Leap Year Sex

Last week there was leap day, February 29. A day that only comes once every four years. My husband and I got married on that date eight years ago and decided we would always make a special effort on that date, our anniversary, to have as magical sex as possible. Since it’s only every four years, we agreed to take that day off and have it be a wonderful, special day filled with hot sex and pampering for one another, and it certainly was a wonderful day. I woke him up by giving him a blow job. He loves to wake up like that, what man wouldn’t?

Then we showered together and fucked in the shower. Had a leisurely day of making love on and off and went out for a wonderful dinner, followed by more sex before bed. It was a wickedly sinful day filled with so much pleasure for us both. I never tire of him licking me to climax, or having his hard cock inside of me. We gave one another massages and drank champagne. I got us some chocolate body paints to paint on one another and then lick off. I loved when he painted “slut” on my tummy and licked it off. Fun and playing all day.

All couples should set aside special time like that for one another. Once every four years is certainly not that often. We have special days other times of the year of course, but that day is even more special than usual. If you are lucky enough to have someone in your life, leap day is a great day to do something extra special since it’s so seldom. Not hard to forget, either. Next leap year we are planning on a nice vacation. It will be fun to make love in some new locations. Something I highly recommend. Variety is always a good thing in the bedroom.

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