Tied Up Whore

My boyfriend asked me if I’d be willing to try a little BDSM and I was game, so said sure. He had a feeling I would agree, so he’d already stopped by the sex shop and got a few fun things for us to try. He blindfolded me and had me get on the bed spread eagle and tied my wrists and ankles to the bed posts. I smiled knowing I was going to enjoy our own little version of Fifty Shades of Grey. He had me spread really tight and really wide and then he began to tease me with his fingertips, then I would feel the crack of a flogger across my ass and backs of my thighs.

I knew I was getting wet, as I moved, I could feel my pussy lips sliding together with that tell tale sign of wetness. The next time he moved his fingertips to my cunt he commented on my moist folds and that he knew I was getting off on this as much as he was. He was right, I was. I then heard a buzzing, and he’d bought a vibe and was then tracing it up the backs of my legs and around my crack before slipping it into my pussy lips.

My cunt stretched open at the buzzing vibe pressing her open. Then he’d drag it back out and over my clit again. I wiggled around, and told him I wanted his cock in there, not some toy. He finally gave in and mounted me and slid into me and I remained tied, but bucking as best I could given I was tied. I felt him pumping and pumping and I soon came on his cock and I milked him into me and felt him squirting. It was different and fun and a nice change of pace.

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