Are You a Two Pump Chump?

Needless to say, we phone sex ladies get lots of premature ejaculators that call. The two pump chumps. Many of these guys are calling since they can’t find a girlfriend, since once the woman sees how badly they perform in bed, they are usually not given a second shot so to speak. Some with this condition also have a small penis, the humiliation of the two conditions often goes hand in hand. Though some tiny dick guys can last, and some hung like a horse will still squirt very soon after penetration.

There’s things like numbing sprays or creams that help with desensitizing, but be sure and use a condom if you use them, since if you don’t, it’s just going to rub off on the woman and make them numb, which is the last thing you want to do. So many guys call and ask about this situation, yet they are too lazy to train themselves out of it, which can be done if you commit to it with masturbation and stopping and starting exercises. Some that know they are failures prefer to concentrate on pleasing their woman orally, since the know the cock is not a good option.

Get a bit drunk, since alcohol often makes men not be able to cum, the old ‘whiskey dickie’ has made many a man not be able to shoot his load. Some callers will only ever be one to three minute guys, just how they are and they have no real motivation to change things. One caller that uses a pocket pussy sometimes cums in the first minute of his call, the sensation around his cock is so wonderful to him, he just can’t help himself. If some joker disappointed me like this in real life, I’d make him feel so inadequate and pathetic, he’d slither off never to return or show his face again. Train yourself out of it, get professional help, don’t be a joke to women more than you already are. Don’t be a two pump chump.

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“Pull it Out!”

One of my callers is into the popular impregnation fetish. He wants me to pretend to be angry when he cums inside of me and yell at him to pull it out, don’t you dare cum in me, that kind of thing. Lots of men love the risky sex scenarios. You do not even have to actually like kids to be into impregnation fetish. Many will say they don’t even like kids, so they do not understand why the fantasy is so hot. Before modern birth control was available, this would have indeed been a very risky thing to partake in, fort he woman at least.

The idea of risk does heighten the senses and emotions, so it’s not hard to understand how it makes it more forbidden to cum inside a fertile woman that definitely does not want to become pregnant. Ignoring her wishes for you to pull out, even though the withdrawal method is anything but safe anyway. Risky things have always attracted adventuresome and sometimes foolhardy men, so the thought of risky sex that very well might result in a baby certainly fits the category. The talk of being fertile, ovulating, not pulling out, breeding and giving you their seed, all of these things can be very sexy if both people are into it and there’s no actual risk of getting pregnant.

Do you like the idea of knocking a woman up? Some of the callers have even talked about being bred by men, not even possible, and yet they have these fantasies at times and share them. There is nothing no matter how sick and twisted that some man somewhere doesn’t fantasize about. They do like to confess their naughty fantasies to we phone sex girls. Do you want to breed a woman but have no actual woman to breed? Tell one of us all about it and we will be good, little, fertile bitches for you. Give us that baby batter now!

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He Defiled The Shoes

When I was in college I worked part time in a shoe store. I loved shoes and I knew working there would get me a discount as well as provide me some income for tuition. One day I was working in the stock room and it was a quiet day, not many customers. I was hidden behind some well stocked shelves and another employee came in the room. He thought he was alone since he couldn’t see me. I watched him and was shocked at what he did.

He took a beautiful pair of red suede pumps out of a box and he lifted them to his nose to smell them. Then he unzipped his pants and took out his cock and laid it in the shoe and began to basically fuck the shoe. He was moaning and grunting and furtively ramming this poor shoe into his dick and then he came, took some tissue paper from the box, and wiped most of the cum out, then he put the box back on the shelf. I was kind of speechless. So I started to watch him more closely. He was fondling women’s feet I noticed when he’d put the shoes on them and I’d notice a bulge in his pants. He had a foot fetish. I bet that’s why he was working here, to have as much contact with women’s feet and shoes as possible.

I witnessed him masturbate with several pair of women’s shoes that summer, and some women even bought the shoes he’d cum in and they seemed none the wiser. I’m sure none would ever have thought he was slipping his dick in them and shooting his load into the merchandise. I never said anything, he never did anything to me, but he was kind of an oddball. I knew he needed the job, so I didn’t tell the boss, since he’d have fired him. You sure can find out a lot about a person if you watch them and they do not know they are being watched!

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The Hospital Roommate

Not everyone in the hospital is sick. On surgical wards the people are not all ill, some have broken bones or have had cosmetic procedures they are there overnight for, they are not all in ill health, some are just recovering from a surgery and are not sick. Recently I was in the hospital overnight and nowadays not all roommates are the same sex. The man I was in the room with had broken his arm and he was in traction, and I could hear these faint sex noises. I assumed he was trying to masturbate behind the curtain separating our beds. It made me kind of horny laying there to listen to him.

I’d taken a bad fall and needed a rod and pins put in my one leg. I wondered if he might be able to finish before the nurse came in to check on us. I knew I wanted to touch myself as I heard him doing the same. He wasn’t making a lot of noise but I knew that’s what he was doing. I can be totally quiet when I masturbate, so I knew if I joined him, he’d not be any the wiser. I looked at the clock on the wall and estimated the nurse wouldn’t be in for another hour on her rounds, so I had lots of time.

When I’m very horny, I really don’t need a long time to get off, five minutes and I can do so. I reached down under the covers and started to rub my pussy as I listened to him. I knew he’d likely be aroused if he knew he was having this effect on me and I was joining him, but I didn’t want him to know, so I just stroked myself quietly and made myself cum twice as he was rubbing one out. I was discharged later that day, but it will always make that hospital stay a memorable one.

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Swinging Tits

Most men love large tits on a woman, the bigger the better is how most of them think. Sure, some might fetishize the small titted, but many want big, voluminous tits they can lay their dick between and get a good titty fucking from. Doggy style means grabbing the woman’s tits and really giving them a good squeeze and pull you back hard onto them with. Sucking them, pinching them, some are even into the whole adult breastfeeding thing. So you fantasize about a huge pair of swinging tits that you can practically hypnotize yourself with?

They are pretty hot, aren’t they. Men that like the woman on top also usually love big tits, since they will be bouncing in their face as you ride them. There’s lots of different ways they can admire them. Not all men want a woman so big she’s cartoonish looking, but the bigger than average busty look, yup, most men adore it. Some that call that are fixated on tits, I wonder what they’d do if a fairly flat chested girl was interested in them romantically. I’d suppose they wouldn’t give her the time of day if she’s built like that in the first place.

One caller was so obsessed with big tits, he said he actually blamed his college professor for him not getting a better grade because her big tits were just too distracting, so he could not concentrate on his studies with her big tits nearly forcing him to watch them. He even spoke of tracking her down years later and telling her it was her fault he did so badly in school, her tits fault. Some men are odd for the things they think like that, but you hear all kinds of things in this job. Some women have big ones, some have small ones. The popularity of breast augmentation shows that most men prefer the big ones, or so many women wouldn’t be getting them.

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