Cum Bath

I was with someone I didn’t know that well recently, it was more than a one night stand, but quite casual and only a few times. This guy was really into shooting his cum all over me. Facials, all over my tits, in my mouth, he even liked to lick his own cum. I’ve actually never been with anyone so into cum play than this guy. It was ok, but I could not deal with that on a full time basis. I think he was so enthralled with his own loads, I was merely an accessory to his cum play, someone else to shoot his load on other than himself.

I don’t mind it on my tits, but my hair and face not so much. I think he even said he was on some kind of supplements to increase his sperm loads, which sort of confused me. Why? For who’s benefit? He seemed to think women all want a guy to squirt like a firehose. We don’t, most of us just think it’s a mess ad are glad our own bodies do not spit out such stuff when we orgasm. So that weekend I had quite the fill of cum. I did swallow when I gave him a blow job, and it was quite the mouthful.

He kept asking if other guys I’d been with came as much as he did. He was in some kind of contest in his own mind, comparing himself to men he’d never even met and their sperm loads. It was a little odd, but hey, whatever turns you on. He slathered me down well several times over that cum filled weekend, and we showered together rinsing it off. I was impressed in one way, speechless in another. Sometimes a weekend with someone is more than enough time.

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