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Huge Dildo For You

Every time a client says they have a huge dildo up their ass, I kind of roll my eyes, but then some have sent pics and a couple I’ve even watched on cam and by God, they aren’t exaggerating! You … Continue reading

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Big, Black Cock For You

One of the more common fetishes calls come in about is big, black cock. It can be mixed in with racial humiliation, or more commonly cuckold or even the small penis humiliation callers seeking to compare their pitifully undersized cocks … Continue reading

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Gimme Dat Big, Black Cock

Many women have the fantasy of trying out a lover of a different race, you know, to see if the old adage is really true about the black guys really having bigger cocks. Though I said recently to a small … Continue reading

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12 Inches Of Black Cock

Cuckold and forced bi are very popular topics for callers, but sometimes the caller is just looking to talk about themselves and a big, black cock, not just having their partner force them to do it. One recently called that … Continue reading

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Black Bulls

One thing many guys into cuckold like to discuss is a black man taking their woman in front of them. Nothing quite like that big, black cock, to make them feel inadequate since most black men are supposed to have … Continue reading

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