Romantic Girlfriend Experience Phone Sex

Loving, romantic phone sex is often the girlfriend experience kind, and it can be a lot of fun. Do you enjoy ladies on the phone telling you how much they love and desire you and your cock? How sweet it ca be to hear someone say they love you as you stroke your cock for us? Think of it as our hand on your cock, sliding up and down your rock hard shaft. Teasing you and getting you hard to slip that nice hard dick right into our waiting pussy. Wrapping our arms and legs around you, so tightly and intimately. Our nails raking up and down your back and shoulders.

Our hot breath on your neck. Your cock will just be throbbing as we tell you to make love to us and make us cum all over your cock we love so much. Maybe you like to think about a sensual massage that would feel so good after your hard day at work, our hands kneading your tired, aching muscles with sensual oils we’ve warmed in our hands and then lovingly applied all over your body. Then we could have a hot, steamy shower together and then get into a lovely soft bed to romp in.

Your cock, so hard and wanting a pussy so badly, you climb on top and slide into your sexy, willing lady and and she whispers sweet nothings in your ears and you feel her hands grab your ass cheeks and pull you deeper inside and then you pump and pump until she cums, her orgasm triggering yours and you rest in one another’s arms after your passionate session. Girlfriend experience phone sex can indeed be very sexy and fulfilling. The sound of that voice you love so much always gets a rise out of those pants of yours. Call one of us tonight.

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He’s Been Cucked

One of my many tiny dicked callers that’s being cuckolded called to tell me his wife is expecting. Guess what color the baby shall be? Not white, according to him. She has a big, black boyfriend that cums a lot, not the two to three dribbles he squirts out when he cums. He’s not allowed to fuck her anymore anyway. He hasn’t for years. His sex life consists of masturbation and watching her fuck Tyrone, lol. He feels like such an inadequate loser. He is an inadequate loser, I tell him. His job is good, so he’s a good provider, but a more passive, beta cuck you could not find.

It’s no surprise to me whatsoever his wife turned to another man. His penis is all of two inches long. He sent me pics of it, it’s just a nub really. Tyrone is pushing nearly ten inches. He licks the cum out of his wife’s stretched out pussy after her evenings of debauchery with her fit personal trainer she met at the gym. The poor cuck is paying the man fucking his wife. It doesn’t really get sadder than that. Once the nappy hair coffee colored kid arrives, he’s worried all his friends, family and coworkers will get the real picture of what’s going on within his sham of a marriage.

Oh well, I haven’t any sympathy for him. He loves to feel sorry for him self and his little penis that he’s been shortchanged with. The wife has it pretty good being supported by him, looked after sexually by the trainer, she won’t be asking for a divorce. I just laugh at him and tell him what a failure he really is. He just whimpers and agrees as he rubs his pitiful cock. So many worms out there, it’s hard to comprehend the sorry state of men today.

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Peg My Ass

The number of men that call seeking some kind of pegging by a woman is fairly high, more than most people would think it would be. So many guys are into anal sex of one kind or another, giving it and receiving it. Many are using toys on themselves during the call, stretching themselves out, wishing it was a hot, dominant lady wearing a strap on to fuck them with. So many more are submissive than dominant. They want to be used, they want to feel their asses stretching out as their Mistress fucks them until they are cross eyed.

Many call and ask if I’d ever peg a guy, I’m not dominant, so my answer usually disappoints them if that’s what they are looking for. Not all women are going to be comfortable doing something like this. Most men know this. Many are married or have girlfriends and they know even asking their partners is going to be an utter waste of time, so they simply do not even bother. Some will go to a professional dominatrix, others will just stick with toys they use on themselves and fantasize it’s a woman doing it to them. Ones that are honest will say they just wish it was a guy fucking them.

Many that like anal play aren’t gay and they are clear about that, they just find the anal stimulation exciting and they enjoy it when alone masturbating. Not everyone has huge toys, but some do, I’ve seen them with my own eyes on cam using them, backing themselves into them, stuck to the wall with suction cups. Anal will always be an interest to some callers, you just have to roll with it and say you’d love to plough them with a huge strap on, they are usually using their toys while you tell them this. Does pegging interest you? Have you have it done to yourself? Why not call and tell us all about your previous pegging adventures.

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My Submissive Boyfriend

I knew when I met my boyfriend he was submissive from the way he acted. He soon let it be known he wanted me in charge and I could tell him to do anything. It was like having my own slave. He’s totally spoiled me now for other men. He loves to clean, so I made an extensive list of all the things that needed to be cleaned and one by one he crossed them off the list. I’d give him an orgasm for each well done job. It could be just a hand job, blow job a fuck, he wasn’t picky. He was great at licking pussy, he agreed to do all my shopping and errands. I couldn’t believe my luck in fining this man.

I’d come home to a freshly scrubbed kitchen and bathroom and he’d lick my pussy while dinner was cooking. He worked from home as a developer, so he was there all the time and had lots of free time between clients, so he spent that time on me and doing things for me. I have never felt so pampered. Many callers love to serve their women and like being told what to do. Most that call are submissive and prefer the woman to call the shots, which works well for a pushy broad like me. I like to tell people what to do and have them follow their marching orders.

I’ve literally sat down with my feet up reading a magazine while he was on all fours scrubbing my floors. I love it, I cannot ever imagine any other kind of relationship now that I’ve had a taste of this full time pampering. Women do not know what they are missing by not having a submissive man in their lives. Most callers are submissive and love to tell me all the chores they do for their women, it makes them happy to please a woman. As it should be.

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Being Eaten Out at the Restaurant

I’m a waitress, and of course you do see sexy customers that come into the restaurant and sometimes you get together with them. One night last week one of my regulars flirted with me and I knew he wanted to see me socially and I liked him a lot as well. The restaurant was being closed up for the night and he was the last to leave. He told me how fantastic he was at eating pussy, that it was his favorite thing to do. I’d had a long day, a stress filled day and was pretty tired. He said I could just lay back on one of the tables, let him do all the work and just relax.

Normally I’d never do such a thing, but I was horny, tired and loved the idea of someone paying me some attention and just focusing on me. So I agreed. I stripped down and laid back, hoping no one would be peeking through the windows, and opened wide. He went to town on that cunt like a man in the desert after a glass of water. He wasn’t kidding, he knew what he was doing down there. I was soon writhing in ecstasy there on the table. I doubt my boss would be impressed had he known.

My clit was licked, sucked, flicked, teased and I was soon going over the edge from his tongue. I loved the way he slipped his tongue in and out of me and then went back to my stiff clit, sucking on it like a little cock. I adored it and found myself cumming again and again. It was sheer heaven and he expected nothing in return. I could get used to this kind of arrangement! Being serviced with no strings attached was honestly heavenly and I hoped to repeat it. I soon came on his face and he licked me clean. I got dressed, cleaned the table, and we were both soon on our separate ways.

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