Behold, the Timid Pervert

It goes without saying that man callers are shy men that have no luck with women in their own lives. Phone sex is it for them, masturbation and talking to a lady is as much intimacy as some will ever know. Some come right out and confess they are shy and don’t get any girls, that a Fleshlight or pocket pussy is the closest they have ever come. Some might have a small penis, others are average sized, but simply lacking in the much needed confidence they need. I asked one such shy caller what he would do if an aggressive woman came onto him if she found him attractive. He said he’d be very uncomfortable.

It’s surprising how many callers have related such things. One caller that was a virgin until he was in his mid thirties used to say after he finally did get a girlfriend, many times he’d pretend to be asleep since her sexual demands would intimidate him. It’s mind boggling that some men can be like this. One caller that’s a long term one is a nice man, he seems very nice, just too shy to get a real woman, although he’s divorced. Likely because he was so shy. I call him the timid pervert, although he’s quite tame. He doesn’t even like to talk about sex during calls, he just calls for permission to masturbate.

There’s never any talk of blow jobs, or fucking, he just wants me to tell him it’s ok for him to hump his pillow. He told me he liked a lady a few years ago, and he thought she’d be open to a sexual encounter, but he said he just didn’t have the confidence to seal the deal, so he went home alone as always. It’s kind of sad, but people are many times their own worst enemies.

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Raunchy Rubbing

Never underestimate a horny female. Many do. They don’t realize girls can be even more creative in their masturbation playing than guys can be. One of the rare times a woman called and told me some of the odd ways she’s masturbated and she said when she was younger and came home from school and had the house to herself she used to rub her pussy against the corner of the kitchen table. I’d never heard of that before.

The closest thing I ever tried was the bed I used to have had a foot board and one of the decorative corners of it was about at crotch level and I tried grinding on it, but it was a bit hard to keep my balance on one foot and I wasn’t able to get to orgasm trying it. I always thought of that time I did so though every time I looked at the post! I never tried rubbing on a doll or anything, but many girls do that, some even insert Barbie dolls, that could go very wrong, and is not advised. Horny people often are not thinking clearly though and not thinking what could happen if things go wrong.

She told me how she’d take her skirt or pants off when she came in and realized she was alone for a while, and she was always afraid someone would come in and catch her. The chances would be high for a high traffic room like a kitchen someone could come home and walk in and she’d be bucking against the corner of the table, getting the corner of it slick with her cunt juice as she tried to get her self off. For many young girls, masturbation is a huge part of their lives, just like it is with guys, before bed, in the shower, after school, there’s no end to the self pleasuring when you’re young and horny.

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Pay to Play

Many people that do not understand what phone sex is all about mock both the operators that offer it and the men that pay for it. They think all men that pay in any way for sex are simps. The truth is, a lot of men pay for sex the same way they do for any other entertainment. They wouldn’t get any sex otherwise in a great many cases. Let’s face it, very few men are alpha males who have tons of charisma and can attract women easily. Many are toads with little dicks that are social awkward and not attractive. They cannot attract women easily, if at all. Paying is the only way for them.

Some are so socially shy they balk at even the idea of going to an escort if you ask them if they have if they are some older virgin type. The idea frankly terrifies them. They’d never be able to get an erection under such circumstances. Talking to a woman on the phone is about as daring as many of them could ever hope to be. Their social skills are poor and lacking, and they’d never be able to seal the deal with a real live woman.

Phone sex is the perfect way for guys like this to have a sexual experience, even if it is just masturbation, with a woman. They are talking to a woman as they stroke their cock and have an orgasm. They do need to pay for that privilege. Some love to pay regardless. They look at sex as a commodity and that must be paid for. Some that are huge tippers say it makes them feel better to give. That it actually makes them happier than the woman they are giving the money to. It’s a complex dynamic no matter what way you slice it. Thank goodness there’s always guys that will pay to play.

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That Magic Touch

My boyfriend has wonderfully skillful hands. The way he massages me and touches me, it feels like electricity on my skin. No one has ever pleased me more sexually. He takes great pride in his skills and boasts every woman he’s ever been with adored the way he massaged and touched them. I would not have believed it possible, but he actually made me orgasm without even touching my pussy. He just has a knack for how to touch a woman and make them respond so well, they cannot help but blossom under his touch. Last night I was lucky enough to be the focus of his attentions once more.

He had candles lit and warm massage oils waiting for me and I sat on the edge of the bed waiting for him to begin. He caressed my neck and kneaded his strong hands up and down my neck and shoulders. He also gives a scalp massage and it feels so heavenly, you get so relaxed you just want to fall asleep as he’s doing it. He loves to make me cum when I’m so totally relaxed. It really does make for better, more thorough orgasms. That I can attest to.

My body was laid out on the bed as his hands worked their way over me, rubbing me every which way. I knew my pussy must be soaking by now. He sure takes his time getting down there. It’s the very last thing he will do and he usually just slips his already hard cock into me. I’m already primed and ready to go and it doesn’t take me long to cum I’m so aroused from all the erotic touching. To get fucked at the end is the cherry on top of the cake. If only all men were so gifted, the world would be a much happier and more relaxed place.

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A Quickie in the Elevator

My boyfriend lives in a high rise building and although it’s a pretty ritzy property, there’s frequent issues with the elevators and we’ve gotten stuck in them a few times before. Last week it happened again and I said why not have some fun while we wait? We’d never been stuck less than fifteen minutes, so that’s more than enough time for a quickie. He got down on the floor in front of me and I put one leg over his shoulder and he pushed my skirt up and started kissing me over my panties, teasing me. I was quickly growing wet with arousal. He pulled them down and licked my pussy, sucking on my clit until I felt I’d collapse with pleasure.

He then had me jump up and I had my legs around his waist. He’s pretty strong and was easily able to hold me as he slipped his cock into me. There was a bar that wrapped around the elevator, a handle of sorts for ones to steady themselves. I half rested my ass on that and he half supported me as he pounded into me repeatedly. It was a really good angle, since every thrust of his cock into me grazed against my clit.

I knew I was going to cum hard, and it wasn’t long before I did. I screamed out in pleasure as he made me cum. He shot his load into me and we could feel the elevator jerking as it was coming back to life. I straightened my clothes, as did he, and the doors were soon opening to a few people. They gave us a bit of an odd look, I assumed we looked a bit disheveled, maybe they’d heard our sex sounds, I honestly didn’t care. We got to his apartment, stripped our clothes off and went for round two.

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