Turning Gay in The Cul de Sac

Like many confession calls, one recent call was about a young man’s first homosexual experience. He told me this neighbor of his that’s nearly double his age invited him over to watch a sports event on t.v., seemed relatively normal. Then the older man, asked if he’d like a massage. As soon as he said that, it became clear where the call was headed. The massage soon turned to roaming hands and his first blow job by another man. He’d had girlfriends before, but had never had another man go down on him. The neighbor then asked for the same in kind.

He did so at first out of obligation, but said his cock quickly grew hard once more by having the older man’s cock in his mouth and he started to stroke it while he gave his first blow job. He’s met with this neighbor a few times now, even getting fucked the last time up the ass, which he’d never had done before. Now the neighbor wants to have a threesome. Apparently he has another guy that he plays with and he wants them all to play together in a few days. He said while he was getting fucked, the neighbor asked him if he’d like to suck a dick at the same time and he said yes.

So he’s been asked to call back after the little threesome meeting that’s to be set up in a few days. He will tell me how it all played out, what they all did together and if he’s going to want to do it again. The neighbor already sent him pics of the other guy’s cock. He’d met this other man, but had not seen his dick. He said he’s got a bigger dick than the neighbor, so he’s looking forward to this new adventure.

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