Let Me Tell You…

The number of callers that have same sex fantasies is staggering, there’s days I think more do than don’t. Not all have acted on them, for various reasons. Some are too afraid, some juts have not had the opportunity, others are just like deer caught in the headlights, paralyzed to move one way or the other. They all seemed shocked when I say how common it is, it’s not that they think they are the only one by any means, but they simply do not grasp how very common it is to think about as you masturbate.

Tube sites online showing limitless amounts of gay porn around the clock of any variety you wish for is also something most turn to at one time or another, I just wonder how many remember to erase their browsing history so their wives will remain in the dark. Perhaps for many “not remembering” is how they want to get caught, have it finally once and for all come out in the open to break things free and start anew. It’s a complicated process for many. The amount of married guys having clandestine sexual encounters online with other men unprotected is really scary, considering they are then going home and also fucking their wife or girlfriend and exposing them to god knows what disease or affliction.

More men are fantasizing about other men sexually than you could ever dream, and most wish to be in the submissive role, not the aggressor, they want to be the ones sucking and getting fucked, not the other way round. Their wives and girlfriends must be totally clueless to not know, but they seem pretty much in the dark for the most part. One caller says there’s a whole group of married male friends that not only jerk off together, but fuck and suck each other since their wives have pretty much stopped all physical affection. Sounds weird, and I’m sure their wives would be serving them divorce papers if they had any inkling what was going on, whether they are still fucking them or not.

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