up the whole masturbation experience and make it a slightly different orgasm than not using one, or by using a variety of sex toys. They can make it easier to cum, which sadly can become a bit more difficult as people age. Sometimes masturbation can be an exercise in futility to have an orgasm and you are pumping and pumping and it’s just not going to happen. I’ve had countless callers with this problem, and not all of them have been drinking. A sex toy can make it a bit less work for yourself.

Take advantage of the sex toys out there and see how they can increase the pleasure of your masturbation sessions. See if they make it easier for you to cum if you find this is becoming harder as you age. Sometimes even medications we are on can make it harder to achieve orgasm, so a good selection of sex toys in your personal “orgasm arsenal” can help you out a little bit. Don’t let the marching hands of time get you down, see what you can do to cum without exerting yourself too much. A cock sucking toy, a pocket pussy and a Fleshlight are all popular options. Some men like the prostate massaging toys as well. There’s a lot out there to explore.

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Sexual Trust

My current lover is a bit on the kinky side and I must say, I love it. Sex is spontaneous, refreshing, and very exciting. He likes to walk on the wild side and I’m pretty vanilla, so when one coaxes you over to a darker side to try new things, it can be very arousing. He asked me if I’d ever tried being tied up or blindfolded and I said no, but I was willing to try. I could tell he was well practiced at it from the way he tied me and handled me. I trusted him, I was not afraid. He said to give in and just allow him to guide me and I did. I surrendered to him fully.

He teased me and brought me to the bring of orgasm several times by licking me and then stopping. He made me beg to be allowed to cum. It was surprisingly hot to do so and then when he knew I was at peak frustration, he commanded me to cum and I did. It was even more incredibly hot than our regular sex was. I liked having him in control and loved how he made me beg. He just wanted to give me pleasure.

I then felt him climb on top of me and rub his cock head against my clit without sliding it in. It was dripping wet, and I loved how it felt with him doing this. I finally felt him slide into me and tell me not to move, not to wrap my legs around him, not to buck up against him, he would do it all. He moved in such a way I could lay there motionless, without exerting any energy, and enjoy his passionate administrations. He made me cum several times incredibly hard. Surrendering to your man can be a very powerful sensation, in the hands of the right man.

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Horizontal Dancing

Sex with a stranger can be a dangerous, risky thing. When you find just the right person at just the right time, under the right circumstances and in the right place, it can be a magical moment suspended from reality. You may never see this person again or even get their name. The classic two ships passing in the night. It’s not for everyone, since some, especially women, can get emotional and not be able to just have that one night, they will be left wanting more. For some though not seeking more than one perfect night, it can be a lot of fun.

One night like this I had recently at a club. I was sick of staying at home, so I ventured out and went in and ordered a drink. It wasn’t long before a nice looking guy was chatting me up and asking me to dance. I loved the way he moved on the dance floor and I had a feeling he’d be just as good in bed, and as I soon found out, he was. He asked me to go back to his place and I did. Not something I’d normally do, but I just felt like it.

We got there, and had some wine, and he began to kiss me, and then touch me under my skirt and soon we were making out on his couch. I could feel how hard he was and I wanted him inside of me. He removed my panties and soon slid his dick into me and I loved it. He felt so good in my pussy. He held my wrists above my head and pinned me down as he fucked me, God it was hot. I wrapped my legs around him and felt him rub up against my clit with every thrust. I soon came on his cock and he shot his load into me. We kissed and cuddled for a while and then I left. It was a very hot and unexpected sexual experience. Take a risk once in a while, it can be very sexy with the right person.

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The Dog Watched Him Masturbate

I don’t get many callers wanting to talk about dogs, because I simply do not entertain them and will not discuss it. One caller however assured me this wasn’t really a bestiality call. He didn’t touch the dog, but masturbated in front of them. It was pretty odd and creepy to be honest. This man has frequently dog sat for a friend of his. The friend owns a female German Shepherd dog and has left him with this trusted friend for several hours on many occasions. What the friend doesn’t know though is every time they drop the dog off, the man watching the dog jerks off with the dog watching as he “watches the doggy pussy”.

He said he’s never touched the dog, but I worry when I hear something like this. He’s laid down next to the dog as well and masturbated right beside the dog. He said he wishes it was a male dog so he could place a pillow on the floor and encourage the dog to hump it “so they could masturbate together.” I could not make this stuff up. He even said he wanted to do a call where I’d watch him on cam with the dog and he’d masturbate and I could see. Sorry, not interested in anything of the sort.

He stares at the dog’s vagina as he beats off and said he gets so aroused, he cums in mere minutes. He’s afraid if he actually did anything with the dog, he’d get some infection or rash and then have to tell the doctor, who in turn would call the police. Good thinking. Leave the poor beast alone. I doubt the poor dog has any clue what the man is doing as he’s furiously beating his dick, or that the mere sight is arousing to a human, it wouldn’t understand such things. It’s a good thing, the dog would no doubt be horrified if it could grasp what was happening and what she was inspiring this pervert to do.

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