Watching The Tenant

I have kind of a naughty habit, I spy on my tenant. He’s a good looking guy and I like him, that’s why when he moved in I gave him the unit next to mine, since there’s a tiny hole bored into his bedroom wall that is in the back of my closet. You can’t really see it from the side he’s on, but I’ve gone in and watched him many times. He masturbates a lot and I have while watching him and have cum at the same time he has. Of course he has no idea I do this.

Last night he must have been really horny, since he came three times and I watched him the entire time. I know how he likes to be touched, how tenderly and softly, then harder and faster as he approaches his orgasm. If only he had any idea how I watched him, he’d likely be creeped out and move I’m sure, but I just can;t stop watching him. Sometimes his girlfriend comes over and I’ve watched them fucking. I think he’d be quite good in bed, he is from what I’ve seen in any case. I want to fuck him and wonder if there’s any chance of that, I doubt it.

He likes to fuck in lots of different positions and of course he likes to have his cock sucked. I think since I’ve watched him so many times, I’d know just what he wanted and be able to please him in bed pretty well. Maybe one of these nights when he’s alone and horny I will go over and ask if he’d like to come to my place for a drink and see if that ups my chances. You never know, stranger things have happened.

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Spanking the Client

One of my clients that is very much into spanking calls asked if I ever did real time sessions, and I said yes. So we arranged for him to come and see me for a blistering spanking. He arrived and as I expected, he was a meek, mild, submissive type. I smirked when I saw him thinking how perfectly he fit the type. I ordered him in and after a few moments of small talk, I commanded him to pull down his pants and lay across my lap. I had the paddle at the ready beside me.

I pulled my arm back and swung at him repeatedly, him howling with each and every smack upon his now red bottom. I laughed as I struck him, as hard as I could, each and every blow punishing him. I of course could feel him getting hard underneath me and mocked him for it, telling him I hope he didn’t expect me to masturbate him or some such nonsense. He turned beet red with embarrassment at the thought of it and pulled up his pants, hard cock awkwardly tucked into them and he paid me and slunk out the door. I was laughing heartily as he did.

The next time he called on the phone for a virtual spanking session, he couldn’t get the images of our real times session out of his mind and he’d been masturbating like a fiend at the idea of doing it again, so we set something up for the next week and I knew he’d be expecting even more smacks with the paddle at this up and coming session, so I told him the cost would be higher. I look forward to both punishing him and taking his money. He’s such a worm. It’s fun to take advantage of worms.

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Casual Sex With The Caterer

Recently I threw a fancy party and I had caterers do all the cooking and the serving. One of them was a very handsome guy, and I thought with his looks and the fact that he could cook, he likely had his choice of women offering themselves to him. After the party everyone had left except him, and I wondered why he stayed so late, and then he came up behind me and told me he’d been trying to find a moment alone with me all evening, but it had been so hectic in the kitchen there was no way until the night was over he knew he’d get a chance to be alone with me.

He came up behind me, pushing me into the counter and nuzzling my neck. Yes, he was a virtual stranger to me, but he was so good looking and I found him very appealing, I did not fight him in any way. He soon lifted me up on the counter and I wrapped my legs around him as he continued to kiss me. My panties were soon peeled off and sitting on the kitchen floor. I could see the bulge in his pants, and even though I’m not one for casual sex, I knew I was not going to say no to this sexy man before me.

He unzipped himself and all of a sudden was balls deep in my shaved pussy, pumping in and out of me as I clawed at his broad shoulders to draw him deeper inside of me. Our tongues danced together as we fucked and he pounded me, and I was so turned on. His sex skills were obviously good enough to rival his cooking skills. He had a cock that knew just how to touch my pussy, and it didn’t take long until I felt myself cresting the orgasmic wave he was creating inside of me and of course he then shot his load into me and I could feel every squirt. I never guessed the end of this night would end with me getting fucked on my own kitchen counter by one of the caterers, but it was quite the sexy ending to a wonderful party. I do hope we see each other again soon.

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Let Me Pee On You, Darling

One topic than some men seem to be fascinated with is women peeing. Peeing on them, in their mouth, just tasting of pee, peeing as they masturbate, peeing as they are fucked. Men are perverted at times to be sure. Masturbating on a full bladder is something that feels good, but is usually just not worth doing due to the mess involved, and you don’t want to train your body into thinking dribbling is ok either, so it’s usually just not worth it, but some men would love for their women to pee all over them every time they play.

Not all men are into the filthy types of sex, but some absolutely are, and some even like an unwashed pissy taste to the pussies they lick. There’s something out there for everyone for certain. Some men won’t touch you unless you’re right out of the shower and only taste of soap, others do want the more natural smells to prevail and turn them on like the wild beasts that they are. They cannot get enough of it, some even love body hair, the whole shebang.

Ones into the golden showers seem to love to be peed on more than doing the peeing themselves, since most men that call do tend to be on the submissive side for sure, so obviously they want to be the one being peed on. Obviously since the body eliminates at the same area that sexual organs are, this causes some cross of interests and they can get confused and mixed up, some men will mention catching glimpses of women in their family on the toilet from a very early age and it left a life long impression on them. Not all women are going to indulge you in this fetish in real life, so you may need to settle for golden showers porn to satisfy your craving for it.

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Let Me Tell You…

The number of callers that have same sex fantasies is staggering, there’s days I think more do than don’t. Not all have acted on them, for various reasons. Some are too afraid, some juts have not had the opportunity, others are just like deer caught in the headlights, paralyzed to move one way or the other. They all seemed shocked when I say how common it is, it’s not that they think they are the only one by any means, but they simply do not grasp how very common it is to think about as you masturbate.

Tube sites online showing limitless amounts of gay porn around the clock of any variety you wish for is also something most turn to at one time or another, I just wonder how many remember to erase their browsing history so their wives will remain in the dark. Perhaps for many “not remembering” is how they want to get caught, have it finally once and for all come out in the open to break things free and start anew. It’s a complicated process for many. The amount of married guys having clandestine sexual encounters online with other men unprotected is really scary, considering they are then going home and also fucking their wife or girlfriend and exposing them to god knows what disease or affliction.

More men are fantasizing about other men sexually than you could ever dream, and most wish to be in the submissive role, not the aggressor, they want to be the ones sucking and getting fucked, not the other way round. Their wives and girlfriends must be totally clueless to not know, but they seem pretty much in the dark for the most part. One caller says there’s a whole group of married male friends that not only jerk off together, but fuck and suck each other since their wives have pretty much stopped all physical affection. Sounds weird, and I’m sure their wives would be serving them divorce papers if they had any inkling what was going on, whether they are still fucking them or not.

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