I Hope He Doesn’t Find Out…

My sex drive is higher than my boyfriend’s, so I seek extra fun on the side. I hope he doesn’t find out about it, he just wouldn’t understand. The guy I’ve been cheating with is one of his friends, so he’d feel pissed off at the both of us, but we’ve always been attracted to one another and he’s without a girlfriend at the moment and I’m afraid sex once a week or less isn’t cutting it for me, so I meet up with his friend a couple of times a week and we are very compatible sexually.

We met last night and fucked for hours. His cock is bigger than my boyfriend’s and satisfies me so much more. I love to get pounded from behind until the juices are running down my thighs. He’s kind of aggressive, which I really like, and he handles me fairly roughly, which really gets me going. I cum harder and with much more intensity when I’m pushed and called a slut and a whore. I just do not get that from my boyfriend. I love having a cock shoved down my throat until I gag and am gasping for air with tears running down my face. I like to feel used.

We meet when we can, my boyfriend has odd and changing work hours, so it’s not difficult to sneak around. I’m not sure how much longer we will be together, I can’t see tolerating his lack of a sex drive too much longer even though I really like him, but I will be continuing to see his friend and get some real sexual satisfaction out of my life.

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