My Son Fucked My Ass

Years ago when my son was in his teens, we were away visiting friends for the weekend and there were not enough bedrooms for us to each have one. It was a pretty full house. They even had another guest on the sofa, so they asked if it was ok for us to share a bed and bedroom. I didn’t want my son to have to sleep on the hard floor, so I thought nothing of letting him share the queen sized bed with me. Most teenage boys are of course very horny, this is no surprise. I was however the one that got the surprise.

I was asleep and was wakened by something poking me in the back. It didn’t take me long to figure out it was my son’s hard cock. He must have been having an erotic dream and was having a hard on. He’d snuggled close to me as I slept and I wasn’t aware of how close until I felt him hard against me, and his arm draped over me, his hand resting on my breast. I moved his arm and he woke up, apologizing for how close he’d gotten to me. I said it was fine and then he remarked how horny he was. I told him I knew, from his hard, young cock burying itself between my ass cheeks.

I told him I was horny as well. Without another word, he slipped my panties off of me and he took his hard cock and ran it up and down the crack of my ass, nestling it against my asshole and slowly he pushed it in. I could feel his hardness go into me and I gasped, but did not tell him to stop. Soon we were fucking hard and hoping the others wouldn’t hear the slight squeaking of the bedsprings with each thrust. He came inside me as I fingered my own clit, bringing myself off. He pulled out and went to sleep. The next day it all seemed like a dream, maybe it was, I don’t know. We never mentioned it again.

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Being a Maid for the Summer

I decided to get a job for the summer after college before beginning my regular one after September. I knew there were several families around where I lived seeking a maid, since their maids were on vacation, so for a few hours a day I would do the maid’s work. There was a single man I worked for and he said he’d pay me extra if I did the cleaning in a skimpy maid’s costume he’d found online and bought. I wanted the extra money of course and saw no harm in it, so agreed to do it when I’d go over to his place.

He’d sit in a chair and watch me work, which was a bit odd, the other families just gave me a key and I’d do the cleaning when they were at work or out. He watched every move I made. I could see he was hard as he did so. He didn’t take long to offer me more money to perform sexual favors on him after my cleaning duties, all while I’d still be wearing the maid’s costume he’d supplied me. I didn’t mind, I wanted to earn as much as possible, and he was a pretty average looking guy, not creepy, just kind of a nerdy loner.

I was soon sucking his cock and letting him fuck me on the coffee table and on the freshly vacuumed floors. He never wanted anything weird or distasteful, just regular sex, and he came pretty quickly, so it wasn’t any huge expenditure of my time in pleasing him. He was quite generous with his money and I was happy for the extra bit of money. I should try and get a few more clients like him, my earnings would really go up if I did! Cleaning for lonely, single men can be profitable.

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Horny Hot Tub

Recently I had a hot tub installed in my backyard. The guy that came over to install it was pretty hot. I couldn’t stop raking my eyes up and down his hot form. He had a great body and you could tell he worked out a lot. Hefting around these heavy hot tubs also was a workout in and of itself as part of his job. I was making chit chat with him and I decided to be very naughty. I started to tell him I lived around and I loved to soak and I enjoyed some special “alone time” in them.

He got an odd look on his face and I laughed and said you know, with the water jets. He continued to look perplexed and then it hit him, he understood what I was saying and he looked so shocked, it was funny. I started to laugh as the realization of my words sunk in. Then he smiled and said his ex girlfriend had done the same thing. He got the hot tub set up and I put the hose in to fill it with water. I decided to get really bold and invite him back over tonight. He said he’d love to come by. So he did.

The hot tub was now full, hot and ready for us. I had some wine chilling beside the tub. He arrived and I suggested the need for swimsuits was optional. We got in the tub and started to make out. I felt a water jet on my pussy and positioned myself so it hit my clit. He knew what I was doing and he just watched me get myself off with the water jet. I came in under two minutes. We fucked half the night, in the hot tub and in my bedroom. It was one hot experience.

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Pantyhose Men

Pantyhose are quite popular for men to have a fetish over, and not just seeing them on ladies with fabulous legs. Some men are into wearing them themselves. Many got the kink for this when they saw mommy wearing them and were enthralled by their silky smoothness against their hands, when they were youngsters underfoot. The love of that sheer, silky fabric never left them and many went routing through mommy’s hamper to find the worn hose when they began to masturbate. They would either try them on or rub them on their cock, feeling so deliciously naughty as they did so.

Some pantyhose now are even specifically made for men, with a place to put their cock. Some want to fuck a woman as she’s wearing them, tearing a hole to fuck through them, or even wear them themselves, so both parties are wearing them. The idea of a foot job by a nylon covered foot is an appealing one for ones into feet. Some of these callers are more up to date on pantyhose brands than the ladies are! They know and love the different types, like sandalfoot, that’s the kind with no darker reinforced toe, stockings with the seams up the back, all kinds of pretty sorts.

I remember a friend of my grandmother wore the type that also had a reinforced heel on them, It looked like a diamond shape had been sewn on the heel area. The callers into hose know about all kinds of these and how they jerked off to one pair or another that belonged to various ladies in their lives that wore them. Some have a stolen collection, taken from these ladies, everyone from their grandmother and sister, to neighbor and mom of a friend. They can be shameless in their pursuit of new pantyhose and stockings from various ladies to masturbate with and add to their collections.

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ABDL – Diapers For Grown Men

One of the more disgusting fetishes around is called ABDL, that’s short for adult baby diaper lovers. Grown men that for some inexplicable reason want to wear diapers and mess and wet in them like infants. They also masturbate in their diapers and some fantasize about women changing them. The thought is so revolting, not sure what woman in her right mind would consent to such activities. Some are just into peeing in them, others into pooping as well. One caller I do audios for has audios only made about this topic. It really strikes a chord in some people and takes them back to a simpler, more carefree time in their lives.

How peeing in a diaper can bring back carefree, childhood times I do not understand, but many into this feel that way. Not all operators are willing to talk to guys into this fetish, so do ask ahead if they are ok with it. Some feel terribly guilty about their fetish, since they know it’s disgusting, and they’ve tried to fight it, but their desires always seem to win out in the end and they give into their desires to practice it. Have you ever done such a thing? Some of the operators may just be willing to indulge your perverted fetish!

Others would be fine to humiliate you about it and hopefully fill you with some guilt and shame at your debased antics. The stories some callers have shared, the confessions they have made about their fetish, if you didn’t hear it, you would never think of such things. Does your little pee pee get hard when you slip on your adult diapers and lay down to have a pee in them? Then you reach down and make cummies in your diapers like a good little boy? Barf gag you perv, barf gag!

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