The Tailor Touched Me

I had a custom made dress done recently by a local tailor. I’d bought a dress I really liked a year ago and asked him to copy it in a different fabric and he did a great job. When he was measuring me though, his hands…….wandered. He fondled my breasts and caressed my ass. He was one of these touchy, feely Italian types, you know the ones. He comes from a long line of tailors, so it’s the family business he has learned his entire life. I think measuring and touching women’s bodies for fitting sort of makes him feel a bit entitled to take liberties.

He is a nice looking man though, so I didn’t slap his hand or tell him to cool it. I just sort of let him do his thing, as I have a feeling many of his clients do. He leaned in and whispered he thought I was beautiful and would I like to come by for a drink after work? I can’t say I was surprised, and he did intrigue me, so I agreed. He lived not far from the tailor shop, so I went back after work and he invited me in and had wine and cheese for me.

I sat down and we chatted and snacked and drank and then he made his move. He began kissing my neck and his hand was soon under my skirt, stroking me through my panties, which were now growing damp at his attentions. He rubbed my pussy, sliding his fingers under my panties and rubbing my stiff clit in my wet cunt until I creamed all over his hand and he made me cum and I gave him a sloppy wet blow job. I did have a good time and I expect we will be seeing more of one another and that we will fuck the next time we meet.

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He Loved Feet

Sometimes a caller can amuse us without meaning to. Many are really dirty in their likes and fantasies, which is to be expected, but once in a while a mild one comes your way. This man started off the call by saying he wanted to know if I had any limits. That’s usually when I know I will maybe need to tell them to call someone else, because I’m not a no taboos sort. So I asked what he wanted to talk about and he said it was really perverted and taboo. He then said he liked to look at pics of women’s feet while he masturbates. That’s IT?! I ask? Yes.

After I finished laughing I told he I thought he was going to ask if I’d talk about babies or dogs or something, since believe me, ones do ask for that and everything under the sun. Feet, that’s it. That’s the great perverted taboo he was so worried and ashamed about that I’d find so disgusting I’d not want to talk to him. I said if you had any idea how tame you are, you wouldn’t believe it. So sometimes a caller can shock you in a good way like that. He said he almost always was looking online at foot pics when he jerks off. So innocent.

Foot fetish is a very common thing. I’d be glad to have a guy that wanted to rub my feet all the time, possibly do my pedicures for me and would kiss the tops of my feet. Lavishing attention on my feet would not be hard to get used to. Not for me anyway. Many want foot jobs, some are just into the foot worship, there’s several different types of foot fetish. Do sexy feet and toes get your cock throbbing? If so, call one of our lovely phone sex girls and let’s have an in depth talk about sexy feet tonight!

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I Cheated With The Neighbor

Lots of us have had a thing for a neighbor over the years, but not all of us get to act on it. I liked the new neighbors that moved across the street last year when I met them. Especially the husband. His wife was nice enough, but she was often out of town, and he got lonely and I work from home, so you can kinda see where this is going. He came over one morning and asked if I’d like to get a coffee and I said why go out, I’ve got this nice machine right there? So he came in and the rest is history. We’ve been fuck buddies ever since.

His wife is away every other weekend and a few nights a month as well, so we have lots of opportunity to play. I love how he fucks me, he likes to come over and catch me by surprise. Sometimes we’ve fucked on the kitchen table, or the middle of the floor in the living room, he likes variety and spontaneity, things he doesn’t get at home with wifey. I’m not looking for anything serious, just some no strings attached fun, so our little arrangement works perfectly for me and my needs. He’s great at licking pussy, and I am happy to return the favor by sucking his ample sized cock.

His dick is a nice fit in my pussy. I don’t even need to masturbate anymore, since he’s happy to fuck me whenever he has the chance, and he has the chance a good deal. I have no clue if his wife is clueless or apathetic about his extra curricular love life, but I am happy to welcome him into my bed with open arms and open legs, and he has yet to disappoint me. His cock is welcome here anytime.

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Feed Me From Your Titties

More adult men are interested in breastfeeding than one might think. I get calls from men who wish to talk about nursing usually a couple of times a week. It’s not known how many men are into the fetish, but most know and accept men are very much fans of big breasts. Some want those big breasts to be filled with milk. It’s a fact that even if you have never been pregnant or given birth you can make your breasts produce milk, but it’s quite a commitment to get them to do it. Of time and sometimes money for pills, supplements, etc. Not everyone is willing to put the work in, and it’s ongoing.

How important is it to your partner that you be able to feed them this way? I’ve never tasted breast milk so I am not sure what it tastes like, but the men that have called that are into this say the taste isn’t so great, it’s just the intimacy and closeness that comes from the overall experience that makes them keep returning for more. A milky titty fuck, with milk engorged breasts leaking milk all over their cock, to some men that is a potent aphrodisiac.

Are you interested in talking about your adult breastfeeding fantasies? Have you done this with a lactating woman in the past you’d like to share your experiences with and tell us about? It’s fairly common if a woman is breastfeeding for her husband to try the milk, but not all continue on with it more than just a try it to see what it’s like lark. We ladies would be only too happy to tell you to latch onto our titties as we stroke your cock and make you feel good and nourished. Give us a call for a sexy, adult breastfeeding fantasy tonight. You’ll be glad you did.

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The Golden Shower

One caller that’s really into golden showers was telling me about an experience he had recently with his girlfriend. She was reluctant to get into it, but he convinced her she’d ultimately like it, so she agreed to try. He didn’t just want her to pee on him with pleasure for her, he wanted to lick her pussy while it was happening. She loves getting oral, so he told her she’d like it. He wanted her to have a very full bladder before they began. He said they live near the beach and it’s private, so she agreed to do it there. When she told him she was feeling the need to go pretty badly, he said they walked down to the beach. He has stairs that go down from his backyard to the beach below.

The both undressed and he got on the sand on his back and she sat on his face and he began to lick her cunt. He said her clit was really stiff and he was sucking on it like a little cock. She said it made her feel even more horny with a full bladder. He said her pussy was juicy wet as he slid his tongue inside of her and tasted her. He then went to suck her clit again, harder and she let a few dribbles of pee out and they went into his mouth.

She loved the feeling of it, so he continued and she reached down and stroked his cock while they were in the sixty none position like that. As she approached her orgasm, she let loose and he was drenched in her piss. He said he’d never been so turned on. She laughed and ten they both ran into the ocean. They rinsed off and then ran back up to shower. He said she’d be open to trying it more in the future since she’d enjoyed it a lot as well.

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