BBC For Your Woman

One thing many black guys love is being with white women. Some black guys call for racial humiliation to say they don’t deserve to be with white women, others will be all superior and proclaim that they only will ever be with white women. There seems to be no shortage of white women that will sleep with black guys. For many different reasons, but statistically, black men do have larger than average sized cocks, and many women will absolutely be curious to try a very large one and see how it compares to the average one that most white guys have.

A black caller the other night was saying how conservative most black women are in bed and what sluts most white girls are, so of course a slut is more fun than a prude, so they like the white girls for that reason as well. They love to impress a white woman with their large dicks when they’ve never been with a black guy before, it’s a thing of wonder compared to their five inch boyfriend when they see a ten inch schlong get pulled out that is the size of a forearm.

Many white guys also love the cuckold scene where they are watching their white women getting fucked by a BBC, they know they cannot compete and like to see their woman being satisfied for once by a huge cock. Does interracial sex excite you? Do you watch this sort of porn when you jerk off, imagining your own woman taking a huge black cock in her ass, down her throat or into her tight pussy that’s about to be stretched out to the point of no return? Then call one of our ladies up and tell us all about it while you stroke your little white dick, we’re sure it will make you cum hard.

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