Two Cocks Are Better Than One

Recently I cheated on my boyfriend, and I’m a little surprised I didn’t feel the least bit of guilt about it whatsoever. I’m happy with my boyfriend, but recently I met this man and was really attracted to him, he asked for my number and I gave it to him, and then the suggestive texts began and secret lunches, which turned into dinners at his house and then we fucked. His cock is so much better than my boyfriend’s, and he just has incredible sexual stamina that far surpasses my boyfriend’s. I like them both, so I will keep up with them both.

Last night I had ten orgasms, I didn’t think it would be physically possible, but I did. I was such a slut. I was with the one I’m seeing on the side all afternoon and he gave me seven, then a few hours later I went to my boyfriend’s for dinner and he wanted to fuck all night and I had three more with him. At least I had a break of a few hours in between them to recover a bit.

I really am a slut, I guess, but my pussy was sure pushed tot he limits of her endurance yesterday, that’s for sure. I don’t think my libido can keep up with the two of them, but until I tire of one of them, I will be seeing them both, and neither knows about the other. My boyfriend is better at oral sex, since he doesn’t have a huge cock, so he can make me cum with that tongue of his anytime easily, and the new man can fuck like there’s no tomorrow, so I’ve been getting more than my fair share of attention, and I’m not really complaining. I just worry if they find out about one another, I may be the one that loses out, I will just have to see how it all plays out.

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