Basketball Blow Job

Lots of guys do enjoy sex outdoors, some women do as well in fact. Add that to a public location with an element of risk involved, and that’s a heightened sexually charged situation. The thrill of possibly getting caught is a big turn on for many people. My guy likes to shoot some hoops at the park down the street a couple nights a week after dinner. I don’t mind him going and getting some exercise, it’s not really my thing, but I was feeling horny the other night and had a wicked idea of how to surprise him.

I walked down to the park around a block away and it was deserted, he was just shooting some hoops entertaining himself and I told him I had a naughty idea. I wanted him to jump up, grab the hoop and stay there hanging while I sucked him off. He laughed and asked if I was serious. He has very strong arms, but I didn’t know how long he’d be able to hang by them as I gave him a blow job. His arms would certainly be getting tired. He looked around and saw the park was empty, most kids nowadays didn’t bother with a park, they were too busy with their cell phones and games.

I pulled up my tank top exposing my big, firm tits and he realized I was serious. He jumped until he caught the rim and was swinging there. I pulled down his pants and found him already hard. I took him in my hand, pumped him a few times and then placed the head of his cock in my mouth and went to town. He knew this was kind of going to be a quickie, not only due to the risk of someone walking by, but the fact he was holding his own weight for that length of time, so I was quite forceful in my mouth movements, and knew he’d blow pretty quick. I also knew he hadn’t cum in a few days, so wouldn’t last long once I started. He shuddered and came in my mouth. Then he let go of the basketball hoop and pulled up his pants and we wandered on home with ridiculous smiles on our faces.

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