My Wife Doesn’t Know

Confession calls are always something to behold, when you get to play therapist over the phone to guys that are telling you something they usually have not shared with their wives and girlfriends. Last night I had such a call. This man was telling me how he’d always had feelings of attraction for other guys from the time he started to masturbate, and had fooled around with other men in college and before he got married he started to tell his wife this, but she would not hear it and shut him down, so she apparently prefers denial to truth, as many do.

So over the years of course he’s found guys online that he’s been sucking off and letting them fuck him and she has no clue, or perhaps she really does and is just turning a blind eye to it, as I think many women do. When they then go home and fuck their wives and expose them to all kinds of diseases, that’s when it gets scary though, but they do not seem to care. He’s held off for the last five years though and stuck with gay porn as he masturbates, but doesn’t know how much longer he can live this lie.

They have sex around once a month or less, and the entire time he’s fucking her, he’s pretending it’s another man. He told me how he prefers to play with gay men rather than bi men, since gay men are more sensual and open apparently than bi ones, I’d never heard that before. I guess they are caught between two world, but he prefers the gays. I suggested a counselor, since I’m sure they’ve heard tales like this many times. He revealed he’s not ready for that though, since they will likely just confirm what he already knows deep down, that it’s time to get a divorce and move on and be with a man full time, but his whole life would be ripped apart, since no family, no friends, none have any clue this is who he really is. Perhaps they do and he’s not seeing they do, but there’s a lot of depressed and unfulfilled men out there that use us as therapists and confessors.

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