Pussy Whipped

There’s a lot of callers into cock and ball torture, but I’ve never run into a lady caller into pussy torture. One sent me an email once that was really bizarre about cutting her clit off, there’s some odd people out there for certain. BDSM attracts people into getting pain with their pleasure. Yes, it’s much more common for men to seek out this kind of treatment, but there are some women into this as well. No doubt some men would enjoy inflicting this kind of pain onto some women. One caller was mad at his neighbor and said he’d like to cut her clit off.

Some like to self torture, like most into cock and ball torture do, others prefer someone else doing the pain inflicting. I personally cannot imagine wanting to be tied up and having someone use a flogger on my pussy, but whatever floats your boat. As long as both parties are consenting to what’s being done, go for it. It’s no one else’s business what you do to yourself. Do you want to be the one holding the flogger and inflicting pain on another person’s privates? Would you like to talk about why you want to do this? Does it get you aroused sexually to do this punishing?

Are you one of the rare women that is into this? We don’t get very many lady callers, but once in a blue moon you do. We try our best to listen to phone sex callers concerns, fantasies, whatever they wish to talk about. Not everyone is calling for phone sex, some just like to talk, seek company. You get all kinds in this business and you just try and help them as you can. Many don’t understand why they like certain things. Pain is familiar to some and there fore arouses them.

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