Let Me Help, Uncle Larry

My uncle Larry doesn’t come to visit us that often, but when he does, sometimes he gets naughty. He said the last time he had this rash that needed some cream applied to it, but because his back was bad, he couldn’t bend or flex enough to apply it himself, and would I be so kind as to help him put it on his lower back? Of course I said yes, and soon he had me massaging his buttocks and then he turned around towards me and he had a huge hard on. He grinned sheepishly and asked if I could help him with that as well?

I couldn’t let my mom know about it of course, but I agreed to help him. He sat back down on the edge of his bed and I reached down and started to hold and rub his cock. It was so big and hard, I could barely get my hand around it, but he said it felt so good, please don’t stop. I kept rubbing it and soon there was clear fluid at the tip of his cock and he told me to smooth it up and down his shaft, which I did.

He started to breathe even faster and more deeply as I touched him, and he instructed me to grip him even harder and more firmly and stroke him more quickly. I could see his balls tightening up as they filled with his cum and I knew he was about to blow any second as I touched him, my horny uncle. My mom wouldn’t like me giving her brother a hand job, I knew that, so it would be our little secret. All of a sudden he groaned and shot his load. It ran down the back of my hand and I grabbed some Kleenex to mop it up. He then said he was tired and wanted to sleep. I crept back into my room and thought what a bad girl I was.

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