Touchy Twins

This guy was telling me about his wife, who’s an identical twin and the things she and her twin have done with one another. I’ve always been interested in twins, thought it would be nice to be an identical one. There’s lots of articles online about how common it is for twins of both sexes to get sexually involved with one another. Starting from early childhood and masturbation, into adulthood. There’s one male caller that said he and his twin have been sexually involved their entire lives, not sure how much is true and how much is just fantasy. You never know with what callers tell you.

I can see it would be like having sex with yourself in a way, a not hard to imagine extension of masturbation. Kissing, touching, oral sex. It really turned him on to share this with me. His wife and twin sister had played for years, until their late teens and he loved to picture them doing things, but he’d never been able to convince them to get a threesome going. He said the thought of them French kissing one another and fingering one another and going down on one another drove him insane and he would stroke his cock to thoughts of this a lot after she confessed to him about these youthful misadventures.

He watched twincest porn a lot and wanted to imagine it was them. Men’s minds always go to the naughty place. There’s lots of sexy articles online about this subject where real life twins have been interviewed and fess up to the things they have done with one another. Many men have the fantasy of a threesome with two women, twins being the ultimate. Men, just to let you know, ladies also have such fantasies about twin guys, (at least this writer has!)

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