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Summer School

There’s a lot more teachers and students getting it on these days for sure, but it’s nothing new. I recall taking a summer school class when I was in high school and really having a thing for the teacher. He … Continue reading

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My Wife Doesn’t Know

Confession calls are always something to behold, when you get to play therapist over the phone to guys that are telling you something they usually have not shared with their wives and girlfriends. Last night I had such a call. … Continue reading

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I Hope He Doesn’t Find Out…

My sex drive is higher than my boyfriend’s, so I seek extra fun on the side. I hope he doesn’t find out about it, he just wouldn’t understand. The guy I’ve been cheating with is one of his friends, so … Continue reading

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Two Cocks Are Better Than One

Recently I cheated on my boyfriend, and I’m a little surprised I didn’t feel the least bit of guilt about it whatsoever. I’m happy with my boyfriend, but recently I met this man and was really attracted to him, he … Continue reading

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My Secret Relationship

The man next door and I have been carrying on for several months now behind his wife’s back. It started innocently enough, it usually does, right? After this new couple moved in, I baked some muffins and took them over … Continue reading

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