My New Fucking Machine

I’d seen a porno a few weeks ago that interested me. The actress in the movie was being fucked by one of those fucking machines and it looked interesting. She genuinely seemed to be having a good time with it, so I looked online and bought one for myself to try out. All I can say is I wished I’d bought one sooner. It is like a sex toy on steroids. I love it! It is powerful, relentless and will not quit until you turn it off. No guy other than Superman could best this thing. My boyfriend watched me use it on myself and I swear he was jealous. He cannot go like this thing can.

I was a bit scared at first, since you can tell this is a machine that will not stop. It plugs in, so no batteries to wear out on you. It will leave you panting as you cum and cum and cum. No man has ever made my pussy feel like this thing does. I really believe the actress in the porn movie was not acting, she was really getting off with this thing, it is not hard once you get in the right position for it to do its job. I’ve been using it a fair amount, several times a week. I love fucking my boyfriend, but there’s no way any human can match the stamina of this thing.

Maybe you’ve watched a lady in a porno get pounded by one of these and wondered about it. If you have a girlfriend, buy her one, she would likely balk if you asked if she wanted one, but if you buy one for her and leave it there, she will no doubt be curious and try it and then become a fan of it. She might even become addicted to it. Wouldn’t you like to see that?

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Love Affair with Cum

A caller this weekend was really into creampie and cuckold. he called multiple times. Apparently cum from another man is his favorite drink. he loves to lap it out of his woman’s pussy all warm and bitter, yum yum. Really graphic cum descriptions of it plopping in his mouth, down his throat, and gulping it down with great delight. He said his cock isn’t small, he’s larger than average if you believe his claims, but all callers into cuckold are not tiny dicked men. Some just love sharing their women and licking up the leavings of another man that’s fucked her.

He loved the idea of tasting her on this other man’s cock, giving him a blow job after he’d fucked her to taste her juices and clean him up of all of his cum. Licking her clit as he watched the other man’s dick go in and out of her up close, having the cum drip on his face and then lick it all up. Some guys are just really, really fond of cum, it doesn’t even have to be their own. Most times they’d prefer it wasn’t even their own. I don’t have balls, I don’t produce cum, nothing squirts out of me, so I guess I cannot relate to cum and ejaculation the way a man can. it’s incredible they are so focused and obsessed with something that’s just a body fluid.

Not all men are obsessed with it thank goodness, but it’s pretty common for a caller to be into licking out cum from a pussy. Their own or another’s. The degradation of it, the taste, the smell, the feel, their faces being smeared with it from side to side. it’s a love afair with cum, and it’s been lifelong and isn’t going anywhere for the creampie enthusiasts.

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Hot to Trot

When my boyfriend and I recently visited New York City one of the touristy things I always wanted to do was go for a ride in Central Park in a hansom cab. The driver of course was up top and could not see what was going on in the cab. It was night, so it was dark, and it was cooler weather, so we were covered by our coats and even a blanket. I reached my hand over to my boyfriends cock and soon hand my hand in his pants jerking him off. I then felt his hand snake up my inner thigh and begin to caress my pussy. It was quite naughty of us really. I am sure over the years the cab driver has seen and heard all sorts of naughtiness from his passengers.

We couldn’t actually fuck, that would have been a bit too obvious, but a hand job was something that definitely worked. We saw the sights as we played with one another during our trip around the park. The few people that we went past of course didn’t see anything under the coats or blanket. We kissed and tried to be quiet so as not to be obvious. My boyfriend loves to do things in semi public spots. Not where we are liable to get caught, but where there’s always a slight possibility we could get caught.

Sex in public places is of interest to a great many callers and they always ask about what places I’ve done things or have I been caught, how many people saw. A great many men do see to be exhibitionists that love to show off and possibly have people see them as they do. I’m sure lots of people have done naughty things in the horse drawn carriages over the years, with the driver out of view, there’s a lot of opportunity to be naughty.

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Black Cocks Matter

So many women want black men due to the size of their cocks. They usually have larger cocks than white men, and a lot of white men are smaller than the average woman wants, so they turn to black men. (I guess the Kardashian’s are all size queens). If you are reading this, the chances are high that you are a white man with a small or average sized penis and you are enthralled by the idea of white women fucking black men and taking their enormous cocks into their pussy. Does the thought of a man with a cock two to three times the size of yours arouse you? There’s a lot of cuckolds out there where that is the case.

They even fantasize about taking a big, black cock themselves. So many men that call that have same sex tendencies it’s astounding. Lots fantasize about taking a black man’s cock and being his bitch. It is their fantasy to be used like a fucktoy by a superior black man. Do you think your little man pussy would be up to the task? You’d like to give it a try though, wouldn’t you? I hear men day and night claiming that they want to, they need to, they crave it. One caller that takes the cake when it comes to his love for big, black cock though claims to regularly pay a black pimp for his cum. He is a true beta bitch if ever there was one.

You likely watch BBC porn and fantasize it was your woman he was fucking while you watched up close and personal right there in the same room, and then if you were lucky, he might turn his attentions towards you, is that about right? You want it, you go looking for it, and we are the girls you call up and confess all your dirty little secrets to. I know. Tell us all about your BBC fantasy, we’re waiting.

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Leap Year Sex

Last week there was leap day, February 29. A day that only comes once every four years. My husband and I got married on that date eight years ago and decided we would always make a special effort on that date, our anniversary, to have as magical sex as possible. Since it’s only every four years, we agreed to take that day off and have it be a wonderful, special day filled with hot sex and pampering for one another, and it certainly was a wonderful day. I woke him up by giving him a blow job. He loves to wake up like that, what man wouldn’t?

Then we showered together and fucked in the shower. Had a leisurely day of making love on and off and went out for a wonderful dinner, followed by more sex before bed. It was a wickedly sinful day filled with so much pleasure for us both. I never tire of him licking me to climax, or having his hard cock inside of me. We gave one another massages and drank champagne. I got us some chocolate body paints to paint on one another and then lick off. I loved when he painted “slut” on my tummy and licked it off. Fun and playing all day.

All couples should set aside special time like that for one another. Once every four years is certainly not that often. We have special days other times of the year of course, but that day is even more special than usual. If you are lucky enough to have someone in your life, leap day is a great day to do something extra special since it’s so seldom. Not hard to forget, either. Next leap year we are planning on a nice vacation. It will be fun to make love in some new locations. Something I highly recommend. Variety is always a good thing in the bedroom.

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