Creampie Sex

I remember the first time I had sex without a condom. I was always careful, but I’d simply forgotten to go to the drugstore and I was with my boyfriend at the time who I was just crazy about and he wanted to fuck me anyway. I said it was risky, I could always get pregnant, but he so wanted to cum inside of me with no birth control. I decided to chance it. It was the hottest sexual encounter I’d ever had until that point. Feeling him slide into me bare was like nothing else. I loved it. I knew I wanted to go on the pill so we could have sex like this all the time. That however did not help the current situation of no condoms.

I loved knowing he was going to explode inside of my bare and possibly fertile pussy. His dick felt so hot inside of me, just throbbing and hot. He really went at my cunt with a vigor he had never done before when his pecker had been covered. I guess it was the thrill of it, the risk that came along with it all. He pumped and pumped and I came and he still didn’t stop. He wanted me to cum several times before he even came once, which I always appreciated, he had excellent control.

I loved feeling my clit tingle and my body throb with each orgasm I had. When I was going to have my final one I told him and as soon as I came, bam, he exploded into me. I felt a torrent of cum go off inside of me like I’d never felt before. My orgasmic contractions just sucked the sperm into my pussy and it felt so wonderful, I just loved it. I loved sex, but this unprotected sex was just so much better than the covered kind. It was a whole level of closeness between the two of us. He pulled out and all this cum came rushing out, it was really sexy and I want more of it.

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