Let Me Pee On You, Darling

One topic than some men seem to be fascinated with is women peeing. Peeing on them, in their mouth, just tasting of pee, peeing as they masturbate, peeing as they are fucked. Men are perverted at times to be sure. Masturbating on a full bladder is something that feels good, but is usually just not worth doing due to the mess involved, and you don’t want to train your body into thinking dribbling is ok either, so it’s usually just not worth it, but some men would love for their women to pee all over them every time they play.

Not all men are into the filthy types of sex, but some absolutely are, and some even like an unwashed pissy taste to the pussies they lick. There’s something out there for everyone for certain. Some men won’t touch you unless you’re right out of the shower and only taste of soap, others do want the more natural smells to prevail and turn them on like the wild beasts that they are. They cannot get enough of it, some even love body hair, the whole shebang.

Ones into the golden showers seem to love to be peed on more than doing the peeing themselves, since most men that call do tend to be on the submissive side for sure, so obviously they want to be the one being peed on. Obviously since the body eliminates at the same area that sexual organs are, this causes some cross of interests and they can get confused and mixed up, some men will mention catching glimpses of women in their family on the toilet from a very early age and it left a life long impression on them. Not all women are going to indulge you in this fetish in real life, so you may need to settle for golden showers porn to satisfy your craving for it.

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