Exercising Exhibitionist

I’ve always been kind of a tease. Not all guys like that, but some do. When I first noticed my neighbor watching me exercise through the window, I was a bit shocked. I’d gotten myself a Stairmaster and he seemed to like to watch me go up and down on it. My ass was kind of facing the window and I saw the reflection of him watching me in the dresser mirror. I noticed him watching me several times over the next week. I decided to be extra teasing and the next time I got on the machine, I was nude.

I could see him watching me, and then I noticed his hand go down to his cock and he was masturbating while he watched me. I watched him stroke himself in the mirror. I couldn’t see too much detail, because our houses about twenty feet apart and our bedroom windows faced one another. Maybe he knew I was aware of him doing it, I cannot be sure. His arm sure was moving at top speed as he rubbed one out. Then he stopped and I assume he came and left the room. I was kind of naughty for putting on some nude exercise show, I do silly things without thinking them through at times.

Then the next week if you can believe it, I noticed he’d placed a treadmill next to his window and he started to walk on while he was naked, so he obviously wanted me to see him and what he was doing. It was pretty bizarre to be honest and I got tired of his shenanigans so began to keep my curtains closed when I’d get on the machine, even if I was wearing workout clothes. He got a good show a few times, but I decided to end it.

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