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Being Eaten Out at the Restaurant

I’m a waitress, and of course you do see sexy customers that come into the restaurant and sometimes you get together with them. One night last week one of my regulars flirted with me and I knew he wanted to … Continue reading

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A Girl’s Best Friend

This caller was telling me how he had to go out of town and he left his girlfriend to look after his dog while he was out of town and what she didn’t know was he has security cameras all … Continue reading

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Basketball Blow Job

Lots of guys do enjoy sex outdoors, some women do as well in fact. Add that to a public location with an element of risk involved, and that’s a heightened sexually charged situation. The thrill of possibly getting caught is … Continue reading

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Be a Considerate Guy

One thing that always makes my man happy is a blow job. A guy once told me to give a guy a blow job is like to give a lady flowers, always unexpected and most welcome, and it will bring … Continue reading

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Cock Sucking Secret

Recently I stayed with a friend for a few nights when my home was undergoing renovations and the plumbing was off for a few days, he was in town as well and said it was no trouble to stay with … Continue reading

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