Stairway to Heaven

Recently I hired a young man to do a small job for me. My regular handyman was too booked up with larger projects, so he recommended someone he often gives jobs to that are smaller or when he’s got too many himself. I needed new stairs built outside to my deck. Literally just six stairs. So I instantly liked this young guy when he came over, he said he could do it in a day, and his price was fair. He came by a few days later early to get started on it. I’d given him the money for the supplies and he would be here all day outside working on it.

I went out a few times to see the progress, and I even made him lunch, which he was grateful for. He ate outside and I watched him as he worked. He took his shirt off when it got a bit too warm out and I was impressed with his body. He obviously worked out to have arms and abs like he sported. I found my mind wandering to doing naughty things to him. He wasn’t even half my age, I pondered. I wondered if he’d ever been with an older woman before?

When he was done he came in to get his money and I offered him use of the shower. He accepted and when he came out wrapped in the towel I was there waiting for him, with a drink. I think he kind of got the idea at that point. He didn’t decline me. I led him to the bed and removed the towel from around his waist. I sat him down and knelt before him, taking his cock in my hand and stroking it before I began sucking on it. He had a beautiful cock and I loved sucking on it.

He pulled me up and got me on all fours on the bed and I knelt down on my elbows and offered him my pussy from behind. He slid into me and stretched me with his girth and began to fuck me hard. He even slapped my ass, which although I’d not anticipated, I enjoyed. He fucked me so good. I was teasing my clit as he pounded my pussy and I soon came on his young, teenaged cock. He blew his load into me and left soon after. He’d done a great job on the stairs, and on my pussy.

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