The Horny Bridesmaids

Recently I was a bridesmaid at a wedding out of town and several of the guests were staying at a nearby hotel. Another friend was also a bridesmaid and to save expenses we decided to share a double room together. One night we came back from one of the before parties and we had both had a lot to drink. Conversation took a naughty turn when we started asking one another about past boyfriends and what we’d done with them, any really outlandish experiences. She admitted to me she’d had a fling with another woman, which I had no idea about.

Then she asked me if I’d ever played around with another girl and I said no, and she offered to be my first. She kissed me and then began to fondle my breast and things quickly progressed from there. I rubbed her pussy and she came and she said she wanted to go down on me and would I be willing to let her? I thought about it for a minute and agreed. I was really nervous, but it soon turned into a very hot experience. She was very good at licking pussy and she had me extremely wet as her tongue worked its way around my clit and my pussy lips.

I’d had boyfriends that were good at pussy licking before, but she was something else. I loved how she knew just where to touch. I guess having the same equipment gives you the advantage of knowing just what to do. I was delighted at the way she made me feel. I came so hard, it took me a few moments to catch my breath, and after I calmed down, she went right back to it and gave me another orgasm. I was panting with exhaustion by the time she was done with me. It was a wonderful weeding weekend to say the very least, and no one knew a thing.

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