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Have You Had Lesbian Encounters?

One of the top things callers ask on the phone is if you have had same sex encounters. Guys seem to love the idea of two women getting it on, especially in front of them before they join in. It’s … Continue reading

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The Horny Bridesmaids

Recently I was a bridesmaid at a wedding out of town and several of the guests were staying at a nearby hotel. Another friend was also a bridesmaid and to save expenses we decided to share a double room together. … Continue reading

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Lesbian Afternoon

My roommate and I are both without boyfriends at the moment, we are young and have high sex drives and masturbation can only take you so far before you really crave the touch of another person. Last week I walked … Continue reading

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Touching Each Other

I was always a horny kid and teen and began masturbating very early. When I achieved my first orgasm, even though I likely should have kept such news to myself, I told my best friend the next day at school … Continue reading

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Touchy Twins

This guy was telling me about his wife, who’s an identical twin and the things she and her twin have done with one another. I’ve always been interested in twins, thought it would be nice to be an identical one. … Continue reading

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