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Touching Each Other

I was always a horny kid and teen and began masturbating very early. When I achieved my first orgasm, even though I likely should have kept such news to myself, I told my best friend the next day at school … Continue reading

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Touchy Twins

This guy was telling me about his wife, who’s an identical twin and the things she and her twin have done with one another. I’ve always been interested in twins, thought it would be nice to be an identical one. … Continue reading

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Jilling Together

A lot of people know and accept that guys often jerk off together, a circle jerk, or just a couple of buddies together, but some girls do as well, even if you don’t touch the other person at all, it’s … Continue reading

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Sexy Scissoring

I’ve played with girls many times in my life from the time I was quite young, but never tried scissoring until recently, it just seemed like it would be awkward, the positioning, to actually achieve orgasm. Fingers, oral, toys, all … Continue reading

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Cum Creampie

I like to play with girls once in a while and I’ve found all the girls I’ve played with are all very good at licking pussy. I have a boyfriend and he knows once in a blue moon I get … Continue reading

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