I Was His Tied Up Whore

My boyfriend and I had seen the Fifty Shades of Grey movies recently and he asked me if I’d be willing to allow him to tie me up that way and see if I liked it. I agreed to, as I’d liked the movies and thought they were sexy, so I had no issues with him doing that to me. I trusted him and thought it might be fun. Sometimes callers say they have the desire to tie their women up, but the women are not always accommodating to their wishes, so some have never had the chance to do so.

He got this rope at the hardware store and we went to the bedroom and he tied me up. I was tied very well, I honestly couldn’t move. His dad had been a sailor and he’d shown him all these sailor knots, so I knew I was not getting out of it even if I struggled. He had not asked me however about tease and denial, which he evidently had in mind when he did this to me, but I did not mind, other than being every frustrated! He got me on the bed, trussed up like a turkey though I was, and he began to touch my pussy, then he turned on a vibe and was teasing me with that. I thought he was going to let me cum, but he did not. I was squirming as much as I could and he knew I was on the brink of orgasm.

He prolonged this for ages, it seemed like hours, until he finally let me cum. Talk about blue balls, I had blue pussy lips, I’m sure! He was grinning at the things he was doing to me, begging him to let me cum. He finally did and then untied me. I then thought the next time we played tie me up, tie me down, he’d be the one tied to the bed and begging me to let him cum! I will be merciless with him when it’s my turn.

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I Can’t Breathe

I’ve been seeing this man that is into choking me when we have sex, and he likes it as well. He has been doing it to himself when he masturbates for many years he confessed. I’m always worried when callers say they do the auto erotic asphyxiation thing. One the other week said he doesn’t tie anything around his neck, he just holds his breath. I guess if you’re into this habit, that is the safest thing to do. You will of course gasp for breath and be fine rather than slip and fall and hang yourself with a belt or tie you may be using and then are not able to get yourself out of. Thousands of people die every year doing this, it is no joke.

The cut off of oxygen to the brain makes you feel lightheaded and makes for a more intense orgasm, but you must only do this with someone you trust totally, or not at all. Even with ones you trust, things can get out of hand and things can turn badly quickly. You are literally putting your life in someone else’s hands for the chance at a slightly better orgasm. Is it really worth it? Many think it is, or they would not continue to engage in this most dangerous practice.

There’s so many safe ways to enhance pleasure, tying things around your neck or having someone grab you by the throat and apply pressure to your artery is really not the best thing to be doing. Even if you don’t die from lack of air, a stroke could happen due to the lack of oxygen. You’re better off having a few drinks and getting a buzz on that way. It’s your life, consider its worth when you’re tying a belt around your neck or around the neck of a sexual partner.

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BBC For Sluts

Sometimes black callers will tell how they prefer white women to fuck more than any other, since they seem to be the sluttiest. Black women apparently are just not as dirty as the white ho’s who will pretty much spread for anything or anyone. This caller claims to have a nine inch cock, and has no shortage of white women ready to fuck him. Most white guys are nowhere near that size, so they are curious about how different it actually is with a black guy and he’s more than happy to educate them about it.

They have never been stretched open to the degree that a black cock can open them up, so it’s a whole new experience for them. One woman he dated was married to a man with a three inch penis, and she’d never been with anyone else. She took one look at his nine incher and her jaw fell open in shock. She’d never watched porn and had no idea a penis could be that big. He soon educated her and ruined her pussy for the tiny dicked hubby. She never told the husband of course, but she was surely looser than when she’d been with him the last time.

He loves introducing white women that have never been with a black man before to the huge black cock. They hold it and stare at it in wonder, first wondering how they will fit it into their tight pussies. He says it’s fun to make them cum harder than they ever have before and he loves feeling how tight their unstretched pussies can feel around his cock. He never tires of the sensation and doesn’t even bother with black women anymore, they are a poor comparison he said to the white women and their slutty ways. Drilling some bleached blonde slut in her boyfriend’s bed is one of his favorite things to do, and he has no intention of stopping now.

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Spying On The Boss

I had begun to suspect the boss was having an affair with one of my coworkers, so I stayed behind one night to see. I’d left as usual in front of everyone, then snuck back in the back door and remained hidden in the store room laying in wait. Everyone left but him and the woman I suspected and it didn’t take long for them to get to it once they thought they were alone. I knew from their moans of ecstasy they were occupied with one another and would not be looking towards the door, which since they thought they were alone, they had not entirely shut.

I saw he riding him in his office chair and I took the opportunity to snap a few pics of them having sex. It would be good leverage I could use against him and threaten to email them to his wife if he didn’t give me the raise I wanted. I watched them for a while after I took the pics though and found it a bit arousing. Watching her ride his dick, her tits in his face, his hands grabbing her ass cheeks, they were quite into it and enjoying themselves very much.

Later that night I thought of them fucking in the office like that as I lay in my bed masturbating, looking at the pictures that I could easily destroy him with. I felt naughty in having seen them in such an intimate and private moment, but they had been a bit too chummy at work and I got the impression they might be involved, obviously I was right. I told him the next day about the pics and I got my raise. He wasn’t happy about it, but if he fired me I’d go to his wife, he didn’t want that. Finding out the secrets of someone powerful can be entertaining and good for ammunition if needed.

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Touching Each Other

I was always a horny kid and teen and began masturbating very early. When I achieved my first orgasm, even though I likely should have kept such news to myself, I told my best friend the next day at school I’d learned to fuck myself, lol. It sounds ridiculous, and if I said how young…well I won’t, but it was enlightening. This was decades before the internet, and an innocent time. So the next time she came over after school, you can be sure I wanted to show her so she too could begin to discover such pleasures.

She took my instructions to heart, and soon we were masturbating one another after school on a regular basis for years. We both got boyfriends in time and stopped playing with one another, but it was fun while it lasted. It was interesting to touch another’s pussy and see how it felt in comparison to my own, and to be able to give pleasure to someone else and learn how they liked to be touched. Her clit would get so stiff when I stroked it, and her pussy so wet. She liked to touch mine as well and we always had to be quiet so my parents or hers, depending on whose house we were at, so they wouldn’t hear us or come in and discover us.

I did not want anyone to know that we played like this, she didn’t either, so it was our naughty little secret. I loved when we could have sleep overs and we would play several times during our time together. I knew it wouldn’t be hard to teach another to bring me to orgasm, since she’d learned pretty quickly how I liked to be touched and did a wonderful job. I’ve taught all my boyfriends just how to do it and I like showing them by having them watch me masturbate as well. Learning by watching is always a hot thing to do as well.

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