The Office Christmas Party

Many people that have ever worked in an office know that things can often get a bit out of hand at an office Christmas party. The booze is flowing, inhibitions are down. Working in a large office where you get to mingle with people that work on different floors you seldom see can make things even more interesting. I’ve worked in large corporate offices like that and the holiday parties could get pretty wild. I sometimes tell callers about the naughty things that happened at those parties. I do love to drink, and am always happy to indulge in booze, especially if it’s on someone else’s dime, so a Christmas party is a perfect place to over indulge.

One year this guy that worked on the floor above me and I were both half in the bag drunk and took off for one of the conference rooms that had a nice, comfy sofa against the one wall and we were making out like crazy. Things soon got even more intimate and I was riding his cock. He was fondling my breasts and his cock was buried in my pussy all the way up to the balls. I was trying to think if I’d locked the door behind us, since I didn’t want anyone barging in and seeing us playing in the office this way.

We never did get interrupted though, so we were able to fuck for a good while before we left. I was just grinding my clit against the base of his cock and getting so sloppy wet. Being half drunk always makes me get incredibly wet. His cock was just making these wet, squishy noises as I rose and fell on his dick and I was in sheer ecstasy as I finally came. It takes a bit longer to cum when alcohol is involved, it works that way for women as well as men, but I was able to get there, and what a fun time it was.

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