Lesbian Afternoon

My roommate and I are both without boyfriends at the moment, we are young and have high sex drives and masturbation can only take you so far before you really crave the touch of another person. Last week I walked in on my roommate masturbating. She looked mortified, but I told her it was ok, don’t stop on my account. I sat down on the edge of her bed and asked her if I could watch her. She looked very hesitant, but I assured her it was fine, so she continued. It didn’t take her long to finish and we talked about it after.

I asked her if she’d like to see me masturbate as well, and she shyly nodded her head. I undressed and then I did it in front of her. Soon we were masturbating together and enjoying it tremendously. Thing then progressed and we began making out with one another and touching each other and it’s been very hot. I love to lick her nipples when I stroke her pussy, and she certainly seems to enjoy it as well. Her nipples get very hard when I suck on them and they are so sensitive, she says she can nearly cum from them being sucked alone.

Rubbing her pussy is different than rubbing myself, she likes a different touch than I do, so it’s interesting to see what another person likes that is different than from what you do. She gets very wet and slippery, so I dip my fingers into her and they come out soaked with her juices. We haven’t yet engaged in anything other than masturbation and I’m not sure we will, but for right now it’s enjoyable and has given us both a much needed outlet. We’ve been playing nearly every night, it’s a wonderful way to end the day for sure.

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