Hospital Hand Job

I volunteer in a hospital one Saturday a month. Just passing around books and visiting with patients that don’t have any visitors for a little bit, nothing medical involved, just a bit of human kindness. This past week though, I was wheeling around the cart of books into a room with a man and I heard these noises behind his curtain he had around his bed. It only took me a moment to hear they were feint sex type noises. I peeked behind and curtain and saw he was trying to masturbate, but not having much success due to his injury he was in bed healing from. He was a nice looking, younger guy.

I had a devilish thought go through my mind, I knew I should turn around and go out, but he saw me peeking and asked desperately for my help. I knew help with what, that’s for sure. I looked towards the door, worrying someone might come in and make trouble for me if I did as he was begging me to do. Lunch had been served an hour ago and the trays cleared, so no one was apt to come in again for a while. He said he was so horny, but couldn’t reach properly due to his broken shoulder. Would I please help him?

I pulled up the chair next to the bed and said I was just here to visit and hand out books, I couldn’t really be going around and jerking off male patients. He again asked me, I knew he was desperate, his erect cock was standing at attention under the sheet pitching a tent. I said I would, so I reached under the sheet and gripped his cock and began to pump it up and down in my hand, gripping it firmly and really working it. He was so grateful for my help. He told me how fast, how slow, how hard, how soft. It didn’t take him long before he groaned in delight and came on my hand. I quickly cleaned him up, went to wash my hands and smiled and left. This was my good deed for the month.

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