I Watched My Brother Masturbate

One naughty thing I used to do when I was in high school was watch my brother jerk off. He didn’t know I was watching. My closet was against the wall of his room next door and if I was in the closet, there was a small chip out of the plaster that allowed me to see into his room. I was in the closet once and heard something in his room. I peered in the small hole and could see him, moaning and jacking off on the edge of his bed. I’d never seen a boy masturbate before and even though it was my brother, I cannot say I didn’t get turned on.

My pussy was horny immediately as I watched him stroke his hard cock. I reached down my jeans and into my panties and rubbed myself as I watched him, and I was wet instantly with arousal. I felt kind of guilty watching him, but it was so exciting, I couldn’t stop watching. I realized he often would go into his room after school and I wondered if he was jerking off then, so I’d go in my closet and wait and watch. More days than not, he was in there rubbing his cock and masturbating.

I often wondered if I let him know, if he’d invite me to watch in his room, but I worried he’d get mad, so I never said anything. I bet he’d have watched me if he had the chance, so I didn’t worry about it too much. Girls can be just as pervy as boys. Sometimes if I was horny at school, I’d be looking at the clock thinking in a few minutes I will be home and can maybe catch him rubbing one out and touch my pussy as I watched. It’s not that comfortable masturbating standing up if you’re a girl, but I did what I had to.

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The Hot Biker

Not long ago I ran out of gas in my car and had to walk a ways to find some place wit some gas. I walked around a half hour and found a gas station and a beat up looking bar. I went into the bar to see if the service station guy was in there and he was. He came out and sold me some gas and he offered me a ride back to my car so I didn’t have to walk back. The thing was, he was talking about a bike, not a car. I was a bit nervous to get on a bike, but he said it was quiet, slow on the roads, and we’d be there quickly. So I agreed.

The thing I wasn’t expecting was the vibrations from the bike on my pussy had kind of aroused me and for some reason I told him about that and he laughed and said many women had told him that over the years. He poured the gas in the car and I kissed him to thank him, and one thing quickly led to another and I was soon spread over the hood of the car with his dick in my now overly excited pussy.

He was muscular and string, and could handle my body and he lifted me up and just gave that hard cock to me as he lifted me up off the hood. I was so turned on and he just kept fucking me over and over. I sure was glad no one drove up the road and saw me fucking on the car hood like some kind of bitch in heat. He made me cum hard and I was left with his load inside of me as well. He got back on his bike and rode off into the night like some kind of fantasy man.

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A Hand Job For Dad

Dad’s been feeling real low lately, he got laid off and the unemployment’s running out soon. I didn’t know what I could do to make the poor old codger feel better. Mom left him last year, he’s just been so down on his luck. I moved back in to help out with expenses and it’s helped him a little, but I really wanted to do something special for him. The other week he’d walked in my bedroom when I was getting dressed and I saw his pants get a little tighter as he saw me in just my bra and panties. Of course he left and looked embarrassed, but he’s still a man, and men have needs. Sometimes it’s up to a daughter to fulfill those needs when no one else will.

I made us dinner last night and he was depressed as usual. I poured him a drink and sat down beside him and we talked about things, and how he hoped they might somehow magically improve. I leaned in to give him a kiss and hug and my hand fell to his lap. I felt him grow hard as my hand was so near his crotch, but I didn’t pull away. In fact I reached up and unbuckled his belt and unzipped him and slipped my hand inside his pants.

He looked shocked, but didn’t pull away. I think he was so grateful for the touch of a woman, he just lay there passively and allowed me to touch him. I stroked his cock and he was soon dripping precum all over my hand. I pumped him and ran the pad of my thumb over the head of his cock, smoothing the clear liquid around. He groaned with pleasure, and I was only too happy to help my own father feel good when he’d been so down. I jerked him and it wasn’t long until he shot his load into my hand. It dribbled down my fingers and then I cleaned him up and packed him back up and he laid down to sleep. It always makes a girl feel good when she can help her daddy.

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The Horny Bridesmaids

Recently I was a bridesmaid at a wedding out of town and several of the guests were staying at a nearby hotel. Another friend was also a bridesmaid and to save expenses we decided to share a double room together. One night we came back from one of the before parties and we had both had a lot to drink. Conversation took a naughty turn when we started asking one another about past boyfriends and what we’d done with them, any really outlandish experiences. She admitted to me she’d had a fling with another woman, which I had no idea about.

Then she asked me if I’d ever played around with another girl and I said no, and she offered to be my first. She kissed me and then began to fondle my breast and things quickly progressed from there. I rubbed her pussy and she came and she said she wanted to go down on me and would I be willing to let her? I thought about it for a minute and agreed. I was really nervous, but it soon turned into a very hot experience. She was very good at licking pussy and she had me extremely wet as her tongue worked its way around my clit and my pussy lips.

I’d had boyfriends that were good at pussy licking before, but she was something else. I loved how she knew just where to touch. I guess having the same equipment gives you the advantage of knowing just what to do. I was delighted at the way she made me feel. I came so hard, it took me a few moments to catch my breath, and after I calmed down, she went right back to it and gave me another orgasm. I was panting with exhaustion by the time she was done with me. It was a wonderful weeding weekend to say the very least, and no one knew a thing.

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Horny Men Can’t Get Enough

Of the husbands that do call and are actually allowed to fuck their wives, some will call and need a “second round” with we phone sex girls because what they got from wifey was simply not enough. One of these men called last night and said he’d just fucked his wife, and he got to a few times a week, but he always needed to cum at least twice. So once she left for work, he called and said he really needed to cum again. Many people are simply not satisfied with one orgasm, they need two or more to get that congested feeling of pressure to be alleviated. Not everyone understands this.

So I helped him drain his nuts of a second load and he felt oh so much better for it. Orgasms are a wonderful thing, and a healthy thing. Twenty one orgasms minimum a month for optimal prostate health, so by all means, stroke, fuck, get sucked, do whatever you need to do to keep those pipes clean. Orgasms feel good, it’s odd to me more women aren’t desirous to help their husbands feel happy and satisfied. I have zero sympathy for these ice queens when their husbands go looking for affection elsewhere.

How often does your wife allow you an audience? Not often is the popular answer, some haven’t been granted one in decades, and yet they stay, pathetic. Do you rub one out on the sly? Since you know she wouldn’t approve of you masturbating. She wants you to be basically neutered and not wanting sex, masturbating, orgasms, all of it. That’s behind her, and she wants it behind you, too. I hear this every single day. If you’re reduced to a neutered dog, but guiltily indulge in phone sex and masturbation, some of our ladies will do their best to drain you pitiful, pussy whipped balls.

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