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Huge Dildo For You

Every time a client says they have a huge dildo up their ass, I kind of roll my eyes, but then some have sent pics and a couple I’ve even watched on cam and by God, they aren’t exaggerating! You … Continue reading

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Anal Sex Week

I personally don’t mind having sex when I have my period, and most boyfriends I’ve had in the past don’t mind either, but my current one is a bit squeamish about it, so he prefers to just do anal when … Continue reading

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Fanny Punishment

One of my callers likes what he calls, “Fanny Punishment.” He likes to imagine he’s at an all boys school and the school nurse makes the rounds every few nights in the boys dormitory to both take temperatures and sometimes … Continue reading

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Lick My Ass

I think several guys that are callers would like the above picture so much they very well might get a tee shirt printed up featuring the slogan for themselves. Ass licking, or analingus, seems to be growing in popularity these … Continue reading

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The Sweetest Taboo

Taboos vary a lot from culture to culture, what is fine in one may be punishable by death in others. I always recall laughing when a client said he wanted to talk about something really taboo, and I was getting … Continue reading

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