You Wanna Piece of This?

I’ve always been blessed with a nice, fat ass. Guys have always appreciated it a lot more than other women have. Many gals have called it fat, I love my ass though, and I know how to use it! I like to tease guys with it, I love it licked, spanked and fucked. Many girls are not down with all of that, but I sure am, and I don’t mind it being the focal attention of a lot of my sex life. I used to wear short shorts back in the day and my ass cheeks would be popping out the bottoms of the shorts, drawing lots of attention.

How do you feel about smacking a nice, fat, jiggly ass as you fuck that pussy from behind? I bet you love it, or you wouldn’t have read this far! I love to slip a vibe up my ass as I masturbate and feel it go all tingly inside of myself. Many times when I’m getting fucked I will have a vibe up my ass and guys love it, since the vibrations carry through to their dicks as well. It’s only a thin membrane that goes between the pussy and ass, so if something is buzzing up that ass, you can better believe it will be felt if someone is fucking that pussy, and in the best possible way!

I love in the summer how much attention I attract at the beach with my teeny bikini and how my ass is spilling all over the place. The flat ass jealous girls, and the drooling guys, that are just wishing they could get a chance to fuck it or lick it. I’d wiggle right on their face and let them stick that tongue far up inside of me as I play with my clit and they rim my sweet ass. Nothing like a good ass licking.

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