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Cock Sucking Secret

Recently I stayed with a friend for a few nights when my home was undergoing renovations and the plumbing was off for a few days, he was in town as well and said it was no trouble to stay with … Continue reading

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Open Wide, Darling

Like most guys, my boyfriend loves oral sex. Most guys are not going to be turning down a blow job. He knows I love to give them to him just as much as he loves getting them. He likes to … Continue reading

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Kiss My Cock

Like most guys, my boyfriend loves blow jobs, he also loves red lipstick on a woman as she’s giving him a blow job. It’s messy, it smears, but some guys love it. One time I even got this two step … Continue reading

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A Christmas To Remember

Well, it’s Christmas morning, and last night shortly after midnight, so technically Christmas, my boyfriend had imbibed a bit too much eggnog and was feeling rather jolly shall we say. He disappeared for a few moments and reappeared with a … Continue reading

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Twincest For You

Lots of callers are cocksuckers, men call day and night and want to talk about all the random cocks they get from online hook up sites that they then meet up with and suck off in every place from cars … Continue reading

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