You Dirty Old Man

When I was in my teens, I used to go stay at my aunt and uncle’s when my parents would go away on a trip, they didn’t trust me to be left alone, but I’m sure they’d have preferred that than to what actually went on behind their back. My uncle was kind of a letch, and he’s the one that taught me all about sex. I doubt they would have wanted anyone teaching me, especially him. I caught him masturbating with a pair of my panties that were about to go in the washer and were dirty. I watched him rub them all over his cock.

He looked up and saw me staring and yet he didn’t stop. He kept rubbing the crotch of my damp, dirty panties that had discharge on them all over his cock. Id never seen a cock that big before, I’d given a few hand jobs before, but never to a cock that size. He told me to come closer and watch him. I was a bit speechless, but walked closer and he asked me if I’d like to touch his penis. I was a bit hesitant, but reached out and stroked it. It was very hard.

He told me to rub it up and down and clear drops of fluid were coming out the tip of his cock and he told me to smooth it all over his shaft. He asked me if I’d ever sucked a cock and I hadn’t. He asked if I’d like to try and I said I’d try it, so I lowered my mouth down onto his cock and he groaned in delight. He placed his hand on the back of my head and really shoved his cock down my throat until he shot his jizz and I gulped it all down. This was just the first of our many sexual adventures between my uncle and myself.

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JOI Phone Sex

What is it about guided masturbation, or JOI, otherwise known as jerk off instructions that guys like so much? It’s that they are touching themselves as you direct them to, not how they normally would when they are alone. When a real woman would be stroking their cock, it would be the same thing. They are being touched as the lady wants, at her pace and how she wants to do it. So a guided masturbation call is as close as someone else touching your cock as you’re going to get.

I remember the first time a personal phone sex partner wanted me to try it and I wouldn’t have it, I thought no one’s going to tell me how to touch myself, no one can touch me as well as I can touch myself. I wouldn’t do it. Then a few years later with a different partner that asked me I agreed and OMG, I went fucking wild. If you get someone that knows how to do it and do it well, the proper masturbation instructions can be very arousing and stimulating. It can be very boring and repetitive for the operator though, and not all operators like these sorts of calls or will even do them because of that. Some however do like this topic and give excellent instructions that keep guys coming back for more.

It’s easy in one way, yet difficult in another because of that repetition. How many ways can you tell someone to stroke it up and down? Yet some guys thrive on that sameness. Not all callers are seeking a totally different type of call each time, some literally want the same thing every single time they call, so it can be easy for those operators when they know what the client wants. Are you seeking to be told just how to touch yourself? How fast, how soft, how hard and for how long and maybe a few surprises tossed in for good measure? Call one of the lovely operators on standby now and see what one of us can do for you!

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Looking For Excitement?

This married man I’ve been seeing a few times, he’s got a really boring wife that never has sex with him. No shocker there, I certainly have heard that more than a few times over the years. He’s always saying he craves excitement and all kinds of different things, but his sex life has been very vanilla and limited to his wife and one lady he was with before her, that’s the extent of it. So I decided if he wants excitement, then he’s going to get some excitement. I got some toys, a strap on, a flogger and handcuffs.

He met me at my condo and he could tell from the look on my face I was in a different sort of a mood. I led him into the bedroom and told him we were going to try something different tonight and he was happy to hear me say it. I led him to the bed and told him to get on all fours. I then cuffed him to the bedposts. I stepped into the harness and strap on and cam towards the bed. The look on his face was priceless, he looked in a state of shock.

I smiled and then lubed it up and got behind him. I popped the head of it into his ass and went to town. He squealed like a little girl when I got to thrusting. I wasn’t going to stop, I just kept going. He started to wheeze and huff and puff and I knew I was hitting his prostate just right and he was going to squirt soon and boy, did he. He shot his load and collapsed and was breathing very hard. I asked him if liked things the new and exciting thing we did tonight and he just nodded yes. He was too exhausted to even speak. Wait until the next time, I thought.

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My Wife Doesn’t Know

Confession calls are always something to behold, when you get to play therapist over the phone to guys that are telling you something they usually have not shared with their wives and girlfriends. Last night I had such a call. This man was telling me how he’d always had feelings of attraction for other guys from the time he started to masturbate, and had fooled around with other men in college and before he got married he started to tell his wife this, but she would not hear it and shut him down, so she apparently prefers denial to truth, as many do.

So over the years of course he’s found guys online that he’s been sucking off and letting them fuck him and she has no clue, or perhaps she really does and is just turning a blind eye to it, as I think many women do. When they then go home and fuck their wives and expose them to all kinds of diseases, that’s when it gets scary though, but they do not seem to care. He’s held off for the last five years though and stuck with gay porn as he masturbates, but doesn’t know how much longer he can live this lie.

They have sex around once a month or less, and the entire time he’s fucking her, he’s pretending it’s another man. He told me how he prefers to play with gay men rather than bi men, since gay men are more sensual and open apparently than bi ones, I’d never heard that before. I guess they are caught between two world, but he prefers the gays. I suggested a counselor, since I’m sure they’ve heard tales like this many times. He revealed he’s not ready for that though, since they will likely just confirm what he already knows deep down, that it’s time to get a divorce and move on and be with a man full time, but his whole life would be ripped apart, since no family, no friends, none have any clue this is who he really is. Perhaps they do and he’s not seeing they do, but there’s a lot of depressed and unfulfilled men out there that use us as therapists and confessors.

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Witching Time is Almost Here

There’s a man down the street that always does a fancy Halloween set up in his front yard for Halloween and he sets it up the first week in October, I always look forward to going down to see it. I’ve never met him, but always saw him in the yard when he was doing his display set ups. This year I went down and introduced myself to him, and he seemed a very friendly man. He invited me in for a drink and began to tell me all about how he got started doing his displays.

It wasn’t long after I began to feel a little funny though and realized he’d put something in my drink and perhaps it wasn’t wise I’d gone into the house of a strange man I didn’t know, even if he was a neighbor. I felt myself on verge of passing out, and then being semi carried semi walking, to the sofa in the next room. I felt my clothes getting removed and his hands all over my body, touching me and groping me. I didn’t have the ability to fight or fend him off in any way, yet what he was doing felt good, but good or not, it was against my will.

I could feel the tip of his cock going into my pussy, which he’d peeled the panties off of and then him thrusting bare inside of me. I was getting wet and was aroused, but was in some twilight, dreamlike state and not able to talk or move much at all. I felt his dick going in my mouth and cum being shot down my throat. I then recall my clothes being put back on and being positioned on the couch and then a few hours later fully coming to, but when I asked him, he said I’d just fallen asleep and that I must’ve been very tired. I won’t argue, but I know I didn’t fall asleep.

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