I Love You, Sweetheart

Not all phone sex calls are nasty and graphic, sometimes you can get some really sweet but lonely and horny guys on the phone that are just looking for some love and attention. They are not hard to please and they are not looking for anything perverted or weird. I love calls like that and wish more guys called for them. You often are asked to say I love you, and talk all lovey dovey and discuss what you’d do together at the end of your day, like a date. How you’d go out to dinner and come home and make love tenderly, it’s very sweet.

Guys like that are looking for more than a quick orgasm and want to build a real connection with their phone girls of choice, some can get so taken up with the fantasy they will start to think they could actually meet the girls they speak to. Embrace the fantasy, few things in life really ever surpass the expectation, so just enjoy it for what it is and let go. Let that sexy voice on the end of the phone be your safe harbor after a hard day at the office, or after the argument with the cold fish of a wife you just can’t tear yourself away from.

We want to drain you, to please you, to be your online girlfriend. We will always be the friendly and welcoming voice for you to listen to as you stroke your cock and tell us you love us and how much you wish you could really cum in our pussies. We love talking to many of you as well and look forward to you calling and telling us how much you want us, it’s always nice to get compliments and have them be sincere and they are very nice for us to get. So if you’re looking for an online girlfriend, do give us a call.

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