Let Me Tell You…

The number of callers that have same sex fantasies is staggering, there’s days I think more do than don’t. Not all have acted on them, for various reasons. Some are too afraid, some juts have not had the opportunity, others are just like deer caught in the headlights, paralyzed to move one way or the other. They all seemed shocked when I say how common it is, it’s not that they think they are the only one by any means, but they simply do not grasp how very common it is to think about as you masturbate.

Tube sites online showing limitless amounts of gay porn around the clock of any variety you wish for is also something most turn to at one time or another, I just wonder how many remember to erase their browsing history so their wives will remain in the dark. Perhaps for many “not remembering” is how they want to get caught, have it finally once and for all come out in the open to break things free and start anew. It’s a complicated process for many. The amount of married guys having clandestine sexual encounters online with other men unprotected is really scary, considering they are then going home and also fucking their wife or girlfriend and exposing them to god knows what disease or affliction.

More men are fantasizing about other men sexually than you could ever dream, and most wish to be in the submissive role, not the aggressor, they want to be the ones sucking and getting fucked, not the other way round. Their wives and girlfriends must be totally clueless to not know, but they seem pretty much in the dark for the most part. One caller says there’s a whole group of married male friends that not only jerk off together, but fuck and suck each other since their wives have pretty much stopped all physical affection. Sounds weird, and I’m sure their wives would be serving them divorce papers if they had any inkling what was going on, whether they are still fucking them or not.

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I Love You, Sweetheart

Not all phone sex calls are nasty and graphic, sometimes you can get some really sweet but lonely and horny guys on the phone that are just looking for some love and attention. They are not hard to please and they are not looking for anything perverted or weird. I love calls like that and wish more guys called for them. You often are asked to say I love you, and talk all lovey dovey and discuss what you’d do together at the end of your day, like a date. How you’d go out to dinner and come home and make love tenderly, it’s very sweet.

Guys like that are looking for more than a quick orgasm and want to build a real connection with their phone girls of choice, some can get so taken up with the fantasy they will start to think they could actually meet the girls they speak to. Embrace the fantasy, few things in life really ever surpass the expectation, so just enjoy it for what it is and let go. Let that sexy voice on the end of the phone be your safe harbor after a hard day at the office, or after the argument with the cold fish of a wife you just can’t tear yourself away from.

We want to drain you, to please you, to be your online girlfriend. We will always be the friendly and welcoming voice for you to listen to as you stroke your cock and tell us you love us and how much you wish you could really cum in our pussies. We love talking to many of you as well and look forward to you calling and telling us how much you want us, it’s always nice to get compliments and have them be sincere and they are very nice for us to get. So if you’re looking for an online girlfriend, do give us a call.

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Double Your Fun

Recently I had a naughty time with two men, and I was pleased to have two cocks to satisfy. I’d needed some electrical work done on my home and the electrician that came by brought his apprentice with him and when I saw how cute he was, and the older one wasn’t bad either, I decided to leave my bedroom door open a bit as I changed and hoped one or both of them would notice and take a peek inside. I stripped down and decided to rub some lotion on my legs as I sat on the edge of the bed and was soon rubbing some on my breasts and on my inner thighs. I saw a shadow in the doorway.

I knew I was being watched so said come in and the young apprentice came in and I could see the bulge in his pants and I knew he’d gotten turned on watching me. It only took a few moments fort he older one to come looking for him and he soon walked in and saw me naked on the end of the bed sucking on his apprentice’s cock and he soon stripped down and joined us.

I took a dick in each hand and was getting them off, then alternating which one I took in my mouth to suck, going back and forth. I was soon on all fours with a dick in my pussy and one down my throat. I was pleasing both of them and feeling very slutty but satisfied. I loved cock and here I was pleasing two of them. I had them both cum in my pussy and down my throat and I was feeling so sloppy wet with all those loads of cum dripping out of me and mingling inside of me. I was glad I’d had the fuse box short out to have called them here in the first place, it was a hot time had by all.

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I Hope He Doesn’t Find Out…

My sex drive is higher than my boyfriend’s, so I seek extra fun on the side. I hope he doesn’t find out about it, he just wouldn’t understand. The guy I’ve been cheating with is one of his friends, so he’d feel pissed off at the both of us, but we’ve always been attracted to one another and he’s without a girlfriend at the moment and I’m afraid sex once a week or less isn’t cutting it for me, so I meet up with his friend a couple of times a week and we are very compatible sexually.

We met last night and fucked for hours. His cock is bigger than my boyfriend’s and satisfies me so much more. I love to get pounded from behind until the juices are running down my thighs. He’s kind of aggressive, which I really like, and he handles me fairly roughly, which really gets me going. I cum harder and with much more intensity when I’m pushed and called a slut and a whore. I just do not get that from my boyfriend. I love having a cock shoved down my throat until I gag and am gasping for air with tears running down my face. I like to feel used.

We meet when we can, my boyfriend has odd and changing work hours, so it’s not difficult to sneak around. I’m not sure how much longer we will be together, I can’t see tolerating his lack of a sex drive too much longer even though I really like him, but I will be continuing to see his friend and get some real sexual satisfaction out of my life.

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Cum Covered Whore

My boyfriend had always had a fantasy about him and some other guys doing a gang bang on me and he asked me if I’d be willing to try it. I knew all the guys involved, friends of his, and he said it would turn him on more than anything watching me get fucked by several guys and covered with their cum. Dripping from my pussy, my ass, sprayed all over my tits, dripping out the sides of my mouth, the works. I said I’d think about it and let him know. I thought about it for a few weeks and finally decided it was one night, it would really make him happy, so why not, let’s do this.

We all got together in our home, making me feel a bit more comfortable and relaxed. There was four guys, my boyfriend and three of his friends and we were all nude in our bedroom and they fucked me one after the other, filling me with load after load of hot sperm until it dripped down the crack in my ass and made a wet spot on the sheets. I was filled with cock all night, sucking them, giving titty fucks, I was even fucked in the ass.

I have never felt like such a slut in my entire life, but I reveled in it and my boyfriend was never so turned on in his life to see me being used that way over and over. I had a long, hot shower after the evening of debauchery was over, and I was glad I did it. I never felt so much like a woman, it was a bit indescribable. I don’t think he’d ask me to do it again, it seemed like more of a one time thing, but it was an experience to remember for certain.

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