Be a Considerate Guy

One thing that always makes my man happy is a blow job. A guy once told me to give a guy a blow job is like to give a lady flowers, always unexpected and most welcome, and it will bring a smile to their face. Some men are overly obsessed with blow jobs, some I swear would be perfectly happy never to have intercourse again and just receive a never ending stream of blow jobs. The rare caller will mention they don’t do much for them and they cannot even cum from them, but that is the minority, most guys love them and are happy to get as many as possible.

Obviously it goes without saying, if you want them or more of them, by all means be clean, you cannot be clean enough. No woman wants sweaty ball stink in her face or got forbid the odor of pee. If possible, go wash your junk right before this happens if you cannot get into a shower. Ask a lady if she’d like you shave. Yes, it’s your right not to shave or trim, but it’s also her right to say “no thanks” to your hairy beast of a crotch. Be considerate and ask, some women don’t mind a jungle, but some ant everything shaved, the same as most men, they have their preferences, be sure and check them if you want any action.

Do not assume the lady wants to swallow, ask, ask everything you can so there are no surprises. Some women will just not go out with you again unless things go well, they don’t need the drama of some dude and his dick. Yes, such conversations can be awkward, but having no conversation can lead to disasters and hurt feelings when things do not go as hoped.

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