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Snow Streaker

Sometimes callers tell you the most ridiculous stories about things they’ve done. Sometimes they were caught by others, other times they were not. One caller told me about how in his youth he really liked to be outdoors naked. Now … Continue reading

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The Dog Watched Him Masturbate

I don’t get many callers wanting to talk about dogs, because I simply do not entertain them and will not discuss it. One caller however assured me this wasn’t really a bestiality call. He didn’t touch the dog, but masturbated … Continue reading

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Earning Extra

My friend was laid off of work for who knows how long with the virus. She works in live theater, so that will be the last to open, so she needed a way to earn until things are more normal. … Continue reading

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Exercising Exhibitionist

I’ve always been kind of a tease. Not all guys like that, but some do. When I first noticed my neighbor watching me exercise through the window, I was a bit shocked. I’d gotten myself a Stairmaster and he seemed … Continue reading

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He Jerked Off in the Car

I can recall years ago when I was sitting in the car in a parking lot while my mom was grocery shopping in the store and I was waiting for her, the guy in the car next to our car … Continue reading

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