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A Christmas To Remember

Well, it’s Christmas morning, and last night shortly after midnight, so technically Christmas, my boyfriend had imbibed a bit too much eggnog and was feeling rather jolly shall we say. He disappeared for a few moments and reappeared with a … Continue reading

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Twincest For You

Lots of callers are cocksuckers, men call day and night and want to talk about all the random cocks they get from online hook up sites that they then meet up with and suck off in every place from cars … Continue reading

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Suck That Mature Dick

One thing some men mention as a fantasy that always baffles me is their desire to suck the cock of an older man, like really older, like grandpa age. People do have their different kinks though, but when a guy … Continue reading

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Sloppy Wet Blow Job

This new guy I’ve been seeing is a little oral sex obsessed. I don’t mind giving blow jobs at a regular rate, I’d estimate that to be a couple a week, but this guy of mine is aiming for minimum … Continue reading

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You Taste Delicious, My Dear

One of my callers this week said how much he enjoys menstruating women for sex. Now I thought he was just meaning fucking them, more would have no issue with that, but no, he went full out and said going … Continue reading

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