Halloween Lust

Last night was Halloween, and I was a very naughty lady and spied on my neighbors. They had been around to show off their costumes, the husband was a werewolf and the wife a princess. His costume was really good, it looked real. It’s incredible how good costumes are these days. Hours later I was walking by a window and happened to glance over at their house. It was looking right into their bedroom and he was still wearing his werewolf costume and she was naked. I knew I shouldn’t stop and stare, but I was mesmerized by the sight.

It looked from the distance, that she was actually being mauled and pawed by a real werewolf. He was actually going to fuck her with the costume on. Maybe she had bestiality fantasies, I certainly wouldn’t know what got her off. I stood there, in the dark, watching him be a bit rough with her, pushing her down on the bed on all fours and wrapping his “paws” around her waist and fucking her aggressively. She was down on her elbows, ass up, and he was pounding her like there was no tomorrow. From where I stood, it just looked like something out of a movie.

He held his head back and appeared to howl. I could only very faintly hear anything, since their windows were closed and so were mine. He really was going at her and I could feel myself getting aroused as I watched. I reached down and began to masturbate as I saw them fuck. He howled again, louder this time, I heard it louder, and in an instant in front of my eyes, he wasn’t wearing the costume anymore. It wasn’t a costume, he reverted back to human form in front of my eyes. Maybe Halloween was the only night of the year her could go around as himself. He looked right at me, through the window, even though I was in the dark looking out. He knew I’d been watching. I felt a shiver of fear wash over me. I backed away from the window and went back to my room, slightly afraid. You shouldn’t look in people’s windows. You don’t know what you’re apt to see.

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