My Cuckhold Hubby

One thing that is extremely popular with callers is cuckold. It’s one of the top calls. Luckily for them I have lots of personal experience with my own cuckold hubby. My husband is a wonderful provider, he’s a lawyer at one of the town’s top firms. Good looking, friendly, kind, but….he Has a micro penis. He’s around two inches hard. He knows it’s a no go with the ladies, so he said when he proposed that I could have sex with anyone I’d like, as long as he gets to watch and clean up afterwards. I was ok with that.

One of his friends, who’s also good looking and also a lawyer, knows the whole story and he’s fucked a few of my hubby’s past girlfriends as well. He asked me if I found him attractive, and I did. So I said he was just fine, I’d be happy to fuck him. He’s got around eight inches and is fantastic in bed. Lots of times I don’t even think of my hubby as watching I get so engrossed in the hot sex with his friend. I love his hot, hard cock impaling me and stretching me open.

I knew hubby was watching and stroking his cock, and he really enjoyed that. I’d let him fuck me, but really, with a two inch cock, there’s not really much to work with. I can’t really even feel it go inside of me. He can do though whenever he wants. I love sucking his friends cock, he loves it too, the way he groans and runs his fingers through my hair as he fucks my mouth with his ample cock. Drives me absolutely crazy. My tiny dicked hubby enjoys the sloppy seconds, once his friend has left after fucking me, he will get on top and slide his tiny dick inside and it squishes into his friends cum that’s still in my pussy. He usually blows in around thirty seconds. This kind of sexual relationship might not work for everyone, but it works for us.

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