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Slip ‘n Slide

Leave it to my boyfriend to come up with something silly to do with a backyard toy. We were house sitting for some friends of ours and they were away for a week and took their child with them. They … Continue reading

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Go Down On Me, Baby

Most women are going to love if you know how to lick a pussy with expertise. If only more men bothered to learn how to do this properly, they should be pulled aside in school and shown how to do … Continue reading

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Cum Creampie

I like to play with girls once in a while and I’ve found all the girls I’ve played with are all very good at licking pussy. I have a boyfriend and he knows once in a blue moon I get … Continue reading

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Going Down On A Woman

There are few pleasures like having your pussy licked. Some of course aren’t into it, some men won’t do it, but for ones that are in agreement, enjoy all that it has to offer. The wetness, the slipperiness, the intimacy. … Continue reading

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