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The Young Man Next Door

I’ve always been a tease, it’s part of my charm. A few months ago when a new family moved in next door, I had my eye on their teenaged son. He was really cute, but seemed a shy type. I … Continue reading

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Halloween Lust

Last night was Halloween, and I was a very naughty lady and spied on my neighbors. They had been around to show off their costumes, the husband was a werewolf and the wife a princess. His costume was really good, … Continue reading

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The Neighbor Watched Me

When I was in my teens, I used to exercise outside. We had a good sized yard and a fence, there was privacy, I was not concerned in the slightest. The neighbor seemed to spend a lot of time outside, … Continue reading

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Exercising Exhibitionist

I’ve always been kind of a tease. Not all guys like that, but some do. When I first noticed my neighbor watching me exercise through the window, I was a bit shocked. I’d gotten myself a Stairmaster and he seemed … Continue reading

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Turning Gay in The Cul de Sac

Like many confession calls, one recent call was about a young man’s first homosexual experience. He told me this neighbor of his that’s nearly double his age invited him over to watch a sports event on t.v., seemed relatively normal. … Continue reading

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