Drunken Threesome

Alcohol can make us do not the wisest things, but it can also open doors we might not so willingly go through if totally sober. I had a threesome recently with two guys and I had a great time. I’d had a few other threesomes before, but never gone as far as on this one. One of the guys was my boyfriend, and the other was a friend of his. I’d met him a few times, but didn’t know him that well. We’d all gone to a party and had too much to drink and came home and were all laughing and horny and one thing led to another and soon we were in bed.

One thing I’d never done during any of the threesomes I’d been in was double penetration, I wasn’t really into anal sex, but my boyfriend convinced me to give it a try, so I went with it. My resistance was down due to how drunk I was, so I just let it happen and I was glad that I did. It was fun, lots of lube was used and I did actually enjoy the sensation. I think when you’re pretty drunk you don’t have the ability to fight off or tense up as easily, so I wasn’t resisting as much and therefore it didn’t hurt like when I’d attempted the other times alone with my boyfriend, so alcohol does have its benefits!

We all were so over the top horny, and my boyfriend was fucking my ass, his friend fucking my pussy, their cocks only separated by a thin membrane of skin in my pussy, and we all just exploded in a huge orgasm and it was wonderful. I will absolutely give double penetration a try again, it can be fun if you’re relaxed, and a few drinks doesn’t hurt, either.

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Walking All Over You

The other night a man called that loved when women walked on him, all over his body, wearing stiletto heels. I’d be too afraid of hurting someone to do that and impaling them, that would be horrible and possible fatal, depending on the place of impalement. He loved the idea though, and even on his chest and stomach. The woman walking up his legs, on his crotch and onto his torso. Sounds painful for sure, but he loves it.

He loves the little marks the tips of the stilettos make on his skin from the pressure of being walked on, it makes his cock stand up straight and rock hard to be abused this way. Some men genuinely love abuse, even if the form of that abuse is being walked on in high heels that exert great pressure on them. He likes a foot job as well, and he likes those high heels being rubbed all over his cock until he shoots a creamy load on them.

Heels, feet, foot jobs, being walked on, these things appeal to many men, thought I’d imagine the ones they want walking on them would be of the petite variety. If they had BBW’s walking on them, they’d be impaled goners for sure. Some love feet more than any other part of a woman and just have all sorts of fantasies about them, smelling them, licking them, sucking on the toes, foot jobs, worshiping them. Feet can drive some men more crazy than just about anything else. Getting walked on is just one more branch on the foot fetish tree.

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Yoga Class Got Sexy

I had read about how some people in yoga class, women, could have an orgasm while they did the postures, but I never really believed it, it seemed too ridiculous, too preposterous, until it happened to me. The yoga instructor had mentioned this to the class on the first night, and many people giggled at the idea, but as the weeks and months went by, I noticed my abdominal and pelvic floor muscle control was improving a lot, yoga was having benefits to my body, I could feel it.

A few weeks later, after the class another woman came up to me and confided in me that it had happened to her and I asked her how and she told me the exact position and when she felt it coming over her, like a wave and she just gave into it, bit her lip and no one was the wiser, and she said it was more frequent than most people thought and she asked if it had happened to me, and I said in all honesty no, but it would be interesting if it did.

A few nights later, we were doing the pose the classmate mentioned and I was breathing deeply and controlled and I felt something come over me and I used the extra control I had and all of a sudden I was in the middle of an orgasm in a room full of people, but I too bit my lip to keep from crying out and I don’t think anyone was the wiser, but I was breathing a bit more deeply than normal and after the class she came over to me and asked if it had finally happened and I blushed a bit and nodded. She gave me a knowing smile, and I wondered if it was a one time thing, I guess I’d find out at the next class.

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One Night Stand

I’m normally not one for one night stands, but recently I did allow myself to have one. I’d had a cold for a couple of weeks and they always sap my libido and I hadn’t cum in several weeks and once I was over this cold, my libido returned pretty quickly. It happened to be the first night out in weeks and a couple of girlfriends and myself decided to go to a new club in town and see the band that was playing that we liked.

We had some drinks and were having a really good time and enjoyed the performance when one of the band members came over and introduced themselves and he was really coming on to me and I was not only flattered since I was a fan, but I just knew I was going home with this guy and indeed I did. He asked, I accepted, and there we were, on his sofa and drinking wine and clothes half off making out like teenagers less than an hour later.

I was very attracted to him and I took out his cock and was pumping it in my hand and knew I wanted it in my pussy, I took off the remainder of my clothes and was soon straddling him and then riding him, bucking up and down on him like some kind of bitch in heat, and enjoying every moment of it. He had a nice cock and I was cumming on his cock after grinding my clit against it for a good long while and I then felt him explode inside of me and I loved it. Not many girls can say they sleep with one of their favorite singers, I was hardly a groupie, but it was a fun night for sure. I will have to have more one night stands, they are more fun than I remembered, but then I guess that’s because of who the participants are, as well.

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Telling Them The Good Stuff

One thing many callers want to hear about is what you get up to sexually in your real life. Many of the women taking calls are just ordinary women, but the callers like to think we are all nymphomaniacs that are fucking anything in pants, and skirts too in their fantasies, so we often have to spin adventuresome tales to entertain the callers. Some of us do have some sexual exploits worthy of talking about though, so many times those are more than enough for the callers to hear about.

We can many times feel as comfortable telling them naughty things as they tell us, things we haven’t told anyone about before, since our current lover or partner wouldn’t understand or wouldn’t approve, so us telling the callers gory details is often just as fun for us as it is for them to listen to. We might think our partners would think us a slut for something we’ve done, but we well know it could arouse a caller and get them going as they are masturbating during the call, so why not share all the salacious details with them?

Phone sex can be very liberating for the operators doing it, telling people things we never have before or sharing a sexual part of ourselves we never thought we would if it’s something a bit odd we know wouldn’t go over well in our real lives. The operators and the callers are many times each getting something out of the call, even if the operators are not indeed masturbating, we can share a side of ourselves with callers ones in our real lives will never get to see. It is indeed easier to be honest with a perfect stranger than someone we know and see everyday. Life can be funny that way.

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