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Touchy Twins

This guy was telling me about his wife, who’s an identical twin and the things she and her twin have done with one another. I’ve always been interested in twins, thought it would be nice to be an identical one. … Continue reading

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Let Me Help, Uncle Larry

My uncle Larry doesn’t come to visit us that often, but when he does, sometimes he gets naughty. He said the last time he had this rash that needed some cream applied to it, but because his back was bad, … Continue reading

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You Dirty Old Man

When I was in my teens, I used to go stay at my aunt and uncle’s when my parents would go away on a trip, they didn’t trust me to be left alone, but I’m sure they’d have preferred that … Continue reading

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What My Uncle Saw

I was house sitting recently for my aunt and uncle, they’d gone away to Europe for a few weeks, so I had the house to myself. I’d made myself quite at home. I was staying in their bedroom in the … Continue reading

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Let Mommy Show You The Way

A caller the other day was quite obsessed with talking about his mom, not too unusual, that is fairly common a fantasy, but he claimed this was no fantasy, that it was reality and that his mom had taught him … Continue reading

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