I Love You, Mommy

One of the more popular calls has always been mommy son incest. Even men in their fifties and sixties will call and talk about how in their teenage years they would fantasize about their mom, and some would even try and actively spy on her as she was getting dressed or getting out of the shower. Some would listen as she and their dad fucked, or if she was a single mother, if she brought dates home to fuck and they’d be jerking off as they listened to her getting fucked. Countless young men want their mom to catch them masturbating and offer to help and show them how it’s really done.

For mom to be their first is the ultimate fantasy for lots of them. Ones that confess to taking dirty panties out of the hamper and pressing their nose to the crotch and ass of those panties, or rubbing them on their hard, young cocks. Many will say “hello mommy” when you begin a phone sex call, it’s so much of a turn on for them to think about talking to someone that’s willing to play mommy for them and talk about their long standing fantasies.

Mommy has a well experienced pussy for her boy, she knows how badly you want to look at it, touch it, taste it and of course fuck it. No other woman has a pussy like your own mommy does, and for many of you, no one else’s is quite as much of a draw. So forbidden, so tempting, you want that cunt of your mommy, don’t you, you naughty boy? Mommy just may have had a fantasy or two about you too, young man. She’s seen that telltale bulge in your pants, and she changes your sheets, she’s seen the cum she knows comes from you masturbating like the horny, teenage fiend she knows you are.

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“I’ve Just Peed in My Diaper”

Some callers are so annoying to talk to, or disgusting, you just would rather they call someone else, regardless of the forfeited money you’re passing up in talking to them. One such caller is into diapers. Some women have no issues talking to men into ABDL, short for adult baby and diaper lovers. He will be masturbating as normal, then all of a sudden announce he’s about to pee in his diaper, at which point I tell him to change the conversation or I’ll hang up. He’s also into big, black cocks, so I just tell him to switch to being a black man’s bitch and I will continue to speak with him. He usually obeys.

Sometimes a call can be going somewhat normally and then “the announcement” comes that they are about to shit in their diaper or have just wee’d in their diaper. One called while he was in his car driving around and it was the most natural thing in the world to be driving your car and shitting in your diaper on purpose. I genuinely feel badly for anyone with a medical condition where they have no bodily function control, but these men are not that. These perverts are doing it on purpose and getting aroused by acting this way.

There are entire sites that cater to them, and they usually pay more, since the subject is distasteful. Are they hurting anyone? No, it’s strictly themselves this involves, unless they are going into someone’s home an sitting on their sofa and then leaking on it. That sounds like some bizarre case they’d have featured on The People’s Court, but in any case, tell an operator you are into this subject first rather than spring it on them mid way into the call. Not everyone is ok talking about this fetish. So many mental cases out there, something went wrong in their childhood to pervert them in this way, not everyone’s willing to deal with it.

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Hotline for the Delusional

Sometimes men call that are truly delusional. I’ve been in this business for over thirteen years and still regularly hear the craziest things I couldn’t make up in a million years. One character last night claimed to have a large penis. Now this in and of itself is not that wild, men regularly claim to have larger members than they really do, but adding a few inches is to be expected. The one last night claimed to be eighteen inches long. Yup, eighteen inches. Not only that, but his balls were larger than grapefruits and he planned to have at least eighty orgasms during our call. You could not make this stuff up.

Now to make things even more comical, he said due to his largess, he required a custom made jock strap to contain this behemoth, and custom made pants as well. I said it must make things awkward for the tailor measuring his inseam. He said it was a seamstress actually, and she liked it. Uh huh. He was a real Guinness Book of World Records man I had on the line. He was also into body building and made a young Arnold Schwarzenegger look tiny. His nickname was “The Stallion.”

I said surely he must have his pick of women falling over themselves to be with him, he claimed he was “very picky” with the women he’d take to bed. I guess he just has to break a lot of hearts. Such is the case with any man that is God’s gift to women, I suppose. You do need a sense of humor in this crazy job, you could not think of such things on your own that are told to you on a daily basis. It’s not boring, that’s for sure. You just need a very high bullshit tolerance to cope with them.

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I Was Felt Up in the Town Square

One of my favorite annual traditions is going to see the town square tree lighting ceremony. The people are usually packed in there pretty tight, and that’s not a problem, you just expect it. This year however I was shocked when I felt my skirt being lifted up from behind and some hands roaming over my buttocks and then slipping into my panties from behind and rubbing my clit. I tried to turn around and move and get away, but it was so tightly packed, I really couldn’t move. It was dark, other than the Christmas lights, and there were lots of children around, so I didn’t want to make a scene and have anyone see anything that could upset them for life. So there I stood, being groped by God knows who.

It sounds awful to be fondled against your will, but I cannot say it didn’t feel good. They knew just how to rub a pussy. I kept trying to turn around and see who it was, but there was no use. There were caroler’s on stage, the lighting of the tree, and there I was getting my clit rubbed in a crowd of many hundreds of people. I just let them do it, it was the easiest thing to do. I knew I was going to cum if they kept it up and I was biting my lip and literally quivering on the verge of an orgasm.

They rubbed me back and forth and back and forth and all of a sudden that orgasm welled up inside of me and I came in a gush. I knew their hand would be soaked and they continued to lightly rub me through my orgasm. Then I felt the hand pull away and the crowd started to break up and there I was, flushed and breathing hard, looking around to see who’d rubbed my pussy. I had no idea. I am sure I never will. What an odd Christmas experience.

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He Sees You When You’re Sleeping, He Knows When You’re Awake

My boyfriend and I always have had an active sex life. I know many people get so busy during the holidays they let their love life slide, but not us. It’s a great way to relieve stress, and we try to have even more sex during December than usual. It doesn’t always have to be some long lovemaking session, but we do our best to relieve stress. So we were fucking in the living room and having a grand old time when we hear this noise in the chimney. I assumed it was squirrels or maybe a raccoon, it’s been known to happen. I laughed and said I’d need to get the chimney guy on the roof to look the next week, so we went back to fucking.

Then all of a sudden Santa Clause pops out of the fire place and is standing right there looking just as surprised as we were seeing him. He sat down in a chair and asked if he could rest a short spell and watch us before heading back out. It was kind of an unexpected request for sure, but hey, it was Santa Claus, not some stranger, so we said sure, enjoy the show.

I bent over and my boyfriend fucked me hard doggy style and I looked over and smiled at Santa as he sat there and watched us with interest. I kind of wondered if he might whip out his cock and begin to masturbate, but he seemed content to watch us, so we were fine with it. My boyfriend came in my pussy and I screamed out in orgasm and we caught our breath and chatted with Santa a while before he pulled some gifts out of his bag for us and then flew back up the chimney. It was an odd Christmas surprise to be sure, but one I’ll never forget.

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