Serving The Taxman

This is the time of year most of us hate, the tax season. I had a horrifying experience recently, I was audited, and I had to pay a good deal of money. Money I did not have. I had no idea what the man doing the audit would look like or be like, this was all new to me. I was his last appointment of the day, good, he’d be tired and perhaps a bit worn down from the events of the day. I wanted to make this work to my advantage. I decided to get all gussied up in the hopes I could offer up something more than cash to make this problem go away.

He arrived and was not a bad looking man. Good. I offered him a drink, he said no thank you. I leaned over in a low cut blouse with no bra on I was spilling out of and I know he noticed. He seemed a bit flustered. I bent over to get a box of receipts and of course was wearing no panties on under my too short skirt. He was blushing when I placed the box on the table in front of him. I decided to just be honest and see how it went. I explained I did not have the money but would do whatever he wanted sexually. His jaw dropped open and he said he could get fired and in a lot of trouble if he did something like that. I said who would know, they will believe your paperwork and not question it. I knew he was horny from the size bulge in his pants.

I reached over and he was like rock. I unzipped him and fell to my knees, sucking on that cock like I’ve never sucked before. I wanted to please him so badly to avoid the taxes I owed, I’d have done anything that night. He groaned with pleasure as I sucked him off. He whispered if I was serious, I’d give him my ass. I normally do not do that, but wanted the freedom of the tax bill gone, so if he wanted my ass, my ass he shall have. He bent me over the desk and slid his cock into my tight ass and grabbed my tits and pinched them hard. I bit my lip to keep from crying out. He was not gentle with me, but I did not complain a bit. He soon came into me and I asked if he wanted anything more, that I’d be happy to serve him. He smirked at me and said no, it was fine. He doctored the tax papers and said he’d marked it down as an error. I was grateful to him for doing this. He said he might be calling me next week fro another “date.” I said that was fine, I’d be happy to serve him.

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