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The Young Man Next Door

I’ve always been a tease, it’s part of my charm. A few months ago when a new family moved in next door, I had my eye on their teenaged son. He was really cute, but seemed a shy type. I … Continue reading

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I’m Your Graduation Present

This caller was telling me how often he’s fantasized about his mom and his aunt over the years. He said a real fantasy of his would have been for his mom to have given him a dream vacation to Hawaii … Continue reading

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Stairway to Heaven

Recently I hired a young man to do a small job for me. My regular handyman was too booked up with larger projects, so he recommended someone he often gives jobs to that are smaller or when he’s got too … Continue reading

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Keeping an Eye on My Friend’s Son

My friend is a cautious sort, and even though her son’s in his early twenties and in college, he lives at home and she did not trust him not to throw some wild bash when she had to go out … Continue reading

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Turning Gay in The Cul de Sac

Like many confession calls, one recent call was about a young man’s first homosexual experience. He told me this neighbor of his that’s nearly double his age invited him over to watch a sports event on t.v., seemed relatively normal. … Continue reading

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