Horny Men Can’t Get Enough

Of the husbands that do call and are actually allowed to fuck their wives, some will call and need a “second round” with we phone sex girls because what they got from wifey was simply not enough. One of these men called last night and said he’d just fucked his wife, and he got to a few times a week, but he always needed to cum at least twice. So once she left for work, he called and said he really needed to cum again. Many people are simply not satisfied with one orgasm, they need two or more to get that congested feeling of pressure to be alleviated. Not everyone understands this.

So I helped him drain his nuts of a second load and he felt oh so much better for it. Orgasms are a wonderful thing, and a healthy thing. Twenty one orgasms minimum a month for optimal prostate health, so by all means, stroke, fuck, get sucked, do whatever you need to do to keep those pipes clean. Orgasms feel good, it’s odd to me more women aren’t desirous to help their husbands feel happy and satisfied. I have zero sympathy for these ice queens when their husbands go looking for affection elsewhere.

How often does your wife allow you an audience? Not often is the popular answer, some haven’t been granted one in decades, and yet they stay, pathetic. Do you rub one out on the sly? Since you know she wouldn’t approve of you masturbating. She wants you to be basically neutered and not wanting sex, masturbating, orgasms, all of it. That’s behind her, and she wants it behind you, too. I hear this every single day. If you’re reduced to a neutered dog, but guiltily indulge in phone sex and masturbation, some of our ladies will do their best to drain you pitiful, pussy whipped balls.

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