Summer School

There’s a lot more teachers and students getting it on these days for sure, but it’s nothing new. I recall taking a summer school class when I was in high school and really having a thing for the teacher. He wasn’t a teacher at my regular high school, and summer classes were held at a different school than my regular one and comprised of students from all over the county. He was good looking and not geeky at all and as soon as I saw him, I knew I wanted to fuck him. Since summer school sessions are a lot shorter than the full school year, I felt I might get a chance.

I knew I’d likely never see him again after this class was over in a few weeks, and I let him know I was open to the idea. On the second day of classes, I didn’t wear any panties and I flashed him, since I was sitting in the first row. He looked momentarily shocked and then he actually blushed. I don’t think anyone else noticed, but I sure did. I stayed after class and told him I found him very appealing and if he felt the same, I’d be open to more after school.

He asked me to stay after class a few days later and he gave me his address and I met him there later. We got right down to it when I arrived. He was already hard when he answered the door and I quickly stripped down and we were kissing and fucking all afternoon and into the early evening. His cock was big and he knew how to use it. I loved sucking on it and he filled my pussy up very well. He was afraid we’d get found out, but I went out of my way to be careful and didn’t tell a soul. We carried on the rest of the time summer school was on and fucked a few times a week. I never did see him after it ended, but it sure made for some hot summer nights and made that summer school session go by a lot faster with that to look forward to.

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