Step Mom Workout

A couple of years after I married my husband, my good looking step son was spending more time with me and seemed to be watching me a bit closer than usual and I realized he had a crush on me and I really thought he was cute as well. I’d exercise in the living room and be sure to be doing it when he’d come home from school and often in skimpy workout clothes and in suggestive positions, I knew it would get him hard and usually he’d go into his room and I imagined was masturbating shortly after he saw me like that. It was kind of mean honestly, but fun to tease him that way.

One time I was just sure he was doing just that, so I snuck up to his door and listened and was sure I could hear him moaning softly, so I opened the door a crack and peeked in, and he was stroking that young cock in his hand and I walked into the room and he looked so shocked, but I told him not to stop, that I wanted to watch, so I sat down on the bed beside him and he resumed stroking his cock.

I reached over and placed my hand over his and stroked with him, and it wasn’t long until he took his hand away and I was doing it entirely. He reached over and fondled my breast as I was rubbing his cock and I knew he wasn’t far from cumming. He was just leaking precum and I was smoothing it over his dick and it was so slippery and hard, I loved touching him this way, it was so hot. He came in a gush on my hand, and he just kept squirting and squirting and he looked so shy, it was adorable.

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Lipstick Lesbian Vacation

Recently I went away for a few days to a resort and seeing as I was away from anyone that knew me, I felt a bit more free. I had always been curious about girls sexually, but have never done anything with another girl and there was this good looking woman that was also staying at the resort and we got to be fast friends since we were down at the pool all the time and it didn’t take long when we were talking for some intimate conversations to come up. She flat out asked if I’d ever been with another girl and I said no, and then she asked if I’d like to be.

I didn’t take long to respond and say I’d always been curious. The pool was nearly deserted that day for some reason, most had seemed to wander down to the beach, but we preferred the pool area and she leaned over and kissed me. There was a lifeguard watching, but they didn’t really seem to care, I’m sure they saw lots of things overlooking a pool that could be considered not really appropriate for public areas, but we kissed and fondled over our swimsuits for a while before we headed to her room.

We went back there and soon were stripped out of our suits and laying naked on her bed and kissing and touching each other’s pussies. She was very wet and it was fun and different to touch another woman in a way I’d only before touched myself. We got each other off and she went down on me and I came again, I must say, it was really hot and unexpected. You feel a certain freedom when away from anyone that knows you and it will always be a fond memory of that week away down in the islands.

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Fucking The Mother in Law

My son in law is a very handsome guy, I had my daughter when I was really young, and look young myself, not old enough to be her mom. I new from the first time I met him he was attracted t me and I was to him, I didn’t want to hurt my daughter though by going after her man, but he kept pursing me every chance that he got and I put him off until I couldn’t resist anymore myself and I gave in and fucked my own daughter’s husband. I must seem like a terrible mother.

He really loved older women though and told me the first time he had been with a woman she was a MILF and he’d always been attracted to them and he wanted me. I told him this was inappropriate, but he kept pushing it until I didn’t want him to stop. He turned me on and I knew I was going to like fucking him, which I did, very much. It wasn’t hard to find time to be together, my daughter is a night nurse at the hospital, so every night is free and easy to meet him. He’d come over every night after she left for the hospital and we’d fuck our brains out. It was so naughty, but so fun.

He loves to worship my pussy and his face is between my thighs every chance he gets, licking me, tasting me, teasing me, and I adore every single time and gush on his face in pleasure. I love sucking his young cock as well, and getting fucked by a guy that age, they are still so hard, it’s wonderful, no need for little blue pills at that age yet. He’s a hot fuck. I don’t think my daughter gets to fuck him as often as I do, she’s so busy, but I work from home, so I have more time to play.

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Tools For Cock and Ball Torture

This week a client on a business trip has been calling me nightly, he’s in a hotel room and bored. He told me on the first night to give him a list of things he’d need for a number of nights for him to do things to his cock, so it’s been interesting. Fishing line, to wrap his cock tightly with, a candle, to drip the wax over the fishing line and coat it thoroughly, Q Tips, to dip in icy hot muscle gel, toothpaste, Tobasco sauce and insert down his cock and twirl them around. Fresh ginger to make a burning butt plug with, condoms, to fill with water and freeze to make a freezing butt plug with, rocks to pound his dick with.

He was a good sport and got all of the items and each night we’ve used some of them and I’ve found the results entertaining. I can hear him doing these things as I instruct him to, so I haven’t a doubt he’s actually carrying out these acts I tell him to. He’d never heard of the peeled ginger up the ass trick before, another clients had a domme that did that to him. He’d actually also made some fine slivers of it and inserted one down his cock.

I can only wonder what would happen if the maid by chance walked in unannounced, well, I’m sure they’ve seen pretty much everything anyway, but it would be amusing for sure. So he has all the next day to recover from his activities and then comes back to the room after his meetings are over for the day and calls me for the next go round of pain. He praised my creativity when I gave him that list, and he’s enjoyed doing the things to himself, so he says anyway. Some guys are just really into pain and enjoy it. Be my guest.

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My Cuckold Boyfriend

I really like the guy I’m seeing, but sadly his dick is not as big as I’d like, and he’s well aware of this, he said most relationships he’s been in have been of the cuckold variety, so he expected me to still be fucking other guys on the side. He really enjoyed hearing all the dirty details when I’d come home from one of my dates and he’d like to be licking my pussy out as I told him what all I did. I hadn’t fucked anyone in front of him yet, just told him the details, which got his little dick quite hard.

I’d had other boyfriends in the past with normal sized cocks that were just into their own cum lick me out after they’d fucked me, but never had a guy lick the cum of another man out of me. I didn’t mind if that’s what he wanted to do, and he was good at licking pussy, there’s no doubt about it. I do love when he uses his lips and tongue on me of course, but I really do adore getting fucked by a good sized cock, and that he will never have to give me, and he knows it.

One of my lovers cums like a bloody fire hose, there’s so much cum, unless I shower right after, I have to wear a pantyliner in my panties at the very least, or else they’d be soaked through to my skirt. When I came home from him, I was sloppy as fuck and dripping like you wouldn’t believe. I told my boyfriend to get on the bed and I straddled his face and great globs of milky cum started to slide down his throat and he was just lapping it up with great gusto. I was pretty clean when he was finished with me, but I still showered after, but he surely does love that cuckold creampie I bring him home a few nights a week.

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