I’m Your Graduation Present

This caller was telling me how often he’s fantasized about his mom and his aunt over the years. He said a real fantasy of his would have been for his mom to have given him a dream vacation to Hawaii or some place exotic and that would be his graduation gift. Then he said once they got there, she’d be in the room changing into her swimsuit, or so he thought, and she’d actually come out in some sexy lingerie. He’d look shocked and she’d come over to him and tell him that yes, the trip was part of his present, but in reality she was his real gift.

He’d never been with a girl before, and she wanted to be his first. She’d come over to him, looking all sexy and his cock would be getting harder by the moment. She’d reach out and stroke him through his pants and then undress him slowly, and his hands would wander over her silky lingerie. They’d then both be naked on the bed and he’d kiss her and touch her and she’d give him his first blow job and then they’d make love to one another. What woman could ever be more tender with him than his very own mom?

He gets so excited, of course he doesn’t last very long, but mom is understanding and he’s hard again and ready to go again in a few moments, and with mommy there to show him the ropes, he’ll be just fine. He’s fantasized about this graduation trip for years, even though he graduated high school many, many years ago. Some fantasies just have that staying power to capture us for many years, even for a lifetime. Many talk about fantasies they had about their mom, even though she’s been dead for many years. Some desires never leave us.

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