Lick Me to Heaven

If there’s one thing a lady loves, it’s a man that knows what he’s doing when it comes to licking pussy. One of my favorite callers says it’s his favorite things to do to a woman. There’s actually many men that claim this. Sometimes you get some man that says they won’t do it, yet they expect a woman to suck their cock. That’s pretty ridiculous and selfish to expect that. You get, you give, no questions. Some are so thrilled with it, they claim they’d be happy to never fuck again. Oh to lay back and spread for my knowledgeable lover.

My moist pussy lips opening from desire, my swollen clit begging to be sucked upon. My nipples hardening with arousal as he begins to lap at my copious wetness and drive me wild. I know it’s making his cock go wild as he pleasures me, my legs draped over his shoulders, his face buried between my creamy thighs. The smell of my womanly musk driving him wild to make me quiver under his touch. I adore each and every step he takes me on in my journey to orgasm. Like waves crashing within me, I feel the orgasm welling up inside of me.

First my thighs begin to shake, and my toes curl. I grab his head and wrap his hair in my fingers as I mash his face deep into my pussy, so much so that he can hardly breathe. I buck up against him, seeking my impending release I know is coming. A low moan escapes my throat as I get closer and closer to heaven and I am all of a sudden crying out as he pushes me over that edge to pleasure. He never relents on his licking me and licks me through my orgasm, only slowing down when he realizes I am nearly numb from all the pleasure. Oh yes lover, please lick me…

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You Dirty Old Man!

Have you got a thing for ageplay phone sex? Some callers like a young voice when they call an operator for this sort of fantasy. Some ladies can put on a younger voice is asked, others sound young naturally, so guys will be able to find the right match for them if you are looking to be the “dirty daddy” or “pervy uncle.” Being a good girl for daddy turns a lot of guys on. The innocence, the submissiveness. Maybe that curious girl doesn’t have any hair on her pussy yet and you’re looking to be the one to teach her all about masturbation, if she hasn’t figured it out already.

She likely has though, many girls start very young and can be quite horny. You maybe have been a pervy uncle and spied on your young niece when she came to visit. You thought she was asleep and went to check on her and she wasn’t asleep, you saw her masturbating, stroking her young pussy and it made your big, grown up dick hard, didn’t it? You naughty, naughty man! You stayed there in the darkened doorway, seeing her pussy as she stroked it up and down, the light from the window shining on her.

You perhaps fantasized about going over and helping her, or maybe even licking that young cunt and showing her what that was like, no one has ever licked her pussy before, you would be the first. You rubbed the outside of your pants as you watched her and you came in them, you didn’t even have a chance to get your cock out it aroused you so much to watch her masturbate her young pussy. You’ve thought about that event many times, haven’t you? Well when you talk to an operator with a young voice, you can talk about what you would have loved to have actually happened.

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Family Threesome

Some callers come up with more colorful fantasies than other ones for sure. This one man that’s called a few times, he’s Indian and likes racial humiliation so he likes being called a “sand nigger,” but that’s not the oddest part. That’s pretty normal for a humiliation call. He also has fantasies about having a threesome with his wife and daughter. I asked if his wife would be interested in that and he said they’ve already roleplayed the wife being the daughter when they’ve had sex before. He claims his daughter is often drunk and gets amorous with him when she’s drunk and that he’s already licked her pussy.

He said he’s roleplayed his wife’s nephew as well during their sex sessions. So it’s quite the horny, wild family he’s got according to him. He mentioned another interest as well, even odder. He’s got a thing for sex with his wife when she’s menstruating, it really turns him on. He’s hoping to get a threesome going when they happen to both be bleeding. He had so many different kinks going at once, racial humiliation, menstrual fetish, incest, threesome, it was hard to keep track of them all!

It’s likely all in his mind, as most fantasies are it seems, but he said he licked his daughter, she’s in her late teens, he made her cum so many times she passed out. Well that and maybe a few too many drinks, but she was well conscious when he began going down on her. His wife knew what was going on and was apparently perfectly fine with it all. He said they talk about it when they have sex. I asked if he was confident he could make two women cum in one night, since it’s a challenge for many men to satisfy one. He felt confidant in his abilities to please them both, even though he’s in his fifties. You couldn’t make this stuff up.

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Have You Had Lesbian Encounters?

One of the top things callers ask on the phone is if you have had same sex encounters. Guys seem to love the idea of two women getting it on, especially in front of them before they join in. It’s amazing how many are into this. Yet if you asked the same number of women, I seriously doubt they would be asking men if they have had encounters with other men and want all the gory details. It highly turns most men on, yet women do not want the same in kind it seems. The idea of watching two beautiful, fit, shapely women pawing one another and licking one another drives them crazy.

One caller used to tell me he pretty much only watched lesbian porn, it turned him on like nothing else did. It just got his cock so hard to see two ladies going down on one another and using a strap on with one another. Do you enjoy seeing ladies slide their fingers in and out of one another’s cunts and lick each others clits and their hard nipples rub against one another? I bet yes. In fact, you’re probably getting hard just reading that and picturing it, aren’t you?

You want to hear about that hot college roommate we had and how we masturbated with one another and when we didn’t have a current boyfriend, how we did even more to “help each other out.” You’d love to have been a fly on that wall, watching all the naughty things that went on, how we shared our sex toys and watched each other get off on a regular basis. The darkened room echoing with our heavy breathing as we masturbated and hoped ones outside the room wouldn’t hear what was going on in there. Give us a call to find out, you just might be surprised.

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Doing the Babysitter

You never know if a caller is telling you an actual event that happened or just a fantasy in his mind. This caller the other night was telling me how he’s having a relationship with the babysitter of his kids. She’s a high school student and his wife is the typical cold bitch who closed her legs years ago and gives him nothing sexually. The babysitter is cute, friendly, and looking for experience and he is more than happy to provide her with some. It started when his wife went out of town for the weekend and he was going to feel overwhelmed with three kids to look after, so he hired the sitter to stay over for the weekend.

After the kids had been put to bed, they watched a movie together and things began that night. She ended up giving him his first blow job in five years as they watched the movie. He was so grateful for the attention and she’d recently discovered the joys of giving oral sex and was more than happy to try another dick than her boyfriend’s. So it began with that evening and went from there. He gave her rides home many times and they would end up going to some empty parking lot for a fifteen minute quickie.

His wife seems to have no idea, and since she’s not giving him anything, I fail to see why she’d even care he’s getting it elsewhere. So he and the hot teen have been getting plenty of fun and for the first time in years his cock is happy again. I honestly hope for his sake it’s true, men with cold wives deserve some fun. He’s a decent looking guy and is enjoying his current situation getting some pussy for the first time in ages.

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