Conquering The Beast

There have not been many callers over the years that I’ve talked to that are into really huge women, but there have been a few. I saw that pic online and it reminded me of them and how they desire women that are several times more heavy than themselves. Most men are obviously not attracted to these super sized individuals. When you are that large, you obviously are not in good health and most people desire a partner that is in good health.

Ones that do not I feel have security issues and are only choosing someone in bad health so they will not be left or abandoned, which speaks more to their own issues. Not many guys will be trying to get with your five hundred pound girlfriend. So they don’t need to worry about the woman leaving them, since where will they be going? They will likely get no others interested in them. Not many positions would be able to be used, due to the woman’s size, so the sex there would be would be quite limiting. It’s all quite odd, yet some are fantasizing about such encounters. It’s one thing to want a bit of meat on their bones, it’s another when they are so obese they are virtually immobilized and bedridden.

People have different wants that others may never be able to understand, so it’s not for us to judge what turns another person on. Many might not understand our desires for something we like. This one caller that loves fat women so much he hires these big escorts and says he pays to watch them eat then jerks off while they do, though he never says he fucks them, which is odd. I question whether he can even get an erection to perform with a woman of any size. He likes to imagine feeding me and making me grow to five hundred pounds for him to be his fat wife. It takes all kinds, that’s for sure.

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His Birthday Wish

Like most men, my guy had a threesome fantasy. His birthday was the other day and I gave him the wish he wanted, a threesome. I’d talked to a friend of mine and asked her if she’d be willing and she said yes. I knew my boyfriend liked her and she liked him as well, so it was perfect. It was going to be a birthday surprise and it sure was. I’d cooked us a lovely meal and he thought she was just there to help celebrate. After the meal though, I said the pair of us were his dessert.

It took him a minute to let that sink in, then his eyes widened and we went into the bedroom to slip into some lingerie. He was hard as a rock and naked, waiting for us when we returned a couple of minutes later. We got on the floor on our knees in front of him and took his cock in our hands and started to rub it and lick it and suck it, one of us on either side of it. He was in absolute heaven as we did this to him.

We took turns sucking it and then went back to the bedroom, where he laid on his back and I rode his cock and my friend got up and rode his face. He was pleasing two pussies, and he hadn’t been expecting any other than mine. He had fantasized about two women for many years, and tonight was the night. I rocked back and forth on top of him, and he was slurping away on her shaved cunt until she came on his face. Then he had a special request, he asked if he could watch us go down on one another, that was his ultimate fantasy. We giggled and agreed, and got in the sixty nine position for him to enjoy. We both son came as he stroked his cock watching us. It was a birthday to remember for sure.

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Have a Sexy New Year!

New Year’s Eve. Who among us doesn’t hope for a wonderful new year? Sometimes the new year can be rung in with friends and family, other times we might be alone. I went to a party the other night and knew some of the people there, but not most. I really hit it off with this handsome guy and we danced and chatted for hours. Once we rang the new year in, he asked if I’d like to go home with him and have even more fun. It’s not my style to have one night stands, but I really liked him, so I decided to go.

We got a cab back to his place and he offered me more wine and we drank a few more bottles and were feeling very happy as the night wore on. He was sitting beside me and put his hand under my dress and teased me over my panties. I soon was reaching into his pants and playing with his cock in much the same way, stroking his shaft up and down. The precum oozing all over my hand. I soon replaced my fingers with my mouth and was giving this handsome stranger a sloppy blowjob on his living room sofa. He seemed to like my oral stylings, since his groans of ecstasy were quite appreciative.

We made our way to the bedroom down the hall and were soon stripped naked and writhing all over one another on the bed. He placed my legs over his shoulders and was really aiming for very deep penetration and I let him. He sunk that hard, dripping shaft into me and he worked my clit with his thumb as we fucked. It was fun, and I soon came on his cock and then he squirted into me. I don’t know if we will ever see one another again, but we enjoyed several hours of fun with one another, and it was a New Year’s to remember.

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Christmas Get Together

I was at a Christmas get together a few nights ago and did not know everyone there but it turned out to be a wonderful evening. I went home with one of the guests I did not know. He actually texted me while I was at the table and asked if I’d go home with him. I didn’t want the other guests to know I was going to do that, so just texted back rather than reply verbally. I liked him very much and knew it was going to be hot when we got alone together, which it was.

We left the dinner and went back to my place, which was closer than his. I got up some drinks and we talked for a while before he started kissing me and touching me, his hand going up under my skirt and teasing me through my panties. I was wet as he played with my pussy until I came for him, then I led him to the bedroom where he laid me on the bed and began to undress me. I was naked before him and he stripped and soon joined me. His cock filling my pussy and making me groan with pleasure as he did so.

I wrapped my legs around him and felt him spread me open and his bare cock grazing against my clit as we fucked. I was so wet and slippery and horny, it did not take me long to cum as we rocked against one another. I loved how he felt inside of me, and he suckled at nipple as we held one another. It was a very sexy night. He was an out of town guest, so I may never see him again, but it made for one happy Christmas memory, that’s for certain.

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The Robber

I had an interesting experience lately. I was robbed, but things went a little differently than they normally would. I had been in the shower and was drying off when I thought I heard something. I should have called for help immediately and locked myself in the bathroom, but I went to investigate. This not bad looking man was robbing me and when he saw me, a naked woman, he came right over to me. I feared he was going to rape me, but he smirked at me and said this was my lucky day. I was fearful.

He grabbed me by the throat and pushed me back on my sofa and started to rub my pussy. I did not want him to touch me I told him to leave but he just laughed at me. As much as I did not want this, I had to admit how he was touching me felt good. He said he’d just come in to look for some money, he hadn’t planned on fucking anyone. I was speechless, but he did have good hands and I was getting wet. Don’t think he didn’t notice that as well. He called me a whore and rubbed me even harder and then he took his cock out and slid it into me.

I gasped at its size and how it filled me up. He was fucking me good, and I hadn’t been fucked in a long time, but I did not want him to know that or anything else about me. He sensed it though and remarked on how tight I was, that I must not have been fucked in a long time to feel like that. He was powerful and strong and there was no way I could escape from underneath him. He thrust and he thrust and it didn’t take long for me to cum and I bit my lip so he wouldn’t see me do it, but he said he could feel the contractions around his cock. Then he shot his load in me and left. I felt used, but I wouldn’t call it rape, maybe it was, I just don’t know. I will be sure to get a security system very soon.

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