Gimme That Big, Nigger Dick

Black callers like to talk about the number of white women they have bagged and say what whore’s they are in comparison to black women. I hear that all the time. One called the other day claiming to have a fifteen inch cock, uh huh. Oh well, there’s plenty of size queens out there that would be more than willing to sample a hung, BBC of that size, or at least try their best.

What some people are not aware of is some white women who would otherwise be ashamed to take a black lover, is they at times go on vacation alone to places like the Caribbean and take a black lover for the length of their trip, there’s many men in these resort areas that are essentially gigolos to these women, and the women give them cash, pay for them to get their rent paid, car fixed, what have you, in exchange for them having sexual companionship during their trip, away from the prying and judgmental eyes of their friends and loved ones.

No one is going to know what or who they are doing when they are away out of the country for some number of days and they go back with their dirty, naughty secret, that had BBC every night, and likely morning and afternoon as well, and no one is any the wiser about it. Some of them may be older, fatter, less attractive to white North American males and they may be lacking for a husband or boyfriend at home, but when they go away for a week, they will be assured they will have their pick of young bucks to pick from, as long as they are footing the bill for the young lad. It’s an odd fact, yet very true, sexual tourism isn’t only for men.

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Beach Blanket Fucking

My boyfriend and I went to the beach this weekend, and it was so romantic.We ended up fucking on the beach by the light of our bonfire. There wasn’t really anyone around, so I don’t think anyone saw us. We laid out some beach blankets and were kissing and cuddling on the beach and our clothes started to get peeled away and of course we were soon touching one another and I was soon pinned under him and getting that lovely cock of his inside of me, right there on the beach.

I wrapped my legs around him and he was kissing my breasts and nipples, and sucking them into his mouth one at a time, and thrusting that cock deep inside of my dripping wet pussy. I was squeezing my cunt muscles around him, gripping him hard and milking him into me as deep as I could get him. He ran his fingers through my hair and I kissed his neck and playfully bit him and nipped at him as we rolled around on the blankets. I rolled over so I was on top of him, and I was bucking back and forth on him, grinding my clit against his cock and feeling him fill me up completely.

I was getting closer and closer to cumming, and he pulled my cunt lips apart gently as we fucked and started to rub his thumb on my clit and I was getting so turned on, it wasn’t long until I cried out and came all over his dick and then I could fee him spurting inside of me. We laid there in one another’s arms and caught our breath and then ran into the lake and had a quick dip and a swim. I’m always nervous about swimming in any body of water at night, but it was just a lake, not the ocean, so no sharks to worry about!

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Let’s Touch Each Other

This guy I’ve been seeing, he’s really into hand jobs, I swear he likes them more than sex even. I also love having my clit rubbed and he’s quite good at it, so I never turn him down when he wants to play, since I know I will always get a few orgasms out of it at least. He buys me sexy lingerie since he likes to masturbate me while I’m wearing it. He likes that better than me being nude. Last night he asked if I’d like my pussy rubbed and if I’d rub his cock while he did, of course I said yes.

Just the touch of his fingers get me wet in seconds. He knows just how to caress my clit, how fast to rub, and then he slows down to almost nothing, making me beg for him to speed up, and bucking against his hand. He also loves the way I pump his hard shaft, driving him wild, smoothing his dripping precum around the cock head with my thumb, going around it in little circles. He just shivers from my doing that, then I go down and give his balls a squeeze and he groans with delight.

I love to give him pleasure, it makes me happy to make him cum, and he always more than returns the favor to me. I’ve always got his hands down my pants it seems. I’m not complaining. He is a good fuck as well, when he’s in the mood for it, he has a nice cock and knows what to do with it very well.

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Cock Sucking Secret

Recently I stayed with a friend for a few nights when my home was undergoing renovations and the plumbing was off for a few days, he was in town as well and said it was no trouble to stay with him, so I accepted. He’s also gay, which I knew and had no problem with, but one night after he assumed I’d already gone to sleep, there was a knock at his door and I did hear and went to my door to peek who it was and he had a drop in guest, a friend of his I’d met before and knew he’d been involved with for a while. Apparently they were still friends with benefits.

He sat on the sofa and his friend got on the floor in front of him and began to give him a blow job. I was very turned on watching this and began to masturbate as I watched them through the crack in my door. I turned the light off so it wouldn’t be as obvious I was spying on them. I could see the glistening wet head of his cock get sucked and licked over and over by his friend and he sure looked like he knew how to give a fantastic blow job, he looked better at it than I was!

I was stroking my clit watching this hot gay sex unfold not that far from my door and I was so aroused and was rubbing my clit faster and faster as I knew my friend on the sofa was about to cum, I could tell from his breathing he was getting closer and closer to cumming and I bit my lip when I came. It’s kind of difficult to remain on your feet and cum, for me anyway, I always start to buckle at the knees and want to collapse, but I managed to remain standing and not seen by either of them. I felt very naughty for standing there and watching, but I couldn’t stop myself.

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Worship My Feet

Foot fetish is one of the more popular calls, there’s no end to the guys that are turned on by pretty feet. Some even like smelly feet, dirty feet, just any feet at all really. As it happens, I do not mind foot fetish and have had a boyfriend that had this fetish. I love foot massages and am certainly not going to complain when someone wants to spend endless hours rubbing my feet. The occasional foot job in return is not too much to ask for, and I don’t mind doing it.

I do always keep my toenails painted red and have nicely pedicured feet, so they look as good as they can, for a guy into foot fetish, that alone is enough to get him hard and crave the feeling of that pair of feet all over his hard and waiting cock. I will usually squirt some lube on my feet when I’m about to give a foot job, and get them all slippery and ready to go up and down that hard cock and get ready to squish those balls with my toes.

They love the feeling of warm, slick feet and toes going all over their cock and balls, and I know just how to please him. I have excellent muscle control over my feet and can no doubt easily coax an orgasm from their cum filled balls with my curling toes and flexing feet. It’s a pleasure to do so. Teasing those toes over that hard, twitching shaft and moving them faster and faster until I can feel they are ready to burst and shoot their load all over my feet and toes in little white drops of cum. Then afterwards when I’ve washed my feet, they can apply moisturizer to them and give me a nice foot massage. Seems like a nice trade off to me.

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