Hot to Trot

When my boyfriend and I recently visited New York City one of the touristy things I always wanted to do was go for a ride in Central Park in a hansom cab. The driver of course was up top and could not see what was going on in the cab. It was night, so it was dark, and it was cooler weather, so we were covered by our coats and even a blanket. I reached my hand over to my boyfriends cock and soon hand my hand in his pants jerking him off. I then felt his hand snake up my inner thigh and begin to caress my pussy. It was quite naughty of us really. I am sure over the years the cab driver has seen and heard all sorts of naughtiness from his passengers.

We couldn’t actually fuck, that would have been a bit too obvious, but a hand job was something that definitely worked. We saw the sights as we played with one another during our trip around the park. The few people that we went past of course didn’t see anything under the coats or blanket. We kissed and tried to be quiet so as not to be obvious. My boyfriend loves to do things in semi public spots. Not where we are liable to get caught, but where there’s always a slight possibility we could get caught.

Sex in public places is of interest to a great many callers and they always ask about what places I’ve done things or have I been caught, how many people saw. A great many men do see to be exhibitionists that love to show off and possibly have people see them as they do. I’m sure lots of people have done naughty things in the horse drawn carriages over the years, with the driver out of view, there’s a lot of opportunity to be naughty.

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