Fucking in the Backyard

Last night my boyfriend and I were feeling a bit naughty, so we fucked outside. It wasn’t even dark yet, and we knew the neighbors might see from their deck if the happened to be outside. We have air conditioning, but sometimes it’s just nice to feel the natural breeze on your body, you know? So I suggested we go outside and have fun there, he was game of course. We went out and he laid back on the chaise lounge and I got on his lap, facing away from him and lowered myself down on his cock.

He eased into me, and my cunt was all slick, so he eased right in easily and sensually. I was working my clit a bit from the front and he was plunging that hard, throbbing cock into me from behind. He grabbed at my breasts and worked my hard nipples with his thumbs. I could feel myself just juicing on his dick, getting it so slippery and wet, right down to his balls. I loved how it felt and he helped ease me up and down with his hands on my hips. I looked over my shoulder to see if any neighbors were outside watching us, but didn’t see anyone. I think their teenaged son has seen us before, he probably was jerking off as he did.

I could feel myself getting closer and closer to cumming and even though I should have restrained myself and my vocalizations since we could have easily been heard, I didn’t, I just was as loud as I wanted to be. I amusedly thought I wonder who might have heard me cum, but I really didn’t care. I then felt my boyfriend go off inside of me and grunt as he came into my shaved cunt. We soon went back inside, it was pretty hot.

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