Girls and Their Pillows

Most girls begin to masturbate earlier than boys, and one of the ways they do it is by humping their pillows, or stuffed toys, or mattress, all kinds of things will do in a pinch. Humping things can absolutely make you cum without direct contact of fingers to pussy. Just one of the wonderful things about masturbation, but boys are also humping their beds. You’d be surprised, or perhaps not, at how many guys call and say they have their dick between their mattress and boxed spring or a folded over pillow. This is a little trick both sexes use efficiently, and they learn early.

Masturbation is usually our very first sexual experience, so one must use the tools at hand. Most young people do not have access to sex toys, so you use what is readily and easily available to you to scratch that itch. Some guys get very aroused watching pillow humping porn of girls getting off this way. Some guys like watching ladies masturbate in very different ways. Some are quite enthralled with watching them use various sex toys, others want fingers only, it just depends. Some women may prefer one method over the other as well. It can be easier to cum with one style over the next.

It’s good there’s so many ways for people to enjoy themselves and to switch things up for the sake of variety. The same way does get boring after a few times, and changing things up can beat the boredom. Pillows are available to us all, and are an easy thing to grab if you are in the mood to hump something and do not have a person around. Have you ever humped your pillow? Do you still masturbate this way even now? Would you like to tell us all about it? We are here waiting for you now.

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Upskirt Pervert

There’s lots of perverts, there’s no doubt about that and many of them call phone sex girls and confess to things they have done that are either illegal or just perverted or both. One man called the other week and said one of the big downsides of the lockdown for him was shopping malls being closed. I asked why when there’s so much more available online anyway. He said shopping malls are the main place he gets pics and videos of upskirting women. He even uploads these things online and not just for his own use, which is bad enough.

He said he goes home after one of his mall outings and watches the footage he’s shot and jerks off while he watches it. Most women seem pretty clueless that they have been captured on his phone and that shots of their sometimes unclothed pussy and ass are available on porn sites for the amusement of the horny masses. True you cannot see their faces he says, but it’s still an invasion of privacy. He said he had a long history of spying on women, starting with his mother and sister. He’d regularly wait for them to be getting out of the shower and spy through the door to get peeks of them drying off then he’d go and beat off thinking about what he’d seen.

He said he caught his sister masturbating once and she didn’t know he was there, she thought she was home alone. He’d come home early and her bedroom door wasn’t quite closed all the way and he watched her stroke her pussy. He said he took his cock out right there and began to rub one out as she worked her clit with her fingers. He said he came in his hand, biting his lip to keep from crying out in ecstasy as he watched her cum. So upskirting was no stretch for him.

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Rough Fucking

My new boyfriend likes things a bit rough in the bedroom. I kind of link it. The first time we had sex, I wasn’t sure what to think. I had some marks on me the next day, but I grew to like it. He handled me very firmly, but not abusively and he told me to always say to stop if I wanted him to, but I found I enjoyed it. He would wrap his hand around my throat as we fucked and squeeze. He’d pinch my nipples until I’d cry out. I got used to his handling and he began to spank me and I liked it.

Sometimes a firm spanking before sex can absolutely heighten the arousal of fucking, especially if he fucks me from behind and gives me a few swats as we do it. He makes me feel like a helpless little girl at times and when I do as he tells me to he calls me his good girl. It makes me so wet when he calls me that. I love to serve him and it makes me feel very submissive and that I want to please him, which I very much do. I’ve never had a sexual relationship like this one before. It’s always been equal with me and other men. He definitely has the control in the sexual department here and I love surrendering it to him.

I’ve had better, stronger and more frequent orgasms with this partner than I’ve ever had before. He’s awakened something within me I did not know was there. It can be scary in a way to learn you like something you never knew you would like before. It just takes the right person to bring it out. Worshiping his cock makes me feel complete. I love pleasing him and in turn pleasing myself by being his wanton slave.

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Pure Pleasure

My boyfriend is a massage therapist. He is a legit one that does massage for sports injuries, rehab, that kind of stuff, he does not give any happy ending massages to his clients, he’s totally professional. His skills however in our relationship are absolutely put to use. I almost feel guilty having him massage me this way, since I feel like I’m taking advantage of him in a way. I do not massage him back, my hands are not weak, but they certainly are not strong like his are, nor are they able to do things like his do. He said it’s purely his pleasure to use his skills on me this way, and oh, how he has spoiled me for other men.

The first time he gave me a massage, we’d been dating a while and he said he really enjoyed doing it, so not to feel any need to reciprocate back, this was all one sided pleasure for my benefit. I cannot say I minded the attention. He laid me out on his table and had his oils all at the ready. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was sure glad I’d let him do it. I have never felt so fantastic as I did after all he did to me. I laid there and just took his pleasure he was giving me. I let him touch every inch of me, and he sure did. My pussy was wet before he even came close to it. I’d been primed with all the skillful touches and rubs and I was going mad wanting his hands on me.

He finally got to my pussy at the end of the massage and his oiled and knowledgeable hands worked their way over my pussy lips, my clit and inside of me. I was rubbed beyond all expectations of pleasure. I was nearly numb with all the stroking and multiple orgasms he gave me. I was so dripping wet, he hardly even needed any oil. If you can find someone to give you a massage like this, do not pass up the opportunity, you will not regret it.

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Resuming Cocksucking

So many are starting to come out of months of lockdowns, casual sex hookups are on the upswing again. The cocksuckers out there have been craving cock for months and are just now able to get some again. One caller told me today he’d treated himself and gotten himself a paid masseur, a black man. Now this was likely all in his fantasies I am sure, since he said the man told him nearly all male clients end up sucking him off or getting fucked by the masseur up the ass. So it’s a lot more even than the standard happy ending that many speak of. Sounds like a combination masseur and escort.

He said the price goes up for the second appointment, since most of the men that go to him as so taken with his big, black cock, they will immediately become entranced with it and want many more repeat appointments. The black masseur must really be raking it in, according to what this man told me. Fucking and getting sucked with the occasional body rub and all for fistfuls of cash. He’s been turning them all into BBC bitches!

He said when he was on his stomach getting his back rubbed he soon felt his ass cheeks open and a huge cock getting stuffed inside of him, ya, ok, sure I believe that, lol. The things these characters come up with is something else, and they say it with such conviction and sincerity it’s hard not to laugh at times, but it’s their dime, so carry on. He said he’d be calling the man back soon to get fucked again for his massage appointment. That big dick he got was too good to let just be a one time thing. So ones that have been craving sucking cock are finally beginning to go out hunting again for it.

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