Black Cocks Matter

So many women want black men due to the size of their cocks. They usually have larger cocks than white men, and a lot of white men are smaller than the average woman wants, so they turn to black men. (I guess the Kardashian’s are all size queens). If you are reading this, the chances are high that you are a white man with a small or average sized penis and you are enthralled by the idea of white women fucking black men and taking their enormous cocks into their pussy. Does the thought of a man with a cock two to three times the size of yours arouse you? There’s a lot of cuckolds out there where that is the case.

They even fantasize about taking a big, black cock themselves. So many men that call that have same sex tendencies it’s astounding. Lots fantasize about taking a black man’s cock and being his bitch. It is their fantasy to be used like a fucktoy by a superior black man. Do you think your little man pussy would be up to the task? You’d like to give it a try though, wouldn’t you? I hear men day and night claiming that they want to, they need to, they crave it. One caller that takes the cake when it comes to his love for big, black cock though claims to regularly pay a black pimp for his cum. He is a true beta bitch if ever there was one.

You likely watch BBC porn and fantasize it was your woman he was fucking while you watched up close and personal right there in the same room, and then if you were lucky, he might turn his attentions towards you, is that about right? You want it, you go looking for it, and we are the girls you call up and confess all your dirty little secrets to. I know. Tell us all about your BBC fantasy, we’re waiting.

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