My Boyfriend The Beta Male

My boyfriend is a total beta male, and as such, he’s become a cuckold. He’s got a good looking face, makes a good living, but his dick is too small, he’s a premature ejaculator and I told him the only way I’d stay with him was is I had other lovers on the side and he loved the idea. He likes to serve in general, he paints my toenails, shaves my pussy for me, he likes to do anything I tell him to do. I wasn’t so sure he’d tow the line when I told him he was going to be my cuckold clean up boy, but he fell in line and did as he was told.

I loved getting fucked in front of him, I even put on a bit of a show and moaned a bit louder, moved around a bit more dramatically, it is always fun to do things in front of an audience for me, and this was no exception. I was genuinely turned on as well. The fuck buddy I brought over had a nine inch cock, nearly three times the size of my boyfriend’s, and I adored how he stretched me open. I hadn’t fucked him since before I met my boyfriend, and it’s amazing how one can forget how good something feels once they aren’t getting it anymore.

My boyfriend looked on in awe, stroking his undersized little pecker as I was getting filled and pounded with my friends dick, it didn’t take too many strokes before I actually came. After my friend left, he buried his face between my legs and started licking, I was soon cumming again from his skillful tongue on my clit. I grabbed his hair and just gushed his face into my cunt and he soon had a face like a glazed donut, it was coated in my juices and I loved it. We will be doing this again, I can promise you that.

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